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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Midnight Diner 深夜食堂

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Cr avirtualvoyage


Title: 深夜食堂/ Shen Ye Shi Tang
English title: Midnight Diner
Genre: Food, Life
Directors: Cai Yue Xun and Hu Han Qing
Episodes: 45
Broadcast Date: June 12, 2017

Replacing: Fighting Time 职场是个技术活


Huang Lei

Mark Zhao as Ma Ke

Ma Qian Yi as Le Le

He Jiong

Janine Chang

Hu Bing Qing

Jam Hsiao


There is a small eatery ‘Meshiya’ in a back alley of a busy street which is run just by its owner. Called the “midnight eatery”, its opening hours are from midnight to 7 am in the morning. The only items on the menu of are miso soup with pork and vegetables set, beer, sake, and shochu. All sorts of customers visit the eatery which is based on the owner’s policy of “making whatever can be done”. The encounters between the owner, food, and customers are humorous and at times heartrending.

Cr mydramalist

Watch it here with English subs!

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes or read the novel yet**

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Wah now it has a Chinese adaptation as well!? The plot with Mark & LeLe screams I Am Sam, it is so similar with the mute Dad & his young daughter. Not the most original and why does Mark look like a caveman with the hair LoL!?  

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Echoing @visiopeia where can we watch this?

I recently saw the trailer on Instagram... And it literally makes me cry :bawling:

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Try this on daily motion

This episode is about Mark, a deaf sailor, who picks up a baby girl near a lighthouse, and brings her up. They live happily together, saving money to go visit 'her Mother who lives in Hawaii'. To take care of LeLe, Mark quit sailing and now works as a ship repair technician at a shipyard. One day, LeLe fell off a stool when she was trying to reach for a stuffed toy on top of a cupboard. Mark rushes her to the hospital, and that is where it is discovered that Le Le's blood type is AB whereas Marks's is O, thereby making it impossible for Mark to be her biological Father. Social services step in, and attempts are made to match her DNA to the database of children reported missing.

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I started watching this series because of Mark Chao, but I was hooked at episode 1 because of its cinematography and the cast's acting... The story line is good also even though the pace is pretty slow. I cried my eyes out especially on episodes 6,7 and 8 in which Mark Chao portrays a deaf dad raising his adopted daughter. Check it out, you might fall in love w/ it like I did. 

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