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[KBS Drama 2017] Fight for My Way 쌈 마이웨이 - Park Seojoon & Kim Jiwon | Mon-Tue

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And so the final begins... T ^ T

(If the video doesn't lag)

Young DM, AR and SH have their photos taken at a theme park ride.

SH and AR are talking.

DM and JM are together also.

JM is making kimbap.


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Awkward encounter at the staircase...(argh come on fantastic 4, stoppp this nonsense)

JM gave lunchbox to SH.

JM is trying to drive his car but it;s going crazy it seems.

SH notices and helps JM by hopping into the car.

JM looks happy.

DM is helping AR move stuff and AR is nagging him like old times.


AR goes to landlady's house.

She ask landlady why the aircon isn't on and Landlady turns it on.

AR spots a doll.

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Video clip:


AR sees a doll at her mom's house.. she remembers something.

It seems AR had written a christmas card to her mom together with the doll.

It had a recorded button.. AR asks her who she is.

AR is a tough person...  

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Flashback to when she was younger.

AR's dad tells her that her mum died.

AR picks up the doll now.

OMG it has a voice recording on it saying I love you I love you. Aera loves mum.


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AR tries to escape and Landlady stops her.

AR has tears in her eye.

Landlady wants to explain.

Hyeran rings DM's doorbell.

(It's lagging so much I want to die.)

Hyeran seems to confess that the dish that DM thought she made ages ago before he left for the army wasn't made by her.

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Live Recaps courtesy of @V via www.bah-doo.com.  Thanks so much in advance!!!!


It is a happy scene and it looks like it is the begining of the fantastic four. It’s a flashback with the little kids and SH and AR and some other kids are getting on a ferris wheel. All the fantastic four are there. JM, DM, SH, and AR are there. They take a photo but they don’t know each other yet.

It looks like SH’s business is going well. AR and SH are prepping some drinks for SH to mail to customers. AR asks how she knew to make them and SH said everyone she knows loved it so she thought it would be good. AR said they did like it when they all would drink it together.

JM is making his own lunch and DM is over there wih his as well. SOme fun music is playing. So far everything is light and happy. They leave and walk down the stairs and then hit the girls places and the girls come out as well. Now is becomes awkward. The boys are trying to talk to the girls and the girls don’t want to talk to the boys. But they still have some fun music playing. It looks like JM made a lunch box for SH and gave it to her.

JM bought a car and takes SH to it! He leaves DM and AR alone.

SH – what is this?
JM – his coworker went abroad so he bought it.
SH – I’m not riding
JM – I made it all pink inside

JM starts to drive off, but he doesn’t know how to drive it, lol. SH looks at him kind of concerned. She knocks on the door and tells him to get out. Now she gets in and starts to drive the car. She is a great driver.

JM – I didn’t know you can drive
SH – I deliver jokbal
JM – you look cool now that you have your own business
SH – not before?

AR – eat the frozen food in the fridge
DM – how come your so cool. Im not cool. When I see you 2 weeks before and now the same. I want to hold your hand
AR – just eat from the fridge
D – don’t be around because I can’t stand it anymore, if you don’t date me then don’t talk to me
R – wow, he is breaking up so straight

They are at Kanako Hwangs place and AR made some food for her to eat. They start bickering back and forth about that and AR asks if she has breast cancer. Kanako says it is all cleared. AR wanted some cool air and Kanako turned off the AC, lol.

mini flashback with AR and her dad when she was little. AR is talking about how she doesn’t have a mom and everyone has a mom.

AR – i want my mom, is she dead?
dad – mom went to heaven and she is protecting you
ar – halmoni’s friend told me that she was kicked out
dad – who said that?
ar – I have never seen her, so I don’t know about her. So just take this out and throw it away (a teddy bear that she made and a letter that says merry christmas omma)
ar – I made it just in case mom comes back
dad – can I make you something to eat?
ar – okay

Aera sees the teddy bear she made when she was little. SHe presses it and it says “I love you, I love you, Aera loves you omma!”

Kanako hops up and then Aera sees some photos of herself as a baby. She recognizes that it is her and turns to leave

R – something is strange. I would understand if you were dead, but ajumma is pretty and aging well, why?
K – Aera, I – I didn’t abandon you
R – so you were watching me as a house owner? You weren’t there when i needed you. I really wanted to see you. i feel like I am an abandoned girl now. I will just remember that you are alive, but I don’t want to see you.

Kanako lets her go and Kanako is crying.

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7 minutes ago, DuckButtHunter said:

can someone please PM me the link too!! My usual one just won't load ugh!


i dont know it is okay or not to post a link but i hope it help you

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Hyeran and AR seem to have had a conversation before.

