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[Official] Gao Wei Guang / Vengo Gao / 高伟光 ❤ Dilraba Dilmurat / Di Li Re Ba / 迪丽热巴 - Next project "The Pillow Book"

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^ wish they subbed all the BTS too... loved that when he piggy back her he pretended to be in his mortal role.

Mr. Pride and Miss Prejudice English Sub - read somewhere that opening weekend the movie was the 3rd top selling (after 2 Hollywood blockbuster hits); not bad.

If you can read/understand Vietnamese here's a great video of a compilation of DR/WG interviews. 

If I had time I would try to translate.

At one point DR says that VG is very cold. But says he laughs and jokes around a lot with her on set. 

VG says a lot of nice things about DR. Such as he believes she was born to be an actress. That on and off screen she is very energetic and bright. And that she has an attractiveness (i.e. confidence) comparable to a hot chili pepper. He also talks about her personality type AB and how whatever she puts her mind to she can achieve (I think?).

There was a lot of mention about how DR is always the one chasing him in film. He mentioned that even in Mr. Pride and Miss Prejudice, where he does the chasing, they don't end together and there's some feeling of bittersweetness there. 

One point that really hit me personally was how before the 30th he finished work and just took a walk and realized how lonely it was to not have someone to share his successes with. 

There's a huge part of the video where she talks about the feelings of her first love and how she remembers him in her head. The person who made the video did a great job of making it seem like she was talking about VG hehe. 

If only they would get together then he would have someone bright and energetic to share his successes with. [I still stand by my opinion that he views her very much as a younger sister ToT]

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On 6/3/2017 at 11:46 PM, Han Hoang said:

Very funny subbed video about WG's dating rumors



Did they ever find out who is that girl? ;oooo


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Dilraba Dilmurat and Gao Wei Guang announced as leads for The Pillow Book – Eternal Love (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms) sequel





I can't believe it, I always thought that no one can be Di Jun or FJ other than Vengo and Dilraba but had little hope that they will cast them, I think this is a smart move as they're fans favorites and how did it end up being a production by jaywalk studios, did they re-buy the rights!!!!




AHHHH!!!!! It’s finally been announced and look at those gorgeous posters! Okay, excitement aside, right now, we don’t know much about this (start date, air date etc, so I can’t answer those questions), just that Tencent bought the rights and it’s a web drama. According to the drama plans floating around on Weibo, it’s said to be 25eps long.



As most of you would already know, Three Lives Three Worlds The Pillow Book is a loose sequel to Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (or Eternal Love, as per the official English title for the drama remake). The sequel is based on Bai Feng Jiu and Dong Hua Di Jun as our leads, but to bear in mind that the Feng Jiu and Dong Hua you’ve met in the drama differs muchly from what was portrayed in the original novel – they barely had much scenes in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.


Not to fear, I’ll be updating with more news once we get our hands on them. Oh and of course, this is a Jaywalk Studios production.







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On 3/31/2017 at 7:04 AM, tress said:

Hi, Fellow Healerite @ReemKanabta! So happy you started this thread! Hahaha, I have a place to come spazz now. I honestly had no idea about this pairing until recently because you know, I follow you on Twitter to get dibs on the #Healercouple hehe but then you started watching 10 Miles Peach Blossom and I thought to myself..."Hmm, this fellow Healerite has good tastes in Dramas, I think I'll give it a try." 


Lo and behold, I couldn't get into the main pairing's story all that well but with this pairing besides their strikingly good looks, their characters DongHua and Fengjiu had a chemistry I became enchanted with. and now I'm waiting for their happily ever after...which I know would be next to impossible. I really liked their chemistry in the drama (I binged watched their parts/their story from Friday til Sunday of Last weekend). Now I'm here and I'm seeing all their BTS chemistry as well and it all brings a smile to my face.

Sweet, Comfortable and Playful yet not at all Sibling-like, there's a consciousness there, almost a subtle flirtatious but on the same coin very controlled. I know they have a movie together next but I'm like waiting for a drama or movie that they actually get a happy ending. Someone let me know if they already have other works together cause I'm having withdrawals...though I don't know why I keep getting myself into these situational pairings when I promise myself all the time that I won't allow myself to go there again. 


Again, Thanks!!


On 4/10/2017 at 5:49 AM, pawla said:

I agree. Vengo and Dilraba are perfect as DH and FJ.  maybe after a few years from now we can finally accept other actors portraying them. But right now all I can see is Vengo as DH and dilraba as FJ. 


On 4/16/2017 at 5:43 PM, faythe said:

Has anyone watched the movie? I'm dying for a drama god to let them be the otp in a period drama. I'm still so sad over DH&FJ. I'm still bitter that the they didn't buy the rights & now some yahoo's are playing their parts & have their supposed happy ending. I think they have the best chemistry with each other. They are just so compatible.

Real life wise, I think they are pretty close, maybe not the dating close. 



Hello there, long time no see


if you're still interested, our couple are confirmed for the pillow book drama :blush:


this is the drama thread




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Hi, I just found this thread and want to share this here since this is not about pillow book...

Big thanks to GuangRe channel for this :thumbsup:


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