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[JAPAN DRAMA 2006] のだめカンタービレNODAME CA

Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

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Eto sensei was composing the moja moja exercise song with nodame (or rather performing the exercise) which was part of the contract he signed with Nodame.

and.. i think the funniest part was when he was singing along to the song. His deep booming voice just doesn't match with the children's exercise... i found that humorous!

I thought this whole exercise song was pretty funny with Eto-sensei doing these funky moves. (Well I've never seen it before so it looks pretty funny.) ^_^

i think since tamaki is older than ueno juri by 6 years, it might be normal to call her Juri-chan eh? And she would most likely refer to him as ---san out of respect.

yah I know, it's just standard way of addressing one another due to their ages but whenever someone mentions 'guess what they're calling each other in RL...' it sounds like a new discovery is about to be revealed so I was just wondering if there is something I'm missing. :sweatingbullets:

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I can't believe myself but I am so crazy over this show right now, especially Chiaki senpai and Nodame!!!

*takes a deep breath*

I have been reading what everyone else has been writing here and nodding my head in agreement to many of the comments.

To me, while the screentime is not dominated by chiaki-nodame scenes (although I would definitely love to see more of), the chemistry between the two is great in my opinion. I love how innocent and adoring Nodame is, how true she is to her feelings, character etc and how she's always able to help Chiaki see things in a different light. I love how Chiaki cares for Nodame, so subconsciously and so against his own will, how she's very much a part of his life already whether he knows it or even wants it.

I mean really, who else would take the trouble to clean up for a gal he barely met, wash her and even cook for her *swoon* To me, whether he met her that instant he heard her playing, or the day after when he woke up in her trash, she's already destined to be part of his system, in his mind. I just think that perhaps, even if he had entered the room before Saiko interrupted him, he might just have talked to Nodame on a superficial level and not really know anything more about her. However, waking up in her apartment makes it all so much more intimate.

I do find it hard to believe that they have been neighbours all this while and are not aware of it. I mean a clean freak like him would have noticed the stench coming from the next door apartment a lot sooner than this.

Don't take this the wrong way, but with their acting, its so hard to believe that there's actually a 6 year age gap between the two in real life. They complement each other so well. Its one of those opposites attract kinda thing but in this case, the attraction actually works to the benefit of both.

I love it when they play together *sighs* so romantic!!! But I must also say that their efforts to look engross in the music appear a bit demented at times :rolleyes: Or like what some of you have been saying, the part when Chiaki was conducting (or trying to conduct) Brahms in Episode 7 ... aigoo... so HUH!?!?

Overall, because of the great portrayal of the characters by both of them as well as the actual experience of listening to the orchestra, I am liking the drama so much more than the manga right now. The manga does help to fill in the gaps somewhat before the next episode airs though.

back to waiting impatiently for monday to come around...never thought I will be so looking forward to mondays!

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I do find it hard to believe that they have been neighbours all this while and are not aware of it. I mean a clean freak like him would have noticed the stench coming from the next door apartment a lot sooner than this.

Exactly! My only guess is that perhaps one of them moved into the apartment not too long ago. Love to read your long rant, and here I go nodding my head when I read yours...

I like how Chiaki's life seems to take a turn eversince he acquainted Nodame, the gomi onna. Prior to that, he was lamenting all his life about not being able to achieve his dreams due to his fear of flying, but eversince that day when he woke up in the rubbish heap, it's all been a whirlwind of events, Strezemann, S-oke, conducting, having his own elite orchestra. Plus I like how the reserved, uptight Chiaki contrasts with Nodame, how he lets her stick to him like a leech/parasite (living off him e.g. free meals, free baths, free internet). Chiaki, looked upon as the elite in school, arrogant, handsome and brutal in terms of character, is actually quite a harmless guy who's pretty easy to get along with. Look how Mine, Masumi and Nodame can wreak his abode an entire afternoon before he declares his apartment off limits. I sometimes wish he'd encourage the ones around him more. At the rate that they respect him, just a mere word of praise would have elevated them and given them more zeal to practice, for instance, he never told Nodame he liked her piano playing eventhough he frequently thinks 'sugoi' when he hears her rendered version of classical music. But yeah, i always look forward to Mondays eventhough the d/ls are only available Tues/Wed.

