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[Upcoming Movie] The Swordsman 검객 - Jang Hyuk, Kim Hyun-soo & Minhyuk

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 So why am I excited? Look  at that poster! I can tell it's going to be good and dramatic.

This is an action historical movie but Jang Hyuk playing a blind character.  I can sense father and daughter dramatic scenes.

Father and Daughter tandem in upcoming movie.  Brilliance of Jang Hyuk plus the impressive 17 yr old Kim Hyun Soo. 


IG repost ctto on pic

Repost this photo because  it's a movie I'm waiting.

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[Solo] "Threat of livelihood" movie "Swordsman" actors · staff 'accrual fee' accusation


Following the commercial and drama series, now it is the movie industry.


Recently, there had been news of stars not being paid their performance fees, and now even the movie industry is also suffering from unpaid pay.


According to a number of moviegoers, the main actors and staff of the recently completed movie 'Swordman (Choi Jae Hoon)' were confirmed to have failed to receive the performance fee and wages from the production company Opus Pictures. The amount depends on each individual, but it is several hundred million won to over a billion.


Actors Jang Hyuk, Jung Man Sik,  Joe Taslim, and Kim Hyun-soo star in this movie, a story about swordsman Tae-yul and his daughter against the Qing Dynasty in the chaotic situation of the Ming Dynasty.


Actors' pay is not solved, and the situation with the crew is more difficult. As a result, the leading actors sent a certificate of contents in the form of a letter of agreement to the producers regarding the unpaid performance fee, and some staff members accused the fact through the movie newspaper.


Especially, the reason why the actors and staffs are more angry with the unpaid wages and unpaid wages is because the production company is preparing to film the new film 'Director Kim Tae-jun' without finishing the 'Swordsman' perfectly.


"One of the main staffs of the" Swordsman "told the daily sports," It is right that we have not received the wages once, and we are not wrong, but it is frustrating because we are pushed. "But as we are still working as a member of the film, It seems a little difficult, please understand. "


One actor also said, "I have not been able to pay the balance for a few months, and the deadline for the promise has already passed, and I'm tired of hearing it. Actors are like this, but the staff will be a bigger threat for the livelihood, "he said." If it is late, I will have to deal with it legally. "





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'Swordsman' Actor · Staff Wages Not Paid ..

Production Company "To be paid within the month"

Actors and staff members of Jang Hyuk's movie "Swordsman" told the Young-jin newspaper that part of their wages have not been paid. The production company said it plans to pay all the rest during the month.


According to the film industry on Dec 4, 'Swordsman' (director Choi Jae-hoon) production company Opus Pictures was recently accused in the Young-jin newspaper in relation to the unpaid portion of the wages of actors and staff.


The total amount not paid is reported to total less than 400 million won. Opus Pictures said that after the accusations were filed by the newspaper, Young Jin called the facts and said that they planned to deliver all the remaining funds during the month.


An official at Opus Pictures said, "The money was not paid temporarily because the money flow was not smooth." "We are paying a lot of money to our staff, our youngest staff," he said. "We plan to pass all unpaid amounts this month."
The 'swordsman' is a movie depicting the story of a swordsman who is in charge of the Qing Dynasty in Qing Dynasty. Jang Hyuk, Jung Man Sik and others star in it.
It is scheduled to open in the first half of next year.




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Thanks for updates. Did they ran out of funds for this movie?  Actors and production crew needs to be paid. Filming can take  a whole day and cast and crew should be paid worth  of their time. The article said money flow hasn't been smooth but they will be paid. So at least there's that assurance. 


I hope  this news doesn't affect the movie.. the quality of the movie. Needs to earn big, good decent, opening.Then  big.  Critical or commercial success.. as long as it's a success in acting and story and everything. It should do well.  Jang Hyuk playing a blind swordsman.  A Jang Hyuk film or drama  means we'll see excellent acting.

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Yesterday, movie's main cast. Joe Taslim has shared the movie stills in his IG story 30085357_1951550125158561_85075252677852










Edited by Jillia
Please put more than 3 pics/IGs in spoiler tags, thanks!
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Whoa!! Joe Taslim? So after Yayan Ruhian becomes a Japanese, now Joe Taslim becomes a Korean.

I love action movies, and swordsman too like Hong Kong historical/kungfu movie and Rurouni Kenshin, I hope it's aired on CGV.

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