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[movie 2006] Art Of Fighting 싸움의 기술

Guest atel

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Jae Hee, Baek Yoon Shik
원제 : 싸움의 기술 감독 : 신한솔 제작/배급 : 코리아엔터테인먼트 주연 : 백윤식, 재희, 박기웅, 최여진 개봉일 : 2006-01-06 부가정보 : 2006/코믹액션 매 맞는 게 하루 일과인 부실 고딩 송병태. 어느 날 독서실에서 은둔 중인 전설적인 싸움의 고수 오판수를 만나 기술을 전수받게 된다. http://kr.search.yahoo.com/search?fr=kr-fr...C7+%B1%E2%BC%FA
Title: Art of Fighting Director: Shin Hansol Distributor: Korea Entertainment Cast: Baek Yoonshik (Film - The Big Swindle, Save the Green Planet) , Jaehui (Film - 3 Iron; Drama-Delightful Girl Choonhyang, Woori Jib), Park Kiwoong (Film- Keui-dahm (괴담) ) , Choi Yeojin (Drama- I'm Sorry I Love you) Release date: January 6, 2006 Genre: 2006/Comedy-Action photostill749654465l7cs.jpgphotostill749654464l9px.jpg Available on DVD: http://www.dvdasian.com/cgi-bin/dvdasian/2...tml?id=BqRig66V Official Site: http://www.ssaum.co.kr/ Teaser Trailer: mms://vod.cine21.com/cine21.com/movie/trailer/2005/11/art_fighting_teaser_tr_700k.wmv http://press.nkino.com/cjenter/mailzine/fi...ghting_700k.wmv Other clips: Making of movie poster http://vod2.ytn.co.kr/ytnstar/general/mov/...749555201_s.wmv. The Story: It's about a high school student, Song Byeongtae (Jae Hui) who gets beat up everyday. Tired of getting beat-up, he decides to become good at fighting. He then meets a retired, master fighter, Oh Pansu (Baek Yoonshik), and tries to learn about fighting from Oh Pansu. m0020407artoffight1w5000ml.jpgm0020017artoffight5w5009ch.jpg0089625523qo.jpg0089625229ey.jpgimg1326720ext8xk2cb.jpg Credits - kr.yahoo.com, kfccinema.com
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hi teal...and everyone...im just so excited with this movie...this guy is so versatile, his character in 3 iron was a total contrast in sassy girl chun hyang, im sure this time in art fighting we will be seeing again a new side of jae hee...he never fails to amaze us with his superb acting skills..just love him love him love him...

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Guest zingsharon



can someone tell me why this trailer start with chinese voice??

because the character of baeyoonshik comes from china in the movie??

can't wait to watch this interesting movie!!

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^ bae yoonshik is a longtime korean actor.

this is the official trailer. it just starts off in chinese because it's a reference to all those 70's hong kong/chinese martial arts movies that were popular in korea. i guess it's like an inside joke kinda thing (but not in a bad way ).

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December 28, 2005

싸움의 기술 (The Art of Fighting) Press Screening Report (+Video)


You just mind your own business, hoping nobody will get in your way. You pretend to study, hang out with your friends, and practice ridiculous pickup lines, which you'll almost surely forget once in front of your 'prey'. But school is never that easy, especially if you're a 왕따 (outcast), and bullies try to pick fights with you because... well, just because. Byung-Tae (Jae Hee) can't spend a single day without having to run from hordes of thugs, trying to steal his money, or just rough him up a bit. He can't really fight them off, as he's never laid a finger on anyone before, and would probably run for his life anyway, so the only way out for him is finding the master everyone's talking about. The figure who will teach him how to fight off those sneaky little bastards, and open him to the magic world of Martial Arts. Just like Bruce Lee, you know... waah! Waaah! You scream a while, throw your fists in the air, and after the fade out everyone's down begging for mercy. Uhh... not so easy. He does find the master, but it turns out he's not quite what he expected: a 50 something, rough looking old man munching down instant noodles, uttering the magic words: "Have any money with you?" Yes, because learning the art of fighting costs money, 7,000 Won per lesson, to be precise. That's the first life lesson he will teach our young pupil...