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Guest S.B. Kisses

i guess all the episodes that are released should be out on youtube by now. Not sure what indirect downloads are, but i suppose most people either go through clubbox or bittorrents such as those on d-addicts.

Gah, sorry! I typed it wrong! I meant "where can I find direct downloads?" I don't use clubbox or torrents so I was just wondering if an direct downloads were available. Sorry for the confusion ^__^

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Guest Lets_Be

I Love This Drama!

This drama was not what I expected it to be. I thought it was going to be kind of serious, but it's really funny~ I cannot wait until Tuesday, for the beta version of episode 7 to be out. For two days straight all I did was watch this drama (thank goodness for those 2 snow days! =]) I had nothing to watch before Hana Yori Dango 2 came on, but I think this will keep me company for quite a while!

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!!! Spoilers Within !!!

Chiaki, looked upon as the elite in school, arrogant, handsome and brutal in terms of character, is actually quite a harmless guy who's pretty easy to get along with. Look how Mine, Masumi and Nodame can wreak his abode an entire afternoon before he declares his apartment off limits. I sometimes wish he'd encourage the ones around him more. At the rate that they respect him, just a mere word of praise would have elevated them and given them more zeal to practice, for instance, he never told Nodame he liked her piano playing eventhough he frequently thinks 'sugoi' when he hears her rendered version of classical music.

*chuckle chuckle*

Sighs... Chiaki is such a marshmellow inside. He just has this tough exterior but within, he's got such a good heart. Oh ... the warm smile he had when he received the sms from Mine telling him that they have joined A-oke ... leading the others to think that he has received a sms from his girlfriend. That was so sweet, showing that he really cares about them in contrast to what he always says.

Another reason why I love this show is that all the side characters are great... where do I even start.

Kiyora - wow!!! This woman oozes class. At the point when she made eye contact with Chiaki, I was almost rooting for the two of them to get together too. But I had to smack myself and say, no no no!!! Nodame is still the one!

Mine - so childlike and adorable as always. His talent is comparable to the elites but he is at least more down to earth and not so arrogant like them.

Masumi - such a riot!!! can't help but love him too ...

The sensei of the fallen - such a brilliant teacher.

And etc etc...

It's nice that they are calling each episode a Lesson, as there's indeed much to learn.

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Can download this drama at japaneseguy's clubbox ;)

thanks for this....

reading from previous pages...do these files insync with the sub files from d-addcit? I don't understand japanese so, need to read the sub :)

and this clubbox need password :( I don't have one

anyway..thank you :)

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Guest luckysmile20

thanks for this....

reading from previous pages...do these files insync with the sub files from d-addcit? I don't understand japanese so, need to read the sub :)

and this clubbox need password :( I don't have one

anyway..thank you :)

Yes... japaneseguy clubbox needs a registered account.

if you're going to dl from that clubbox, it has 3 versions of nodame.

Download with the one that has Divx6 on the title, it match with d-addicts's subs done by Siantut :)

@Yvonne, I'm waiting for your summary! :D

Oh, please give the summary for the SMAP SMAP as well!!

Thanks heaps!

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Guest dadedum

My summary will be a bit late today...BECAUSE Chiaki & Nodame are on SMAPxSMAP tonight!!! OMG OMG OMG...on Bistro Smap!

So will be back later!

I know! I just read about this! So excitied. I think we should be able to d/l the ep from roaceica's clubbox later, she always has the latest smapxsmap.

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Wow, what a great Monday night! I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a Monday night before! LOL…and on a side note, blinkiz, I love what you wrote! Nodame & Chiaki are much sweeter than before after looking through your eyes!

Please excuse my delay…I was going to take a shower after watching ep 8, and then work on the summary. However, once I saw the promo of SMAPxSMAP…I was glued to the tv screen! So the show ended at 11pm…took a bath finally, and now, it is already 1am Japan time. But heck with work tomorrow…lol, I am going to write this tonight!

Since it had been a few hours since the ep, I would definitely be forgetting about some things, and the order of the events. (?) this sign means I am unsure.

First, ep 8…then SxS Bistro. SPOILERS, don’t read if you don’t want to.

