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Sydneyers~! - Job? =]

Guest kurupt

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heyhey ppl =]

jus curious what jobs everyone has here...if you dont mind posting..atm no job =b might be looking for one in the holidays to fill up some time ^^. thankq!

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^ that sounds like a good job .___. I used to work at Max Brenner, it just relocated though. Good pay - $14ph? and more on weekends.

Now just focusing on uni .____.... I miss money.

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Guest twinkle_l0ve

pizza hut.. been working for a while ... n my age.. 15 =D

i onli get $5.30 per hour T.T... crappp...

awww tiff! my friend works there too, and her pay is crap ==;

well, i work at macca's westmead..its not bad at all!

i get $7.10....time and a half on sundays xDD

and you apply online so its pretty easy

im 15 btw

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Guest Star*Eun Ji

I just got one at Pizza Hut for the holidays. It's not awesome, but it's hard-earned cash :P

hey...ur from my school right ?? ^^ ... do u work in beverly hills pizza hut?...

if you do.. do u a new trainee there.. her name is maria.. lol

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Guest yoojeong

^Actually I didn't go through group interviews.

My friend introduced me and I escaped all the group/individual interviews etc... whew!~

If you have connections you can get in.. ^^;;;

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