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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] Zhao Ge 朝歌

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Chinese title: 朝歌 / Zhao Ge
English title: Zhao Ge

Genre: Ancient, Fiction

Episodes: 50

Director: Li Dachao, Liu Zhenming, Ren Haiyao, Zhu Lihe

Broadcast Period: 2021


Zhang Zhe Han

Li Yi Tong

Wu Jin Yan

Bao Jian Feng

Gillian Chung


During the Shang dynasty, the capital of China was moved to Zhaoge in the hopes that the city would grow prosperous. However, by the reign of King Zhou of Shang, the livelihood of the people was driven into a desperate state due to warfare. Thankfully, the son of King Zhou of Shang, also had the son of King Wen of Zhou, Ji Kao, in his hands. Ji Kao was on good terms with the son of King Zhou, Yin Jiao, who wished to save the people from their plight. Ji Kao eventually set up and degraded to the status of a slave but was saved by Yin Jiao. While fleeing, Ji Kao met Jiang Ziya, Nezha, and Yang Jian who assisted him.

Years later, Ji Kao had changed names to Ji Fa and led eight hundred feudal princes to suppress King Zhou, leading to the destruction of the Shang dynasty. Yin Jiao turned on Ji Fa, who he accused of leading his mother to her death. This eventually led to Yin Jiao’s suicide. Ji Fa eventually ascended and became King Wu of Zhou, remembering to keep in mind his shared dream with Yin Jiao to lift the people towards a better future.

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It just looks amazing. The cinematography and CGI are mind blowing, really. Calling it, if the script will be as good as the visuals then that means we are waiting a damn masterpiece!



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6 hours ago, Don Yu said:

I wish Li Yi Tong have a bigger role in this. It sucks that in the trailer we barely see her, but that probably indicates that her role is rather small?

I think she is a supporting role there *as a fox demon?* . From the trailer, yeah..it doesnt look like she has a big role

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Wow what a high end production, the cinematography, CGI, sceneries :heart:


Ahhh there are two male lead from Legend of Yun Xi and also Xu Kai (i am getting familiar with c-actors now #proud). 


I hope the story goes well, since i think there are so many characters to be told.

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Looks like this drama is another retelling of the Daji story, and how she seduced Zhòu Wang into debauchery and caused the downfall of his kingdom. Somehow I doub this drama will have a happy ending.


From what I remember Zhòu Wang offended the creator Goddess Nuwa by making inappropriate comments in her temple. So she sent a fox demon to possess Daji and bring about the downfall of the Shāng dynasty 

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Wikipedia said the filming finished in 2017. Actually this year there is another drama about the same story (Daji, Ji Fa, Ne Zhe, etc) called Investitute of Gods, starring Claudia Wang as Daji and Luo Jin as Erlang Shen and Deng Lun . That one seems to have more promotion. Maybe they will change the release date for this one because it's essentially the same topic? 

Ruyi couldn't beat Yanxi because it was released later. Anyone's thought on this? 

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] Zhao Ge 朝歌

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