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[Official Thread] Dilraba Dilmurat [迪丽热巴]


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On 2/5/2017 at 8:05 AM, angelangie said:


hahaha that not the only thing though....she eat like a man too :D and come to think about it....it might even be better than a man.... lols 

thats way more and more i love her :D more and more i watch her (in variety) the more i love her T_T

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15 hours ago, angelangie said:



dont look like Li YiFeng to me, looks like her 4th brother in Eternal Love?

Edit: yes it is Alan Yu (于朦胧) Dilraba Uncle in 'Eternal Love' :D , it was during one of their Eternal Love press conference :) 


4th brother???? @@ ahhhhhhhh thats way there is zhang bin bin there ~~

im sorry i just love watching legend of chusen these day, my eyes wrong me ~~ (and i secrely hope reba will pair with li yifeng someday, hehehehhehe ^^v eventhought i just new fan of her, im already ship her with vengo, yang mi, zhang bin bin, li yifeng omg T_T)

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On 13/5/2017 at 9:01 PM, angelangie said:


lols she is shipable with  lots of ppl :)

not to mention they are trying hard to create the ship for luhan and her though im not in favor of that :) i prefer her partner in 'Diamond Lover' though :) want to see another collaborations between them two with them as a lead this times :) 

mhmmmm me too..... looks like they force monday couple in them ~~ 


to be honest im scared of his fan, being kpop  fan i know how scary that fandom is ~~ 

mhmmmm diamond lover, you say its boring backthen, right? must i watch it? >///<

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