That of the master and pupil is one of the oldest stories in all of Cinema, especially when it comes to Martial Arts. You go in expecting to learn how to throw a few punches, and earn some valuable life lessons out of the experience... that kind of stuff. Littered with the same old cliches of the master/pupil canon, hordes of films dealing with the subject have been invading multiplexes for years. It's no different in Korean Cinema, with plenty of sports dramas and action comedies dealing with the subject. From Ryu Seung-Wan's delirious 아라한 장풍대작전 (Arahan) to sports movies like 돌려차기 (Spinkick) and 남자 태어나다 (Are you a True Guy?) the formula has been simple: master doesn't want to teach student, the two start knowing each other a little better, they form some sort of connection, the student fights hard to learn the tricks of the trade, and he triumphs at the end. Nothing tells you Shin Han-Sol's 싸움의 기술 (The Art of Fighting) will stray from that well paved road, but the secret of success for many films like this is the small details: can you do something interesting with such a tired outline?

For anyone familiar with recent Korean cinema, that something has already a name: Baek Yoon-Shik. Seriously, is there anyone cooler than this man in Chungmuro right now? After making a jackpot comeback in Jang Joon-Hwan's crazy masterpiece 지구를 지겨라 (Save The Green Planet), his name was on everybody's mouth in the industry: where did this guy come from, and why have we been neglecting him so much? Playing a famous CEO (or was it an alien from Andromeda?) in what's still the best Korean debut film of the last 10 years (in my book, that is), Baek completely stole the show, adding his unmistakable charisma to an already well developed character, and finally making something out of what was until then a career full of misuse and lack of recognition. He certainly was not completely unfamiliar to movie audiences, as he had small roles in films like 불후의 명작 (A Masterpiece in My Life), and older viewers might have been familiar with his work on the big screen in the mid 70s.

But for TV Drama aficionados, Baek was one of the many veteran supporting character who never seemed to get a chance in the limelight, working hard every single time, making an impression on every show he appeared in. From 여인천하 (Ladies in the Palace) to all time classics like 서울의 달 (The Moon of Seoul), Baek impressed audiences in his characteristically subtle way: making an impression, but never stealing the spotlight from the leading stars on purpose. If 'Save The Green Planet' wasn't enough, he continued showcasing his immense charisma and quirky aplomb in the super-stylish crime caper 범죄의 재구성 (The Big Swindle), and who could forget his fantastic turn as Kim Jae-Gyu in Im Sang-Soo's latest 그때 그사람들 (The President's Last Bang). The pupil is played by young star Jae Hee, who made a name for himself in Kim Ki-Duk's 빈집 (3-Iron), but has been working in the industry since the mid 90s.

Directed by newcomer Shin Han-Sol, who is also part of the writing team (including the great indie director Min Dong-Hyun), 'The Art of Fighting' recently won its fight with the Media Ratings Board, which initially stamped a '18 and Over' rating on the film, which was later reversed to a more suitable '15 and Over'. The action comedy had its press screening on December 27 at the CGV Multiplex in Yongsan. Present at the premiere director Shin and stars Baek Yoon-Shik and Jae Hee. The film opens on January 5.

Press Screening Clip (Downloadable, Windows Media)


Press Reaction

Reaction was mixed, but generally positive. The major complaint was that the film didn't distance itself from tradition too much, and Byung-Tae's story reminded of characters in 말죽거리 잔혹사 (Once Upon a Time in High School) and 품행제로 (Conduct Zero) [that would be a compliment in my book, thank you]. Great concept and outline, but excessive violence and lack of character development seemed to be the biggest disappointment about the film. BUT... there's a little factor which not only sent the meter up for many critics, but also could spell box office success for the film: you guessed it, Baek Yoon-Shik. The film might have a lot of little comical scenes, interesting characters and the kind of action which appeals to the right demographics (young couples and teenagers), but without Mr. Coolness nothing would work. Many people point to him as the screw that keeps everything together, making this flick much more fun and interesting than they expected. I smell big money here.


They call this period of your career a second 'prime', do you think an actor's age can make a difference when portraying characters?

