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Would you rather die of Hyperthermia or Hypothermia?


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Cold, snowy place.

It would be uncomfortable at first, but then as hypothermia sets in I'd start feeling warm and wouldn't notice anymore so it would be less traumatic.....

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On 5/2/2017 at 6:33 AM, CamelKnight said:

I'd like to live forever thankyouverymuch


Goblin, is that you?


According to studies, women opt for less violent methods of suicide, for example, carbon monoxide poisoning and drug overdose, and they avoid the more painful deaths by gunshot and knife wounds. It makes sense to me that they will choose hypothermia (exposure to extreme cold) rather than hyperthermia (exposure to heat).

With hypothermia, the body will feel pain from exposure to extreme cold but soon, the individual will become lethargic and lose consciousness. The body will later stop functioning and the person won't be even aware of death. 

On the other hand, with hyperthermia, there's a possibility that the individual remains conscious of the burning sensation the whole entire time until the moment of death. Me? I detest oil splatters when cooking, so I can’t imagine being burnt to a crisp. I’ll most likely faint from the pain but who knows when I’ll regain consciousness again. 

To be honest, I prefer to be guillotined than burned at the stake. One fell swoop, and the deed’s done! I don’t fear death so much as dying. 

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Rich. I have no desire to sneak into ba... wait. Invisible. So I can sneak into banks and take their cas... wait, no, rich. Banks no longer have cash in the bank, it's all digital now. Yup. Rich.


Would you rather be a korean actor/actress or a korean idol?

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what the heck this question haha, this represent me too:

On 5/5/2017 at 8:00 PM, packmule3 said:

I don’t fear death so much as dying. 

but I felt that hypothermia moment so I would rather just death in sleep. A handsome sleep, or while I'm kneeing to the ground to pray. Thanks. Aameen.

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On 4/28/2017 at 7:40 AM, Crunchyrunchy said:

So hypothermia vs Heat Exhaustion.

1. Would you rather die by sitting in your car during the summer and chill till you die?

2. or in some cold snowy place?

I feel cold easily... and even with just rain, I already feel so cold my hands and feet feels like it's being pricked or skinned, it was so painful - especially during winter.


With Heat Exhaustion I think this one doesn't feel that painful but more on feeling super irritating, frustrating, dizzy, .. you will feel like you're going crazy wanting to leave because it's so annoying and very uncomfortable until you lose and die.


So I will choose no.2

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Tough one, but I think Imma go with hypothermia. After a while, you just get numb, and the pain of actually dying from it is nowhere close to the pain of dying from hyperthermia

-on second thought, I don't know how painful hyperthermia would be, I'm just guessing

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