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[WGM] Sleepy ❤ Gok Ju


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It's been a while since I made a post and I'm still not quite sure how I'll be organizing my first impressions and retrospect observations of the episodes, but I'll try my best. 

[WGM] Sleepy and GJ: Episode 1

  • Wow, I forgot how much thinner Sleepy used to be. I thought he still looked nice and attractive even back then, but I've gotten so used seeing his slightly chubbier face he has now, so I keep on getting surprised when seeing him in this episode.
  • In the preliminary interview, Sleepy is very direct his answer and speaks about his feelings about GJ, saying "Lately, I have more feelings about her than she has for me." One the contrary, GJ answers the question a bit more vaguely. She mentions how Sleepy's a great guy and if she were too be on WGM with anybody, it would be with Sleepy. But, she never confirms nor denies any feelings she may or may not have towards him. On I Live Alone, one of Sleepy's common questions was "Do you like me?/Do you have a crush on me?/Is it because you like me?" GJ never gave a direct answer to his question's either on that show, she would dismiss it by changing the topic or say "Stop talking nonsense." Though, when receiving the red mission card, it looks like it was hard for her to hide her excitement and anticipation in "marrying" Sleepy. While appears calm to the news, he doesn't shy away expressing his happiness verbally. He's quick in referring to GJ as Pyuri's mom. Sleepy can keep a calm demeanor but verbally expresses what he thinks or feels, while GJ doesn't verbally express herself as much, but her body language/expressions/intonation shows what she's feeling even when she's trying to hide it (hopefully that makes sense). I think this is where their first misunderstandings stemmed from. GJ values sweet actions more than sweet words and Sleepy uses and needs direct verbal communication because he's bad at noticing and expressing subtle gestures. 
  • The Wreaths: The congratulatory wreaths were heartwarming and funny. When I first saw the episode, I didn't think much of Sistar's "I don't know who is too good for the other" message on the wreath. I thought it was funny, but I didn't put much thought into it. Looking back, the message perfectly sums up how I feel about Sleepy and GJ. Hong Jin Young's message had me laughing again. When I first watched the episode, I forgot that Jin Young was the one to introduce the two, so the connection between the message and the sender completely flew over my head. She's very bold with her words! "I'll be there on the first birthday party," :lol: Sleepy and GJ both laughed it off, but I imagine both of them felt kind of shy about. Well, I assume GJ would be more shy about it in comparison to Sleepy. 
  • The panel seemed shocked seeing GJ pack lots of food and seemed to think she packed food for herself. Due to her comedian persona, it first seems silly to be packing rice and meats when most other "wives" on the show pack gifts for their on screen husband. But, considering that she's been to Sleepy's apartment before and seen how he lives, she knew he'd have nothing in his fridge to eat. 
  • The meat flower surprise and marriage expectations didn't go as planned for either of them, :lol:  Even though it was not romantic as they intended it to be, the surprise event failure gave them the opportunity to explain why both of them were disappointed. And rather than being defensive, they both took the advice and talk into consideration. Their first day as a married couple wasn't perfect or heart-fluttering, but it did show how they're willing to compromise and take each other's feelings into consideration. 


I know there's more that happened in the episode, but that's all I could think of at the moment without repeating myself. Hopefully, it was enough though to start a discussion~ :)

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