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[Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Mr. Express & Miss Concubine 快递先生与贵妃小姐


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Mr. Express & Miss Concubine



Resultado de imagen para 快递先生与贵妃小姐 mr. express & miss concubine


Title: 快递先生与贵妃小姐 / kuaidì xiansheng yu guìfei xiaojie
English title: Mr. Express & Miss Concubine
Genre: Ancient, Fiction, Love
Episodes: 13

Broadcast Date: 9-march-2017


Wang Zi Rui

Tang Jingmei

Zhang Jincheng

Zhang Le



Mr. Express and Miss Princess "tells the story of a courier. Actor prawn (Wang Zirui) participated in the "regional courier Xia" game, in dealing with all kinds of make things difficult for customers at the same time, but also with their own in the same express station's biggest competitor Gao Yan straightwits. For the love of waiting for the millennium heroine Sun Yingnan (Tang Jing Mei) after encountering prawns, they firmly believe that he is his past life lover reincarnation, in an attempt to recall his way through thousands of years of memory, two people like joy contradiction. In a process of delivery of the prawns inadvertently involved in a cultural relics case, the risk of being exposed. Sun Ying male because of the body of Yuhuan criminals as a goal and in danger, a thrilling adventure on this exhibition.

Source: https://movie.douban.com/subject/26989882/







Li Qi - the next moment (ending song)

(beautiful song)

only audio:



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