Seems like something about Hyeran getting married back then and dumping DM.

Cut to scene with DM and AR sleeping on his floor.

AR cooked him ribs.

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I think AR was worried that DM was going to kill himself over his break up with Hyeran. hehehehehe...

(seriously they loved each other for so long...why....break up...it was so stupid)

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Video clips:



Lots of flashback tonight to explain everything... need to watch it clearly to understand the time :blush:

I'm skipping some... 

Back at JM's office .. not another one... ha ha 

A girl with the photostat machine.... same scene but JM change it.. and ask the girl to stand up.... not like before..


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Manager is talking to JM at the break room.

JM sees SH rushing in to the room with her manager.

SH manager cheers on SH.

Landlady looks sad and tells Namil that they will go back to Japan.

Namil is talking to the coach and talking about the phone.

All the photos are of Namil.

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Namil goes to see AR and gives her the phone.

Hmm...maybe there is something else on it?

AR goes to see her dad.

There are photos of AR when she was young too.

Caption AR Princess. hehehe

Bumps into DM.

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Dongman starts to eat the food Aera told him to eat and complains about how she can make it and still be broken up with him. then the bell rings and it is HR. HR brought some juk and tells DM that AR always made this juk for him when he went to the army and when he was in the hospital and stuff. They do a tiny flashback of the scene where AR hurt her arm delivering juk to DM.

A new flashback about AR trying to stop HR from marrying the rich guy. AR is telling HR that DM is a great guy and AR shouldn’t marry the rich guy. HR is also crying and saying that she can’t stop now. AR tells HR to just not see DM and to leave. HR wanted to see DM the night bfore she got married and was outside his door. But AR kept her from ringing the bell.

another flashback about aera bringing DM food after HR got married. She keeps knocking on the door and making sure he is okay and bringing him all this juk. AR was really worried that DM is going to hang himself or something in the bathroom or hurt himself in some way, so she was always coming over to check on him to make sure he was still alive. Even when he was on the toilet, lol.

DM – your heater isn’t broken right, your watching me because you think I will kill myself right? Your not so smart, it is already May. Why are you staying at my place all the time
DM – I am dumped, why are you staying over here

Back to the future.

HR – you are both stupid, you leave room for me to get between you two. So just go grab onto her.

The boss is telling JM that he is another candidate for the position. He runs to the copier and another girl is looking pitiful with the copier. JM says, “Okay, stand up! I will tell you how to fix it! Don’t make this mistake again!” army style.

SH is talking to her manager and it looks like she is quiting? SH said her meshil drink is selling so well so she is quiting, but she is sorry that she is quitting all of a sudden. Her boss says that this is the best resigntion ever! She tells SH to be very successful and to launch it at her home shopping network so she will be the boss.

Namil and Kanako are talking and Namil wants to know what is going on.

O – go find my flip phone
O – lets go back to Japan.

talking to coach-nim

K – by the way, what is in there, money, documents
C – you should know the pasword, it is my daughter and my sons birthdays. It is her will when she had cancer.

Namil is looking at the photos and there are photos of Namil and AR in the phone.

namil brings the phone to AR and gives it to her at AR’s place. AR doesn’t want it, but she takes it.

Aera goes to a bus and looks through the phone. Then she calls her dad on the bus.

AR – appa, i saw something, what is this

at appa’s house

AR – what is this
dad – this is not everything. You school entrance and all the events, she came back and she disquised herself. Your grandmom ditched her.
AR – so everyone knew
Dad – Mom sent you money
AR – she sent me a lot of money, i never got any
Dad – SOmetimes I only sold two dishes all day, but ai sent you to college and you made a lot of trouble when you were at school and cost a lot.
AR – okay, you can stop
Dad – you were super high maintenance, your mom supported everything

Aera left and changed Kanako Hwangs phone number from Owner to Omma. Dong-man runs up to her

DM – you have a new omma becaue you went to your dad
AR – how do you know
D – i know everything about you. Wait for to months and don’t date
AR – I am going to a club


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Voice over by each of them and it seems like a slow time jump.

JM says that DM is training like a monster.

JM turns up at SH's family restaurant.

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It seems all these happen within 2 months?

Love that each character become the narrator of the other character...


Namil having a meal with his mother..

They look calmer..

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Landlady and Namil are dicussing plans in Japan.

Namil looks like he's about to cry,

JM is passed out on the floor and SH is talking to him.

JM tried to complain and SH calls her brother. hahahaha

TS and his coach are meeting.

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