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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] My Mr. Mermaid 浪花一朵朵


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Chinese title: 浪花一朵朵
English title: My Mr. Mermaid

Genre: Fiction, Romance

Episodes: 36

Director: Chang Xiao Ying

Broadcast Period: July 31, 2017

Replacing: Princess Agents 特工皇妃楚乔传


Dylan Xiong Zi Qi

Tang Song Yun

Pang Han Chen

Peng Yu Chang

Huang Sheng Chi


The college swimming league is about to begin. This will be the biggest duel between top swimmers Qi Ruifeng (Huang Shengchi) of South Physical Education College and Ouyang Heng (Pang Hanchen) of North Physical Education College. At the same competition, Tang Yibai (Dylan Xiong) of South Physical Education College, after a three-year hiatus, will return to the swimming stadium. His best friend Qi Ruifeng and his coach have high hopes for him, and Tang Yibai has worked his best to pursue his dream again. Just before the competition, Tang Yibai meets the trainee reporter Yun Duo (Tan Songyun). She learned of Tang Yibai’s past and dreams, and encouraged him. Later, Yun Duo rented a room in Tang Yibai’s house unknowingly. After Yun Duo and Tang Yibai accidentally discovered their new relationship, the two interacted more frequently, slowly developing feelings for each other. In the middle of intense swim training and preparations, Tang Yibai must choose between his dream and his love. In the end, Tang Yibai chose to face all challenges and barriers together with Yun Duo. Ultimately, under Yun Duo’s encouragement and his teammates’ help, Tang Yibai finally achieved his dream result, heading towards higher-level swimming competitions. "My Mr. Mermaid" is a 2017 Chinese drama based off the novel Lang Hua Yi Duo Duo by Jiu Xiao Qi

My Mr. Mermaid 浪花一朵朵 Viki English Subbed Episodes

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On 8/8/2017 at 11:57 PM, elliezsnow said:

Liking this fun and lighthearted college swim team drama so far! The main leads interactions are adorable <3


Is the actress doing better this time around? I couldn't stand her character in Fox in Love... -____-- 

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Just finish watching this drama and I love the new plot. Love the leading couple and they had great chemistry.  They are so adorable together and love the way they both look at each other. 


Just became a big fan of Dylan Xiong Zi Qi...  I also like the bromance between Ruifeng and Tang Yibei....


Along with awesome acting from all the support actors and actress. 


@thunderman1  I'll have to agree with you on this part that she did better in this drama then Fox In Love. 

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