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Filming for Joe Taslim’s first Korean movie begins

The filming of Swordsman, a South Korean film featuring Indonesian actor Joe Taslim, kicked off on Thursday.

In the film, Joe plays Gurutai, a cold-blooded commander from the Qing Dynasty.

Through his official LINE account, he recently said he was learning Korean martial art Kumdo and the Korean language for the film, kompas.com reported.

Acting in the film are renowned Korean stars Jang Hyuk, Jung Man-sik, Choi Jin-ho, Jang Hyun-sung and Kim Hyun-soo, as well as Korean boy group BtoB’s Minhyuk.

“We underwent a long pre-production process and completed the preparation for yet-to-be-seen original action and martial arts scenes," the film's director, Choi Jae-hoon, said.

Slated for release next year, Swordsman tells the story of Joseon swordsmen during the transition period of the Ming and Qing dynasties. The film is produced by Opus Pictures, which previously worked on The Man from Nowhere and Snowpiercer. 

This movie marks Joe’s first Korean production. In January, Korean news outlet hankyung.com reported that Joe had signed a contract with Korean agency Starfig Entertainment, which holds under contract, among others, actress Hwang In-young, Shin Yu-jeong, Hong Min-jung and Jung Ye-ji.

Joe was awarded Best APAN Star alongside Descendants of the Sun actor Song Joong-ki in Seoul, South Korea, last year. (mas/kes)


source : http://www.thejakartapost.com/life/2017/06/20/filming-for-joe-taslims-first-korean-movie-begins.html

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  • JANG Hyuk Sharpens Up for SWORDSMAN
  • THE RAID Star Joe Taslim Makes Korean Debut
    Korean star JANG Hyuk is back before cameras for the upcoming period action film Swordsman (translated title), which began production on June 15th. Also on board are JUNG Man-sik, Indonesian action star Joe Taslim, in his Korean film debut, and Kpop idol LEE Min-hyuk of BTOB.
    Set in the Joseon Era, Swordsman will feature JANG Hyuk as a blind swordsman who looks after his daughter. JUNG Man-sik has been tapped to play a military official, LEE Min-hyuk will play a warrior for the king, who will be played by JANG Hyun-sung (Spider Forest, 2004), KIM Hyeon-soo will play JANG’s daughter and CHOI Jin-ho (INSANE) has signed on to play a military assistant for the Qing Empire.
    JANG Hyuk, who was last seen in the 80s-set political murder mystery ORDINARY PERSON, is known for works such as Volcano High (2001) and Windstruck (2004). JUNG Man-sik is an active character actor whose credits include last year’s Asura: The City of Madness and The Tiger (2015), as well as ORDINARY PERSON, while Joe Taslim gained his fame by featuring in the breakout 2011 Indonesian action film The Raid and has since had roles in Hollywood blockbusters such as Fast & Furious 6 (2013) and Star Trek Beyond.
    The film is the debut of director CHOI Jae-hoon, who previously worked in the art departments of films such as Princess Aurora (2005) and Detective ODD (2006).
    Opus Pictures, previously responsible for New Trial and ORDINARY PERSON, among others, is producing Swordsman, which will see release at some point next year.
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Yoon Seung Hoon an actor who plays supporting roles in movies is also part of Swordsman. He posted picture of script book.

Cool cover !

I love red !

On 09/07/2017 at 11:58 AM, Prettysup said:



Do you know what is written on the bottle?

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Thanks for all the updates. I'll be waiting for this in 2018. Heck, it's Jang Hyuk. Plus my fav young actress Kim Hyun Soo playing is daughter. She's impressive and talented. I'm hoping to see some dramatic interactions between her and our lead star.  Just adds that pinch to the heart ( you know kinda like Miracle in Cell No 7) because in this upcoming movie "Jang Hyuk playing blind man in 'Swordsman'. It depicts the story of a blind swordsman and his daughter against the Qing Dynasty in a confused situation where Ming dynasty is declining and power is replaced"

What if they star in drama.. father and daughter drama? Though I love Voice I kinda want to see Jan Hyuk in diff genre.

And because I don't see a thread..yet. Just slight OTKim Hyun Soo another good one for her playing young So Ye Jin in movie with So Ji Sub. Source

Was just discussing  on previous page how  KHS really chooses her projects very well. if you check her movie and drama credentials.

 Well..2018 I have a lot of movies to looks forward too ( and JH dramas hopefully soon)

IG cto.

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@Prettysup @fiesty8001  thanks for the updates. I mentioned  in a different thread, Jang Hyuk will always be one of the best actors in kdrama and movies. whatever the genre or character. For this movie, I'm excited to see him wielding swords, doing sword fights.

And fingers crossed our oppa ahjussi  Jang Hyuk to be in drama that will thug our hearts.



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Coffee truck sent by Money Flower team (next upcoming Jang Hyuk drama) to the movie filming set :


Movie "Swordsman" Jang Hyuk actor support ~ ♥ ️
I have come to see actor Jang Hyuk in a long time ~ 
It was hard to come in.
Today, Janghyuk actor's support gave me coffee pong for the actor Janghyuk actor who is suffering from his next work drama "money flower" production team, step and actor ~!
Jang Hyuk actress who is really open to you ...
Tomorrow is the last shot ... You've had a lot of trouble ~
As hard as I have entered ... Double, I will make you cool with all my heart!
# Jang Hyuk #mbc # flower
# Coffee pong # coffee tea # coffee truck



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  • Guest changed the title to [Movie 2020] The Swordsman 검객
  • Prettysup changed the title to [Movie 2020] The Swordsman 검객 - Jang Hyuk, Joe Taslim & Kim Hyun-soo

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