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[Taiwanese Drama 2017] The Masked Lover - 我的愛情不平凡, Sundays 10:00pm


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The Masked Lover

Wo De Aiqing Bu Ping fan (我的愛情不平凡 )






Title: 我的愛情不平凡 / wǒ de àiqíng bù píngfán
Genre: Romantic comedy, Action
Episodes: 19
Broadcast Network: TTV / SET Metro
Broadcast Period: March 26, 2017 to ??-??
Airtime: Sunday 10:00 PM

Official fanpage:

Main Cast
Weber Yang as Gu Yue Jun 古樂均
Mini Tsai as Wu Ping An / Wu Ping Fan 吳平安 / 吳平凡
Kurt Chou
Genie Chen


Source: https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/Æçææä¸å¹³å¡


A car accident accident to Taiwan's famous Yiqing Group General Manager Wu Pingan, falls into a coma, Wu Pingan mother worried about the organization rudderless, resulting in collapse, had to secretly attack the threat. Potential, far away in the life of the little daughter Wu Pingfan called back the overall situation, asked Wu Pingfan replaced Wu Pingan position, stabilize the organization's operation, until Wu Ping An awake.

Wu Pingfan in the crisis of the gang of the world, a careless identity was demolished, but in her despair, the ancient music are the emergence of ordinary with new hope, the average use of music are learning when the boss, but also because of this The decision, a series of enemies to kill, so that the two become inseparable, ordinary and even gradually rely on music are.




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I watched both episodes and I already love it. Two separate love lines and lots of shady characters.

So Gu Jing Xuan is the nurse's name and she is the beloved younger sister to our sometimes hotheaded but awkwardly ruthless cops Gu Le Jun. This is my first time with all the actors in the drama as I am pretty new to Tainwanese dramas but I really like Mini Tsai and Weber Yang.

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Yey! there is a thread! I'm actually enjoying this drama. I've watch all 3 episodes. It's one of those I watch pleasure ( along with c-drama The Fox falls in love)

So the story is she's a mafia boss but encountered terrible car accident that left her in a coma.  The twins sister ( Wu Ping Fan) is the girly type who graduated interior design and will become part of big company having passed the interview but due to coma, the mom asked her to come back and take the place of Wu Ping An.

I like the bad girl kick richard simmons Wu Ping An! I find myself laughing in a good way at Wu Ping Fan fragility in all 3 episodes. It's cute actually.  Waiting for ep 4. Happy this is sub cos the Ch drama I'm watching....it's all raw episodes.. huhuhu. Thanks for updating @0ly40


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It was so easy to go in and kill the sister , with so much at stake there should have been people who constantly check medicine, change in doctors and nurses, move hospital even. She could have even died normally from "accident" for the sake of plot moving forward, there was no need for this quick fix script

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