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[Official] Gao Wei Guang / Vengo Gao / 高伟光 ❤ Dilraba Dilmurat / Di Li Re Ba / 迪丽热巴 - Next project "The Pillow Book"

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Related to the movie...so Zhang Yunlong is compared to a cat....while Gao Weiguang is compared to a dog...mmm....dog, wolf...and fox....aren't them similar animal family group? hehe.


Too bad...think he played the 2nd lead in the drama...can see from trailers....the focus and romance are more btw the 1st lead Zhang Yunlong and Dilraba.

From some pics....Zhang and Gao look abit similar from some angles. Both at a press con on 18 Apr.


Actually Gao Weiguang from interviews is "younger" and cuter in mannerism than the supposingly cold image he got from still pictures (if not smiling).

A recent webchat with Gao dated 14 Apr. No eng sub.



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高伟光情商 - gwg eq- gao weiguang emotional quotient/intelligence  you know how there's an iq? an eq is the emotional intelligence of yourself    common for weibo:  names:  gg- 哥哥(

@triplesung Ok. In Chinese, there is an idiom called : 山盟海誓。 The picture shows V looking at the mountains. R looking at the sea.    The meaning of 山盟海誓 is: A vow made when a man and a woman lov

hello it's 3 in the morning and i just want to share this thing that i found on weibo that i found particularly interesting  :)     the fan basically posted two times where rb was asked ab "

On 19/04/2017 at 3:36 PM, arinoza said:

It is really hard for me just to keep looking at you talking about this cuties so, finally I decided to create an account to join you guys !!! Hello I'm new here , from Cambodia 


Hello dear you're most welcome *waves*

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Vengo and Dilraba are not huge enough to carry a big production by themselves. Vengo, especially, has a tiny fanbase and very little recognition from the public. Case in point: Mr Pride VS Miss Prejudice is not doing well. The only way for Pillow Book to be successful is if they cast well known actors.. Kris Wu fits that bill. But he won't accept it seeing as he's focusing on movies anyway and he has a Wong Kar Wai movie to film.

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As commonly known, the rights to the Pillow Book novel is bought by 刘雨欣 Liu Yuxin's company. She is Princess Mingyu in Scarlet Heart.

Last read was she herself said there's no plans to film to this drama yet....all news are just rumors. Frankly speaking, maybe Vengo and Dilraba are not "huge enough"....but the strong image they have created for the 2 chars currently...fans will find it hard to accept other actors. Unless the "loyalty" drop eventually after some time.

To me, some actors/actresses like Liu Yuxin herself aren't that famous too....one early rumor is she would act as Fengjiu.

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Vengo & Dili is quite a match in personality. While Dili is a fun lively girl (and can be elegant when the situation calls for it), DH (okay it's a typo, it should be Vengo LOL) is calm on stage but behind the scene with Dili he seems to be playful as well. In the BTS for Mr. & Miss. Prejudice, Vengo teased Dili about the tight, which I found conincidental with the tight Dili mentioned and wore recently in RM bts. 


@everypart yes, they have very little fan base. But I am glad after 3L3W Vengo is getting more recognition as well as Dili. In fact Mr. & Miss. Prejudice was filmed in 2015 and it didn't come out until 2017 I guess it's because Vengo and Dili were too new that time. Even so, her chemistry with Vengo is still great, even better than the male lead. 

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I like the way you think @linhthao. It's been a long while since I followed anything C-Entertainment so I didn't even realize that production would stall for years on just on a project. How anything gets anywhere with that system and mindset is beyond me. I'm still rooting for more projects between them as the mains now that their onscreen chemistry has come to the forefront.

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@pawla yeah basically he was ranting about "quiku" (thermal legging) using his funny facial expression :D He said he had to wear long pants without quiku. Then he turned the quiku thing to Dili saying that he was jealous of her wearing quiku and Dili could wear comfortable clothes. He said Dili dress was sexy (I don't know if I pick the right word), wild thanks to quiku (?) (Now he really talked nerdy things LOL). He mentioned a lot about the "feel" to have quiku to wear :lol: and repeated the word "feel" several times. Look at his mouth when he said "feel" it just cracks me up.

@Tressia  Yeah many of us are dying to watch a drama with them as OTP. I am pretty sure their chemistry will blow people's mind. Too bad after the leak clip of Vengo, it seems they have to keep their relationship on the down low. But I still keep my faith they have "something" going on. If you watch Dili in several shows or press conferences, you can tell a huge difference in the way she interacts with Vengo and other guys. 

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Happened to see this...ok...they acted in Ban Shu Legend which was filmed in 2014 and shown in 2015. Small roles which only appeared for 2 to 3 episodes. They didnt act as couple or friend...but as reps or leaders of 2 small countries in old china. The drama is more focused on the mainland china country...and this episode is about trying to negotiate btw these side countries to prevent war..and having some talent contest.

