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[Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Fox fall in love, 狐狸的夏天, second season update


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On 5/14/2017 at 6:53 PM, themarchioness said:

Omg @thunderman1!!!  I can't believe you actually took a sick day.  LOL!  Something I've only ever dreamed of doing but never actually dared to do so.  I'm impressed.  Please post on the PWY thread or send me a PM.  I watched it when it aired so it's been a while since I've seen it, but I loved it sooooo much.  Always happy to chat about PWY.  :)

As for Fox, looks like subbing has picked up this week and now they're up to 11 (Season 1).  I don't want to jinx things by getting too excited, but this is definitely a move in a positive direction.  I too wish it would be subbed faster so that more people could enjoy.  I'd do it if my Chinese was better, but I have just enough knowledge to understand and get by, but wouldn't feel confident about subbing an entire ep for others.  Plus it's so much work for me... I got a taste of that when I was doing recaps for Master Devil, and those eps were shorter than FS.  :tongue: 

But FS is great... I really loved first season.  I found second season a little lacking in that zippy chemistry that was so prevalent in the first season, but that had more to do with the narrative of the story than the characters (or actors) themselves.  I guess there's some truth to what they always say about couples who get together too soon before the end... the story just loses its steam.  :wink:  And instead what we got was the external drama.  Fortunately, I was still invested in all the characters and wanted to know how things would turn out -- that's what kept me watching and even still, I can't stop thinking about this drama.  Heh.

I finished Princess Wei Young, chingu... Now I am getting withdrawals... :D

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Finished the series.  Something seem to be off about 2nd season that didn't make it as enjoyable as the 1st.  Still hate the grandma.  I really like the development of the 2nd leads.  They became less annoying and actually kept the 2nd season afloat.

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I started a Chinese drama marathon so be prepared for late than never thoughts. Season 1 was more enjoyable in my opinion. It made me want to see more of the show. Season 2 (at least the second half) was so weird. Just went bonkers. I just felt that the writers did such a disservice to the characters to the ending. Like they were forced to change the personality of the characters and no explanations for the change. 

Is there a season 3? 

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