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THUMBS UP for the bicycle person passing by! :D

Who is your KARD bias? Tell me in the comments! Mine is J.seph or Jiwoo, I seriously can't choose!

Hi, thank you so much for watching :) I had so so much fun doing this, KARD's choreography is probably one of my favorite styles to dance to!

KARD keeps putting up such great music, I honestly can't wait for their debut! I feel like all their 3 songs have been similar in style but I like this style a lot, so it doesn't bother me at all :) I really hope they are received by the Korean audience as well as they have been by the international one, despite their different style. I'm ready for them to be making history in the co-ed area of kpop!

Putting KARD aside, it's finally warm here! Well, sort of.. haha. But that does mean that I will be making more covers outside. What do you guys think of this location? Do you like it or was the background too distracting? Please let me know so that I can improve in my next cover :)



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