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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Sonic Youth 極速青春

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photo Speed 7.jpg


Chinese title: 極速青春
English title: Sonic Youth 

Genre: Car Racing, Modern, Romance

Episodes: 40

Directors: Gan Lu and Luo Li Xian

Broadcast Period: 10/9/2018


Elvis Han Dong Jun

Xu Lu

Dong Chun Hui

Dylan Ding Ye


A youth sports drama centered around the world of professional and international car-racing.

Cr mydramalist

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**

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Coming soon...

Additional Links:

Sonic Youth 極速青春 Raw Episodes

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Brief synopsis:
A car-racing themed drama. It has the same name as Taiwanese drama Sonic Youth (極速青春) in 2002 with Chen Kun and Bolin Chen. I have seen posters with the simple title Speed. The story follows racing genius (Elvis Han Dong Jun) who goes against his father’s wishes and participates in the black market of car racing, hoping to prove his talents. During his journey he meets friends and rivals, and a love interest in international student played by Xu Lu. The dangers of life run parallel to the dangers on the racing field, and when one death breaks up the team, how will they move on?




Officially aired on 9th October 2018.





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