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[Upcoming Mailand Chinese Drama 2017] Solaso Bistro, 问题餐厅

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Native title:  问题餐厅

Also Known as:  Problematic Restaurant Bistro Fou;

Type: Drama

Episodes 20

Air date: March 23

Directed by Huang Chang Zuo



Solaso Bistro (问题餐厅) is the remake of Japanese drama, A Restaurant with Many Problems (Mondai no Aru Restaurant, 问题のあるレストラン). The original drama follows our heroine who is fed up with the sexist world of the kitchen and restaurant and opens up her own restaurant….on a rooftop. Working with her are five women and one gay guy, all bringing their own flavor to the new melting pot, causing numerous conflicts and fights. (Source: a virtualvoyage)


Jiao Jun Yan

Lu Xia



Source: http://mydramalist.com/21102-solaso-bistro



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