We began where we left off last ep…Nodame was rushing after Chiaki on the long flight of stairs. She tripped, and the red water bottle fell…rolling off endlessly. Chiaki looked at it…he was shocked, filled with fear as sudden memories of the plane accident flooded his mind. He said that for the first time, he remembered the existence of other human beings on the flight. (Thanks Webby and Muka for clearing that up for me last time!)

Nodame asked Chiaki if he was all right…he murmured yes, and quickly left. As usual, our sweet Nodame rushed after him. The next scene, we were at Chiaki’s apartment…and Chiaki handed a BIG bowl of rice for Nodame. He said he wouldn’t be making any dinner…. On the table, the bowl was surrounded by numerous opened cans of canned food (that they bought together last time at the supermarket). Nodame said she didn’t mind eating dinner everyday with canned food…as long as Chiaki was not feeling so upset. She was worried about him.

Chiaki shot back, saying that she shouldn’t come over anymore…of course, Nodame didn’t want to hear such thing (and I believe Chiaki didn’t mean it, he just said that in spite)…and she quickly averted his attention by asking if he was upset with the orchestra’s attitude. How everyone didn’t have their hearts in the “Rising Star Orchestra”. Well, of course Chiaki denied that…but you know he was extremely disappointed.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang…and it was from his mother. (Nodame’s expression upon hearing the work “Okasan” (mother) was cute! You can totally see the wheels turning in her head.) He was surprised to hear her voice, wondering if she was in Europe. She said no, she was back to Japan to take care of some business (??? she might be in the music industry too…I heard something about music school or something like that), and she would stay in Japan for a while.

Chiaki was not happy to hear the news…especially when he turned around, and found Nodame holding a mirror, pretending to talk to her future mother-in-law! LMAO :lol: Chiaki’s mother also told him that she had met Strezemann…and that Strezemann had something to say to him. Strezemann was still Strezemann…asking Chiaki to get some cute girl’s photobook, and send it to him. And finally, the real message – that he would be watching…watching Chiaki, no matter where he was. Strezemann was waiting for Chiaki’s success…all in all, he would be paying attention to everything Chiaki would do.

That comment gave Chiaki’s power again…he was reminded how Strezemann told him, “I won’t forgive you if you do music with only half of your heart…I won’t forgive that.” So Chiaki went right back to work…he was so into it…crazy with this sudden rush of powerful force/encouragement… that he refused to eat, clean, and take a shower, etc. He buried himself in notes, books, etc.

Nodame went to school…and as Eto-sensei promised, he did that school exercise song with her…super funny! Before she could escape again, the teacher told her that she had to do her part of the deal…as written on their argreement/contract. So he gave her tons of music piece…and told her to choose ten pieces and practice(?).

She went back home…and found Chiaki senpai still doing his music writing…that he hadn’t touch any of the riceballs she had made for him that morning. All Chiaki drank were those power drinks (Japan is famous for those…kind of like Gatorade, red bull, etc). NOW, super duper cute to the max!!! :lol: Nodame was horrified to see Chiaki in such state she insisted that he should eat something. So she opened a cup of pudding…and tried to feed him. She hold a spoonful of pudding to him…(she was kind of scared…thinking that he won’t eat it)…BUT what a big surprise!!! Chiaki ate it!!!!!! :wub: It was just adorable! Nodame was shocked, to say the least, that he actually let her feed him!

Then, Nodame tried to make Chiaki senpai to take a shower/bath. She began to mischievously unbutton Chiaki’s shirt…and before she could do too much, Chiaki hit her so hard that she flew out of the bathroom, and landed in the living room again! :lol:

Okay, back to the school. Kuroki was holding a pot of flower/plant…and walked into the practice room. Only Masumi and Sakura were there…they were surprised to see him! Masumi told him that there probably won’t be a practice today…but Kuroki asked if they knew where Nodame-chan was. Masumi was furious…wondering of all the girls, why did Kuroki like her?!!! How could Kuroki like such a crazy, lunatic woman…who was always wearing one-piece dress, being super messy, shampooing her hair once every three days, etc. Masumi began to list all the bad things of Nodame…but Kuroki won’t hear it…he defended Nodame…he said she was such an angel…so straight-forward, so lively, etc.

