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[Drama 2017] Totsuzen desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu


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Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu

Have you guys seen this drama it is such an adorable drama and I absolutely love the two leads. I think they play their roles very well and I like that even though she keeps trying to get him to marry her she is not annoying about it.  She is also smart and hard working and not relying on a man to make her life better as she has a good job and people respect her and think she is a hard worker and good at her job. He is also similarly motivated and he seems to really love her but not enough to get over his phobia about marriage. 

Her family is really great and she agrees to move in with him in spite of knowing he may never marry her and he has warned her that if she feels that she needs to get married than she should leave him when she finds someone suitable. There is a rival who wants to marry her but she wants to fall in love so she turns him down but she has to continue seeing him as they work together and the male lead is also in a position where his ex lover is working with him and interfering with their relationship. Since he is on TV a lot he is a famous person so they cannot even date properly.

The manga is ongoing so not sure how they are going to end this. Currently you can find 6 episodes with subs.

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It's flumpool's Ryuta Yamamura's first acting role. It's crazy how well adapted he is as announcer NanaRyu. Though I have to say he and Mariya lack chemistry.  I watched the first 2 episodes yesterday and I was mildly amused. 

I'm still waiting for a live action drama expansion of 3 AM Dangerous Zone. 

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I didn't read the manga but I'm equally disappointed that the show turned out to be a makjang fest. Nanaryu inviting the ex over while Asuka is walking on egg shells is so foul. Ryuta is too cute for words and can give off the Nanaryu vibe despite his short height and built but the script made Nanaryu devolve into this noble idiot. Episode 1 &2 were so promising. 

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Somehow i really like this drama, the scene she fell into the pool got my attention and it was beautifully filmed, then at the end of episode one, i felt in love with his voice and the way he delivered it to Asuka. I read a few chapters of the Manga online but find it a bit hard to understand, so i think i like the drama better. However, i have two complaints, i don't like the scene where he left her at the spa, it seems awkward, and the second complaint is that i wish he could have worn better and nicer clothes like Mariya's.  But still i like him, i can't believe it's his first role and 32 years old, married and still cute. I don't know much about chemistry but l like them a lot at the moment and nothing else, though I'm a bit sad to see Mariya had deleted most of their exchange tweets, why? They seemed to be good happy working together, no?










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