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[drama Japan 2005] アタック No.1 / Attack No. 1

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173



* Title: アタック No.1

* Title (romaji): Attack No.1

* Genre: Sports, Human Drama

* Episodes: 11

* Viewership ratings: 13.1%

* Broadcasted by: TV Asahi

* Broadcast period: 2005-04-14

* Air time: Thursday 21::00-21:54

* Opening Theme Song: Attack No.1 2005 by Fukuda Saki

* Ending Theme Song: Yume no Chikara by Ueto Aya

What does it take to become the ultimate volleyball player? The smash hit manga spikes its way onto the TV screen for the first time!

A smash hit manga spikes its way onto the TV screen for the first time! Kozue, a positive and cheerful high school girl devotes her entire energy toward her school volleyball team. Extremely severe practices designed by the strict head coach Inokuma, highly competitive matches against the toughest top players, friendships and rivalry among teammates with strong characters…. Can Kozue’s genuine love toward volleyball make the impossible come true?


Fujimi High School

* Ueto Aya as Ayuhara Kozue

* Sakai Ayana as Hayakawa Midori

* Morita Ayaka as Ishimatsu Mari

* Ootomo Minami as Oonuma Miyuki

* Kubota Maki as Nakahara Junko

* Takahashi Arisa as Baba Chitose

* Kiyooka Yui as Tomochika Mizuho

* Nakamura Ruria as Suga Izumi

* Nakamura Shunsuke as Hongou Shinsuke

* Matsuo Toshinobu as Ichinose Tsutomu

* Morimoto Ryouji as Mitamura Yuuji

Japan High School Selection team

* Miyaji Mao as Yagisawa Kaori

* Tono Nagiko as Sanjyo Michiru

* Kato Natsuki as Yoshimura Satomi

* Akiyama Erisa as Kakinouchi Ryoko

* Funakoshi Eiichirou as Inokuma Daigo

* Fukae Takuji as Matsumoto Satoshi


* Okae Kumiko as Ayuhara Ryouko

* Shimizu Shogo as Ayuhara Yoshio

* Ryu Raita as Ichinose Shinpei

* Asaka Mayumi as Mrs Hayakawa

Minor Cast

Japan High School Selection Team

* Nishiaki Aina 西秋愛菜 as Mikimoto

* Orihara Yuu 折原ゆう as Kaimori

* Hayasaka Mio 早坂美緒 as Washio

* Wakusawa Mirai 涌澤未来 as Wakusawa

* Yamaguchi Yukari 山口由香里 as Yagisawa Shizu

* Watabe Aya 渡部彩 as Yagisawa Kazura

Fujimi High School Volleyball team

* 鈴木恵里香

* 鈴木睦美

* 雨宮祐貴子

* 江口沙織

* 岸路泉

* 北村梨恵

* 滝川綾乃

* 豊嶋詩穂

* 中尾仁美

* 野口美穂

* 松村映理子

* 山越梢恵

SOURCE : アタック No.1

アタック No.1

アタック No.1

アタック No.1

アタック No.1

アタック No.1

アタック No.1

アタック No.1

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Guest DumboEphant

Finally a thread on this drama! :D I really love Ueto Aya after watching this <3

This show is very heart- warming & actually taught me a lot of morales such as preserverance, teamwork etc.

Love this drama.

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OMG. I love this show so much! I watched it, like, 11 hours straight. I didn't even sleep (Ok, I couldn't sleep, cause I took a veeerrrry long nap before that). This show is awesome, I LOVE volleyball, and the main girl character, Kozue, and the main guy character, Tsutomu, are a match made in heaven! I love everything about this drama. lol.

EDIT:// Ok, I admit, I did not finish yet. Episode 9 is like O_O Actually, I hate Episode 9. Episode 11 rocks though, but I wanted to watch the game.

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