No youtube clip...only bilibili. At 35sec...there is a very short BTS where Gao Weiguang and Reba (veiled) acted out some Aladdin magic lamp dance.

Suspect for a few dramas they were in...such playfulness is common...just that they were not well known or not the main chars so no BTS of them.

Btw take note when Gao was shown seated in the palace...he was rubbing some fur...haha...fox fur?


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I just watched Mr pride and miss prejudice on YouTube. I'm very disappointed with the short amount of screen time Vengo had in the movie. It has some funny moments but overall the story is just so so.

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I have never been interested in the c-ent ever, and it wasn't until I watch ten miles of peach blossom. I fell in love with vengo&diliraba right away. Their chemistry was amazing and instantly I became a fan of theirs. I wanted to know everything about them which is the reason why I sign up here lol. Watching all the behind the scenes of them two together made me happy seeing how close they are. I wish they would get together in real life but I read about vengo's leak :( Is it true that diliraba is dating William chan? I hope not just because she can do better lol

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20 hours ago, arinoza said:


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Can somebody tell me how to upload a photo to this forum from my phone ?? :,( I've been trying for many times yet it's fail 

Choose the 'insert other media ' maybe.  I'm also new in this forum so I've never tried to upload a photo. 


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Wei Guang just posted a status with a video - looks like an interview to promote the movie - has a lot of Reba moments. Have no idea what they're talking about.

Found Vietsubs... they're really trying to milk the DH/FJ ship.



Hello... I am Gao Wei Guang...

Today I'm going to participate in the challenge of answering 20 questions in 120 seconds.


Q: Use 1 phrase to introduce the film "Mr. Pride and Miss Prejudice"?
A: A story about a cat and a dog chasing after a goddess.

Q: In 3L3W Dilraba chased after you, in "ao jiao&pian jian" you chase after her. What's it feel like?
-caption- this time can I (Donghua Dijun) chase after you?
A: Oh we've come full circle. 
-video clip- "Next film I hope Gao Wei Guang will be doing the chasing."

Q: People are critical and speculative of your acting. Can you respond?
-caption- slight smile -caption- hand instinctively opens
A: To that extent?
-caption- at the same time deep and powerful

Q: Have you eaten the yogurt cake that Dilraba advertises for? 
-caption- Introducing to the world the yogurt cake. [I'm assuming it's like a sour cream sponge cake]
A: I have eaten it. It's ok.
-video clip- "It's ridiculously delicious." -caption- I'm gorgeous, everything I say is right.

Q: All the actresses you have hugged, who is the heaviest?
-wide smile-
A: hahahaha It is that someone...
-dead inside- -who is it?-
A: Dilraba

Q: The highest number of NGs while filming a kiss scene?
A: -thinking thinking thinking- I haven't filmed a kiss scene ever
-Oh?- -A most wondrous goodbye kiss scene-

Q: What is one thing a woman does that will cause your heart to flutter?
A: winking

Q: Face or body?
A: Both
-not easy to fall for it once-

Q: One large bed or two modest ones/a set?
A: A large bed
-not easy to fall for it twice-

Q: Shower or bath?
A: Too wasteful
-not falling for it a third time-

Q: Quick or strong?
-slowly he cannot avoid-
A: Strong
-he fell for it once in the end-

Q: The most romantic thing you've done?
-just a little romantic-
A: Looking at you

Q: From the beginning until now what has been the moment you've felt most flustered?
A: Participating in this interview

Q: The fans ask why when you smile you tend to hold your wrinkles?
A: hahaha Because it has the power to entice
-a prideful look-

Q: Your double eyelild versus secretary [Dat Khang] whose looks more European?
A: Isn't there still [Tham Dang]?
-the last time i told you I'm not his second uncle-

Q: The fans ask how/what can they do to be able to marry you?
A: When I accept to marry you
-wait until the world is ending/in turmoil-

Q: The first time your heart beat fast because of love? 
A: Not telling you

Q: When filming a sexy scene to what extent are you willing to strip?
A: It is up to the director
-the answer is acceptable to the other side [e.g. the director]

Q: How do you wash [underwear]?
A: By hand

Q: Why do you like to wear boxers?
A: Is there a different type?
-pretending he doesn't understand-
-able to convince him to fulfill our desires-
A: It's comfortable
Q: When will you agree to the fans' request for you to strip?
A: When I agree
-cannot wait... just photoshop a photo first-

Q: If an actress filming a kiss scene with you uses her tongue what will you do?
A: Continue acting

Q: If people caught you shower and photographed it how would you react?
A: I should cover that spot

Q: When filming the event of zipping your pants and it doesn't zip what do you do?
A: When not filming I would zip my pants up
-just photoshop-

Q: When you're on the red carpet and you want to fart?
A: Just fart. After all I don't have to smell it.

