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[Mainland Chinese Web Drama 2017] I Love My President Though He Is A Psycho 总裁在上我在下


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I handed in my edits for the second part of Episode 10 earlier today. 

Yes... we did get a happy ending BUT not before we got another kidnapping! :lol:

This was certainly a drama unlike any I have ever seen before. :D It had its moments but there was a lot of kidnappings in between.

It felt to me like some kind of Chinese-style medieval gothic romance. It was an odd mix of the modern aristocratic with elements of the draconian. Kidnapping apparently is the answer to all of the wealthy's problems.

Can't get the answers you want? Kidnap the woman. Want revenge? Kidnap the woman. Get rid of an wanted thorn in your side? Kidnap the woman. Don't want to marry the woman? Kidnap the other woman. Want the grandchild but not the mother? Kidnap the uterus. Can't get the woman you love? Kidnap her. Want to deal with a mental health issue? Allow yourself to be kidnapped. Resolve a family conflict? Kidnap the kid.

There were probably a lot more things that got unceremoniously chopped off. Stuff like... I'm left wondering what happened to Qian Chu. Is he alive? What about Xi Di? Ten episodes were obviously not enough to get the entire story in and the whole thing looked like it was made on a shoestring budget despite the subject being about the fabulously wealthy.

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14 hours ago, realistic2280 said:

Any news about the subbed episodes of 7 to 10?  Thanks

Um, I'm not sure exactly what you mean here but episodes 7-9 have been subbed in English. Episode 10 is currently being subbed and hopefully will be posted soon. 

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