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Cedric Ong

[Upcoming Mainland China Drama] Ten Miles of Spring Wind Can't Compare to You 春风十里不如你

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Chinese title: 春风十里不如你 / Chun Feng Shi Li Bu Ru Ni
English title: Ten Miles of Spring Wind Can't Compare to You

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 40

Director: Ma Jin

Broadcast Period: Not sure, should be 2nd half of 2017


Zhang Yi Shan

Zhou Dong Yu


Based on a novel Beijing, Beijing by Feng Tang. Actor Zhang Yi Shan acted as Qiu Shui while actress Zhou Dong Yu acted as Xiao Hong, his beloved whom he met at the med school. 


“In the 1990s, as China continues to embrace—and grapple with—the global market economy, Qiu Shui and his friends attend med school, an ambition that has more to do with getting out of the country than with actually becoming doctors. Following the exploits of a young student and his classmates, from drinking binges, sex, and playing video games all night to military training, homework, and college-age high jinks, Beijing, Beijing provides an inventive, hilarious, and incisive look into how a culture—and one man—struggle to reconcile their past with the changes brought by modern times. As the years pass and friends, family, and lovers move on, Qiu Shui confronts the loneliness and confusion that define his generation.”





MV (song title same name as drama, sang by Li Jian)

Though the 2 leads aren't the usual good-looking type....but i think their acting should be quite good.....even in the MV esp at 3:35....when the female lead saw that another girl is pregnant, possibly b'cos of the guy....her expression between smile and cry....touch me.





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OST: Zhou Dongyu & Zhang Yishan - If I love you


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