Baek Yoon-Shik: Of course it does, actors age too, they're people after all (laughs). I think what's more important for an actor is what he portrays on screen, and the age of the characters he plays, not the one written on your ID card.

While working with each other, what were your feelings?

Baek: Before even starting the shoot, I looked at his past work a lot, as his senior. I've seen him in Kim Ki-Duk's '3-Iron' and the TV Drama 쾌걸 춘향 (Sassy Chunhyang). I expected a lot from him as my junior, and I think he pulled off his character, of a parentless high school student seeing life in a negative light, in a really cute and effective way.

Jae Hee: Thank you. I loved working with Baek Yoon-Shik. He helped me a lot in this film, and I'm really thankful to him for giving me confidence in my strengths, and for understanding my shortcomings. And, just as a fellow actor, he's a really stylish. I can only hope of becoming as good as he is, as I continue my acting career.

You got hit a lot in the final film, but while shooting, how much did you have to go through?

Jae Hee: Of the scenes in the final film where I got hit, not a single one was done for the visuals, I was really hit. And outside that, I was hit for 50 more hours while shooting.

Any particular reason for choosing this film?

Baek: When I got the script and started reading it, I really liked my character Oh Pan-Soo. Also, I liked all the different scenes and fragmented parts, the fact it developed the story in an unique, more daring way. Looking at Oh Pan-Soo in a conceptual way as an actor, his personality has certain fantasy elements. Until the beginning of this film, he thinks of his life as something he can arrange any which way he wants, wishing to live in the kind of paradise or utopia you see in the epilogue. But as he meets with Byung-Tae and his problems, he starts facing reality, and instead tries to turn Byung-Tae's negative outlook on life into something positive. And he often risks his life doing it (laughs)... but I still liked that.

Quick Judgment

Cinetizen's Kim Geon-Woo

Film Quality: AVERAGE

Box Office Potential: GOOD

Sports Hanguk's Seo Eun-Jung

Film Quality: GOOD

Box Office Potential: GOOD

Movieweek's Song Ji-Hwan

Film Quality: GOOD

Box Office Potential: GOOD

Hanguk Economy's Yoo Jae-Hyuk

Film Quality: AVERAGE

Box Office Potential: GOOD

Cineseoul's Choi Dong-Gyu

Film Quality: AVERAGE

Box Office Potential: AVERAGE

Kyunghyang Sports' Choi Jae-Wook

Film Quality: GOOD

Box Office Potential: EXCELLENT

Sports World's Hong Dong-Hee

Film Quality: AVERAGE

Box Office Potential: GOOD



싸움의 기술 (The Art of Fighting)

Director: 신한솔 (Shin Han-Sol)

Cast: 백윤식 (Baek Yoon-Shik), 재희 (Jae Hee)

Official Website


Theatrical Trailer (Streaming, 700k, Windows Media)


Theatrical Trailer (Downloadable, 700k/18mb, Windows Media)


Teaser Trailer (Streaming, 700k, Windows Media)


NG Making Of (Streaming, 700k, Windows Media)


Music Video (Streaming, 500k, Windows Media) [Lee Han-Cheol - 바티스투타]


Movie Stills/Poster


Produced By: 코리아 엔터테인먼트 (Corea Entertainment)

Distributed By: CJ 엔터테인먼트 (CJ Entertainment)

Rating: 15 and Over

RELEASE: January 5

[sources: nKino, Star News, Chosun Ilbo 1, Chosun Ilbo 2, Cine21, Film2.0]


» Posted by X at December 28, 2005 11:55 PM


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^ bae yoonshik is a longtime korean actor.

this is the official trailer. it just starts off in chinese because it's a reference to all those 70's hong kong/chinese martial arts movies that were popular in korea. i guess it's like an inside joke kinda thing (but not in a bad way ).

yA~~ i like bae yoonshik in save the green planet !!~~ ..ahahh ..really a good actor ~~

i was looking at this picture from nkino ..

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Guest Saragorn

Do we know anything about the DVD release of this movie? I'd love to see it when it comes out...

...mmmm.... Jae Hui :D

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