Q: If you're filming a gay film who would you hope it to be?
A: Leon Zhang

Q: Tell a story you think is a dirty trick?
A: A dirty joke?
-making effort to avoid the question/enlogate time-
A: Skip to the next question

Q: Which person in the company has the skills of copping a red evelope the quickest?
A: Me 
-answered at the speed of light-

Q: Who are the top 3 male visuals of the company?
A: I am the first. After me it is unimportant.
-Now, now, say it again-

Q: Qiao Fei (Yangmi's character in The Interpreters) and Fengjiu are both drunk but you can only bring one person home. Who would you bring?
A: Fengjiu 
-Donghua mwuahmwuah- 
Q: Why? 
A: Qiao Fei has Jiayang already
Fengjiu only has Donghoa

Q: The fans say you don't sing the right tone, can you sing to prove them wrong?
A: Huh they say I don't sing on beat they don't know how pretty I am
-You're pretty, you're very pretty-

Q: On Weibo who is the celebrity friend who least likes to respond to you?
A: [one of the guys mentioned above in question about double eyelids]
-the question isn't over is it-

Q: Your profile on wechat?
A: -some idiom-

Q: Can you show us your phone's wallpaper?
A: I don't want to

Q: If we interview Dilraba next week will you help us come up with a question?
-a demon appears-
A: Which would you pick between sour milk flavored bread and bread flavored sour milk?
[the images show poop so maybe i'm understanding it wrong]

Q: Out of all the questions is there one you'd like to throw back at me?
-the demon appears again-
A: Ask you right? Give me a second to think... there is one question...
-suddenly he doesn't feel so cold-
...the last time your heart pitter pattered for love, when was that?
-magic of the top magician- 
Interviewer response: I only said I would let you ask a question, I didn't say I would answer
Weiguang: AHAHAHA 
-Only able to respond in time-

WG: You set me up!

Q: Do you have someone helping with your Weibo? [Maybe they're taking about Weibo income or a second Weibo account...]
A: Yes

Q: Have you unfriended anyone on wechat?
A: Yes

Q: -No idea what this question is about: something about if something has ever happened to him]
A: No

Q: Do you have the habit of sleeping in the nude?
A: No

Q: Did you ever fall for anyone while filming?
A: Yes

Q: Has a male ever confessed to you?
A: Yes

Q: -No idea what question is about... if he's ever...?
A: No

Q: Masturbation?
A: Yes

Q: Of all the questions did you lie to any?
A: Yes

Q: Which one?
A: Not telling you
-starting again--prideful


As I'm translating I do realize that some of it will not make much sense because loss of cultural significance or insinuations (from Chinese to Vietnamese and as I'm translating from Vietnamese to English). Please if you speak Chinese... help us understand.

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I'll translate the above clip.....only parts that related to Reba.

(H)ost : Use one sentence to describe movie.

(V)engo : Story about a dog and a cat courting a "goddess" (meaning beautiful lady)

H : How u feel about the previous drama Reba pursue u (in 3 Lives) and this movie, u pursue her?

V : Feel like a cycle or going round in circles. (cut to a much earlier interview where Reba asked Vengo to pursue her in a new drama/movie).


H : Have u try the sour milk snack (loosely translated, it's from Xinjiang) Reba recommend to u?

V : Yes. Not bad.

H : Among the actresses u carried, who is heavier?

V : (He smiled mysteriously at 1st) It's that person. (Who?). Reba.

H : Kiss scene with the most NGs?

V : (thinking for a long time) Never did kiss scene b4. (then cut to his earlier modern drama with Reba, passionate long kiss in the car...haha).


H : If QiaoFei and Fengjiu are drunk, who would u send home?

V : Fengjiu. B'cos Fengjiu only got Donghua. Qiaofei (i assume from pic, acted by Yangmi, another drama) got Chen Jia Yang (i assume her lover in that drama).


H : Next ep will be interviewing Reba, think of a tricky question to ask her.

V : Ask her to choose between the sour milk snack that look like poop.....and poop that look like that snack. 


H : Ever develop real feelings during filming?

V : (hesitated for a moment) Wave the "Yes" sign.

* I think this reply is the most interesting in this interview.

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  • ReemKanabta changed the title to [Official] Gao Wei Guang / Vengo Gao / 高伟光 ❤ Dilraba Dilmurat / Di Li Re Ba / 迪丽热巴 - Now showing: Mr. Pride VS Miss Prejudice

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