On the way walking to Nodame’s apartment, Kuroki was nervously practicing to ask Nodame to come to the competition tomorrow. Suddenly, Nodame ran (more like flew) past him in lightning speed…and he rushed after her, wondering what was wrong. Nodame said there was a 30% -off sale on unagi (eel…expensive food in Japan, very good to go with rice, filled with nutrients…said to give you energy). She said she must buy it to restore Chiaki senpai’s energy. Nodame found Chiaki nearly drowning in his own tub…I guess he was exhausted from lack of sleep and food.

Tons of obasan’s (aged women) were there already…of course, Nodame couldn’t get through the crowd…and failed to buy any unagi. Seeing her act this way…just for Chiaki, Kuroki finally realized that all the while he had eyes only for her…Nodame’s eyes and thoughts were only filled with Chiaki. Kuroki was heart-broken.

On the day of the competition (that everyone was too busy practicing that they didn’t have time to practice for RS Oke), Kuroki did poorly…because he couldn’t concentrate. Kiora didn’t do well either…because her neck was “stuck”…the very first time she experienced this since she was born. So she got second place…and her much admired teacher was disappointed in her…and that tore her apart. But luckily, Mine was there to support her…and well…things went much further than we all expected. They slept together… :blush:

Anyway, after their poor performance…Kuroki and Kiora decided the RS Oke concert was their chance to prove they were GOOD! Thus once again, everyone, especially Chiaki, were back full-force, practicing with everyone…with their heart set into this oke again. Nodame looked on…awed by Chiaki…and envy was written on her face. And then she remembered (? I think it was here ?) about Strezemann telling her that she couldn’t be with Chiaki now, not at this stage. Then Nodame took out the music piece that Eto-sensei gave her…and….deep in thoughts.

Chiaki was shocked to find out that Kiora only got second…and that Kuroki didn’t even get anything. Once again, Nodame was over his place again (I can’t remember they were having dinner or not)…and Chiaki asked Nodame if she had done anything to Kuroki. Nodame quickly denied it…and told Chiaki not to worry, because she won’t betray/cheat on Chiaki! LOL…and if he worried so much about her, he should….??? (couldn’t catch what they said). But anyway, whatever she said pissed Chiaki off so bad, that he locked her hands and legs in chains…and threw her out of his apartment! :lol:

Well, I can’t remember when exactly…but during one of these cozy nights with Nodame and Chiaki in the living room...Chiaki fell asleep on the couch…and he had a bad dream about his plane accident again. He kept on seeing that bottle of pills rolling behind…suddenly, he saw Nodame’s back..and he tried to reach out to her…

In reality, he screamed out, and grabbed Nodame. Nodame was freaked out by Chiaki’s action (I think she was busy making riceballs)…and asked him what was wrong. Chiaki confessed to her that he had been having the same weird dream over and over again. Nodame, saddened by this, asked Chiaki if there was anyway to cure his fear of flying. Chiaki said he tried many ways…went to many doctors, but none worked. Then, Nodame took out the watch Strezemann gave her…and started to swing it in front of Chiaki…jokingly asked him if he had try hypnotizing before.

Before she realized what was going on, Chiaki passed out in a hypnotized stage. Nodame panicked and didn’t know what she did. So, she clapped her hands loudly, and shouted, “wake up”. (?) Chiaki was jerked awake again…Nodame was not sure about what happened…and that if she had truly hypnotized Chiaki or not…so she tried again. It worked once again!

Nodame rushed to the bookstore and tried to find info on hypnotizing, and discovered that it could cure fears from childhood, etc. She pondered upon and troubled by this discovery…

