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Kim Min Jae • 김민재 • 金旻載

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[News] 2018.01.05 Kim Min Jae Joins Woo Do Hwan, Joy and Moon Ga Young for "The Great Seducer"




Kim Min Jae will play a 3rd generation chaebol, Lee Se Joo who is a student in preparation to head overseas. He is good friends with Woo Do Hwan's character, Kwon Si Hyun. Their relationship will go through a change due to love.


The drama is scheduled to air in March 2018 on MBC.


source: OSEN

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(Kim min jae part lyrics )

haneureun malkeunde nae gonggineun neomu takhae

jeo dareun balkeunde nae simjangeun tto yabakhae

gamjeong seuwichiga piryohae

kkeossda kyeossda hal su issge

neol tteoollyeodo musimhi

hal il hal su issge

imi neomu meollikkaji wabeoringeogessji

amu il eopsdeon geoscheoreom

doragal suneun eopsgessji

cham babogatji gyeote isseul ttaen

na bakke mollassneunde

ije wa neoro gadeukhange


The sky is clear but my air is so dusty

The moon is bright but my heart has no feeling

I need an emotional switch, so I can turn it on and off

So I can do what I need to do even when I think of you

I guess we came too far

We can’t go back as if nothing happened

I was such a fool, when you were next to me, I only knew myself

Only now am I filled with you


Full song lyrics

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Kim Min Jae And Moon Ga Young To Join Red Velvet’s Joy And Woo Do Hwan In “Dangerous Liaisons” Remake




Now up-and-coming actors Kim Min Jae and Moon Ga Young have been confirmed to join the cast. Kim Min Jae will be playing a playboy and third-generation chaebol heir named Lee Se Joo, while Moon Ga Young will be playing a character named Choi Soo Ji, who is said to be a role model for all women in their 20s. They are both friends with Woo Do Hwan’s character, Kwon Shi Hyun, but their relationships will undergo a change due to love.


“Love Game” tells the story of a man and a woman in their twenties who jump into a dangerous love game, not knowing that they might be dedicating their entire lives.


Kim Min Jae has most recently appeared in “Goblin” and “Greatest One-Shot,” while Moon Ga Young has appeared in “Don’t Dare to Dream” and “Mirror of the Witch.”


“Love Game” is slated to air sometime in March.



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Goblin  (king-Kim min jae )-Hwarang (taehyung )-Celebrity bromance ❤


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First script reading took place January 16, 2018 at MBC Broadcasting Station in Sangam, South Korea.






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