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[OFFICIAL] K.A.R.D (카드) - Welcome Hidden KARD! Ride On The Wind

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KARD wins 'Hottest Rookie' at CJAwards (CJ Entertainment, KCONUSA, and KCON.TV) (link)


KARD wins 'Co-ed Group of the Year' and 'Break-Out Artist of the Year' at the K-Ville Music Awards (link)(link)


Don't Recall got picked as an allkpop's staff's favorite song of 2017. (link) The other songs:


'Bleed' by Epik High, 'No Better Feelin' by CL, 'How Do You Think' by CHEEZE, 'Missing You' by BTOB, 'Palette' by IU feat. G-Dragon, 'Tiny Little Boy' by Rad Museum feat. DEAN, 'I Like You' by Day6, 'Ending Credit' by Uhm Jung Hwa, 'Babe' by HyunA, 'party (SHUT DOWN)' by Sik-K feat. Crush


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New Year's Eve schedule:


[KBS Open Concert] Pre-recorded TV show

KARD will be performing 'You In Me' and a medley of co-ed groups from the 90s ( 룰라(Roo'Ra) - 3!4! , 쿨(COOL) - 해변의 여인 , 스페이스 A (Space A) - 섹시한 남자 , 코요태(Koyote) - 순정 )



[COUNTDOWN SEOUL 2018] Live in Yeongdeungpo

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