Anyway, once again, cozy night @ Chiaki’s place again. I seriously can’t remember this one. It was the night before the debut concert of RS Oke. Chiaki received a call from his mother again…she told him she would be coming to the concert. He was kind of surprised, and the mom said of course she would come. There was no way she would miss it. She asked Chiaki if he had a new girlfriend or not…because she found out he wasn’t dating Saiko anymore. Chiaki didn’t answer…and his mother said if that was the case, he must introduce his gf to her. But the main thing of that night is, Nodame was about to go back into her own apartment…when Chiaki flung opened his door, and asked Nodame to wait. He gave her a ticket to the concert, and asked her to come. Nodame was surprised, and said she bought a ticket already. She pulled the ticket out of her bag…and showed it to Chiaki. Chiaki looked at the ticket closely, and sighed, “I knew it. The cheapest type. Here, take this one…this one is in the best section.” Nodame smiled, and took the ticket, and asked hopefully, “Is this ticket the “girlfriend-seat”? Chiaki quickly denied it…and said, “You better come…it’s “Ore-sama”(the Great Me) concert.” Somewhere in the middle of this conversation, Nodame asked Chiaki what would he do if his fear of flying was cured…Chiaki couldn’t answer her. Yet deep down, Nodame knew he would go to Europe.

Nodame was in heaven…kissing the ticket. But something was bothering her…she took out the pocket watch…and debated whether she should cure Chiaki or not. Finally, she made her decision, and put the watch into a heart-shaped box, and put the box under her bed. (I was kind of mad she did that…but I understood her position.)

Well, the big day had finally arrived. Nodame was ecstatic…until she saw Chiaki’s mother being with Saiko…kind of disappointed?! All the S Oke’s people attended. Kiora’s teacher (some big important foreign dude, though not as famous as Strezemann) came too…and upon seeing him, Kiora was super nervous. Another sweet scene…and Mine looked d@mn good here…like his hair without all the clips, etc! He took a hold of Kiora’s hand…and told her not to be afraid…because she was his woman. :wub: So sweet!

Regarding Nodame’s seat…come on, it’s SO the girlfriend seat…in the middle section, eye level directly with Chiaki’s! Not even his mother got such a great seat, she was on the side section. :wink: Anyway, as Chiaki walked up to the platform, he looked at where Nodame was sitting…and saw her chewing on her mouth. Well, not exactly chewing…but her mouth a bit opened… And Chiaki thought to himself, “Ya me rou, kono kuchi…(Stop it, that mouth)!” He knew she only do this when she was extremely nervous! Isn’t that SWEET or what?!!! :wub:

The performance was a huge success…standing ovation, started from Kiora’s teacher. But Nodame couldn’t stand up…she was crying…so moved by Chiaki’s success, talent, etc. She buried her face in her red coat…crying both with happiness and sadness. Sadness because she knew she had to let Chiaki go…Chiaki shouldn’t just stay in Japan. That he need to shine…

Next, we saw Nodame outside the concert hall, slowly approaching Chiaki’s mother, and asked “Are you Chiaki senpai’s mother?” Chiaki’s mother looked at her with wonder.

Okay…finally, back to Chiaki’s apartment again. He was alone on his balcony…air blowing upon his face. He looked at the dark sky…thinking how much he once disliked the dirty air and crammed places in Japan…yet now, he realized it was not that bad. It could be filled with many possibilities too. Then, we saw Nodame appeared behind him…holding something in her hands. She said she had a present to give him.

So back to the living room…as usual, Chiaki was sitting on the couch, when Nodame was sitting on the floor. She told him she was absolutely amazed by his performance, etc. Then she showed him the pocket watch she was holding…Chiaki recognized the watch, and told her not to start with the whole hypnotize thing (?) again…I think he kind of remembered Nodame mentioning it…but never did he know it actually worked. Nodame shrugged his comment off…and told him to stare at the watch…to concentrate on it…just like before. And told him that he must feel sleepy now…and then, Chiaki was out in that hypnotized zone again. Nodame was nervous and forgot what to do first…and she remembered…and began to lead him back to the time of the plane accident. As this happened, we saw some scenes of Nodame and Chiaki’s mother together at a café. Chiaki’s mother told her about what really happened that fateful flight…that Chiaki didn’t know/remember someone actually passed away in that accident. It was nine years ago, and Chiaki was 11…

There was an elderly couple sitting (beside) across the aisle from Chiaki. Chiaki noticed that they were fans of Viera-sensei, because the old guy was holding onto a pamphlet about Viera-sensei. Chiaki also overheard that they both want to come back again next year, to see Viera’s concert. Then, the plane began to shake…and the old man was in pain (heart-problem). The wife was frantically trying to search for the bottle of pills. The pills were at Chiaki’s feet…and he tried hard to reach it…then suddenly, the plane shook again, and the bottle rolled backwards…all Chiaki could do was looked on helplessly.

