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[JAPAN DRAMA 2006] のだめカンタービレNODAME CA

Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

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Guest escapist

Definitely my favorite drama this season. I decided to download the first ep out of boredom, and turned out that i LOVED it.

Those who didn't like ep02.. Well, I foresee the drama focusing on a different student in each of the following eps, so be prepared for that. It's not all about Nodame and Chiaki. I LOVEEE the two of them together, but it doesn't bother me that they focus on the other students as long as they handle it well.

Love Eita in this drama, btw. I last saw him in Sapuri, and he didn't leave much of an impression. But his character here in Nodame is totally different and he's SO cute here. What a flexible actor. (:

Same for Ueno Juri. I last saw her in... Engine. LOL.

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Guest Maia-chan

I really like this drama! One of my favourites this season, alongside 14-sai no Haha and Boku no Aruku Michi, both which carry heavier themes and humanity, so watching Nodame and her antics is a total relief! :)

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Guest emilyjx1692

Hahhahaha, I'm gonna go download episode 3. I'll give a review, I suppose. Oh I have korean subs btw, does anyone want them?

do you have the subs for episode 3? If you do I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

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Can someone tell me a CB that has all the episodes?


CB for RAWs: japaneseguy

CB with chinese subs: yycaf (they're uploading ep3 right now)

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Guest haneul love

tamaki hiroshi is hotttt!! hahaha but when he makes those faces of disgust during the drama i'm like = _ = .. it looks so fake!! oh well, nodame is psycho man lolllll

eita is so cute, i love watching him in dramas!

uehara misa is so pretty but her character is hilarious, calling fat ugly girls pigs LOLLLLLLLL she said 「ぶ子」 in episode 4 which translates to ugly pig girl Ahahahahhahahaha

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I just started watching this drama and it's really good! I really want to get the OST when it comes out. Also the cast is great. Last time I saw Tamaki Hiroshi was when he was in Waterboys and Remote! What a change of character! I love his acting in this drama!

I tried reading the manga a while back, but it didn't really capture my attention. But after watching the drama, I think I'll try and read it again. I really want to know what happens! I hope Chiaki and Nodame get together. They are such a cute couple! :)

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Guest crazyMuka

tamaki hiroshi is hotttt!! hahaha but when he makes those faces of disgust during the drama i'm like = _ = .. it looks so fake!! oh well, nodame is psycho man lolllll

It's true it looks fake, but his angry face is far more disturbing to me, he looks truly scary when he's mad, esp. when his eyes are like bulged out, that really bothers me :huh: -___-;

I haven't watched through all of ep 3 yet, just saw parts and bits of it and it looked nice, except for the actings for Mine's and Masumi's characters. It'd really help if they don't act tooooo over-the-top. Their attempt to be completely like anime characters irked me somewhat. I'd rather they tone down their exaggerated (sp?) gestures, the comical expressions could be saved for the anime coming out next year. Other than that, it's nice to see Chiaki acts nicer toward Nodame. On a side note, my mother enjoyed this drama as well, which is great because she normally does not like comedy and second thing, she doesn't like Japanese drama in the first place, but this drama, and 14 sai no haha, she really enjoyed them :lol: . Good job, Nodame :D !!

The preview for ep 4 looks excellent!!! It's getting to my favorite parts in the manga :w00t: . The kosatsu part is very funny, I hope they'd capture that well.

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When I first saw the CM for this series I thought it was incredibly silly and did not intend to watch this at all. However, after watching the 1st ep (by chance) I knew it was something I would enjoy. The point of interest for me is the relationship between Chiaki and Nodame. Of course the fact that Hiroshi Tamaki is playing Chiaki is also one of the reasons. He plays the role so well that I almost consider ditching Kame for him. :D Well Tamaki as Chiaki is so very handsome, cool and wacky with his different facial expressions. I love it. He's definitely hot. Now that only means I'll hunt down Top Caster. :D

Ep 3 (some random caps, mainly Chiaki and Nodame)

Chiaki is at his residence. Someone knocks.


It must be Nodame ka.


What a nice guy! He cooks for her again.


Chiaki the player


At his residence again. Someone knocks. Nodame ka.


Nodame needs to use his shower.


Dreamy Chiaki (while Nodame is in the shower.)


Don't make that face Nodame.


Wahhh... so that's her house (the bass girl.)


Ep 4 previews

She cooks this time? Nah. Aren't they rabu rabu?


Nodame is on the attack.


This is scandalous indeed.


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Guest TygrrLilly

I was kinda bummed out by the dramas this year, since 2005 was sooo good. I DL'ed this one on a whim since it seemed pretty popular, and I'm soooooo glad that i did! It's my favorite one so far!

All the characters are quirky and weird and I crack up everytime that fake scene with the toy plane and flames comes up.


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Guest OnionII

~@^.^@~ thanks shinobu for the caps!

i didnt really enjoy epi 3 as much but its still nontheless a nice 1, to see how chiaki get along wif S ochestra's members.. but still im hoping to see more scenes of chiaki and nodame WITHOUT THE VIOLIN LION HAIRED GUY AND THAT GAYISH AFRO >.<

epi 4's preview seems to suit me, looking forward for that ! yesyes!!! ^.^

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Guest crazyMuka

^ haha, they're gonna stick around anyway XD. I like Mine more than that Masumi, but yea, they're the main characters as well. I believe we will see some scenes between just Nodame and Chiaki, but not until later.

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I guess one of my worst fears was the story getting focused on each orchestra member for the remaining episodes after watching episode 3. But after skimming through the manga, I stopped worrying, coz the manga wasn't drawn that way. There are tonnes of chiaki nodame moments, sometimes subtle ones, but definitely a lot of those, and more than I initially imagined. so yeah, looking forward to see that will be incorporated into the whole storyline. And since this manga isn't completed yet, makes me wonder where the drama will stop at.

And yes, the toy plane scene, whenever Stressemann appears with that wig, tonnes of other things in the drama makes it really hilarious.

I think everyone's playing their role well, Nodame, Chiaki, Stressemann, the gay guy and Eita (the violinist). I like them all. I find mangas are always full of twist and turns and gives a lot more information than a drama can incorporate. However, it's always better to watch it live-action. Can't wait for next week's episode 4. Also notice that Nodame's bag is exactly the same way it's drawn in the manga.

A good storyline and actors/actresses are both extremely crucial for packaging a good drama. When u lack either of those, u end up with a mediocre drama that one would only watch just to kill time and nothing more. Nodame cantabile is a success because it has both these elements. The plot is not one which you could've guessed it all without watching and viewers don't have to put up with bad acting skills which is sometimes a truly terrible experience.

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