Tears spilled from Chiaki’s eyes…even in his hypnotized state…he blamed himself for this old man’s death. Nodame went near him, in her soothing voice, assured him that it was NOT his fault. That he should let go…it was enough. Then she slowly took hold of his hand…and put the pocket watch in it. She set the alarm clock, and left. Before she left, the whole room began to brighten…with sunlight…or as Nodame put it, Kamisama (God) was calling…she couldn’t stay any longer. She instructed Chiaki to wake up when the alarm sounded…and that he would forget everything about this so-called conversation. Nodame smiled; she was peaceful, satisfied, serene…and left. She walked back to her room…and took out the musical piece…and sat down on the piano…and began to practice.

The END of Ep 8

And it’s wow…3:15am now. I really want to write about SmapXSmap…but I need to go to bed…for I have to wake up at 7am. But just as a fan of SxS Bistro…it was the first time I saw Nakai (the host) complimenting on how good the two (Ueno & Tamaki) look together!!! I never saw Nakai be that frank before…and he seemed really earnest about it. He said as the two finished introducing themselves, “Wow, you guys look good together (well-match).”

Tamaki wore a gray sweater, gray pants and a white shirt; while Juri wore a short-sleeved, one-piece dress. It was a bit too summer-feel…but it was ivory white…with black flowers design on the dress. Their color tone was great…perfect match! Although most of you have mentioned before, that Juri had lost a lot of weight…I never realized it…maybe due to all the winter, puffy clothes she wore on the show. However, tonight seeing her in short-sleeved…my goodness, she was really really thin!!! I hope she would put some weight back on…it seemed like she eat decently...healthy appetite that is. Tamaki was so cute…he ate non-stop. I really like them both…because they were both so natural, so unpretentious.

Then at the very very end…Nakai once again, said indirectly this time…that he hoped Juri & Hiroshi would continue what they had in the drama, into real life. :lol: Both of them were too shocked by what he said…and they did reply…yet, I couldn’t really understand what they said. I was too excited because I am not daydreaming their chemistry! Hehehehe…but whatever said, Kimura complimented what a nice guy Hiroshi is. But really, I watched SxS frequently ever since 6 years ago, and I know Nakai is usually quite discreet with his guests on Bistro...so I am shocked myself of the suggestive remarks he said tonight. Suggestive as in the way he talked/suggested about the romantic development between the adorable Juri & Hiroshi.

Okay, if the SxS won’t be uploaded…then I will come back to give more details. But now, I must go…to bed. My oh my goodness, 3000 words (6 pages) for this…how I wish I wrote my uni essays like this! :lol:

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Guest aikomidori

Yvonne you're my hero!!! Thank you SO MUCH for your summary! And if you can write a summary about SxS that would be great too! I've never watched that show but I want to see this one, just to see our beloved Nodame couple!! Thanks again!!

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Yvonne so many thanks for the detailed and long summary. Appreciate the hard work for the thousand words essay. I was looking forward to it. I'll have to dig out that SMAPxSMAP show and leave no stones unturned. Anyways, ep 8 seems like a leap of development for those two lovebirds. Can't wait to watch it.

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thank you sooooo much for the summary Yvonne..really really appreciate your hard work and sacrificing your sleep!!

hmm i just read volumes 7&8 of the manga, so while reading your summary, i can imagine the plot going through in my mind~~~

AND i absolutely :wub: the part whereby nodame fed chiaki-senpai the pudding and attempting to bathe for him~~~

but i remembered in the manga, nodame assured chiaki that he is not afraid of taking planes anymore and told him to take a chance and try, while chiaki is still hypnotized, before she left to answer kamisama's call..

i hope this is in the dorama too, cos it was what she said that gave chiaki the courage to take the plane..

and like what Shinobu said, there's really a BIG leap in their relationship in this episode!!!! am already looking forward to the next episode whereby nodame will start practising hard for competition..and their relationship becomes even better..

and thanks for summarising SxS...i havent been watching it for quite a while, a total inspration to watch it for our ueno-tamaki couple~~

will refresh the clubboxes every now and then to download the raws sooon!!!

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