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[Drama 2017] Chicago Typewriter 시카고 타자기


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Got the chance to see the highlight preview(even if it has some bad audio in some parts) and i liked it a lot,made me ask quite the few questions and the comedy part looks good as well,Jo Woo Jin shinned as always...Made me quite curious of the direction of the plot and what Ko Gyung Pyo's char. wants from all of them as i see him being the only one remembering for some reason his past life aside from remembering(can't be that easy)...Also i see they used Goblin-nim mansion 

I'm quite positive this will be good,really good!Also with the writer past works we can expect some deep for our char or story something i'm more than pleased

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My first non-goblin related post, but I'm so looking forward to the drama!! The casts are all so cool, and the story is so interesting. Pardon my lack of vocabulary, but I hope it'll do so well (critics and rating wise)

YAI carrying his Bangwon expression during presscon though, haha that was quite intimidating (and gorgeous of course)

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"Chicago Typewriter" Kwak Si-yang's first take

2017/04/04 | 1021 views | 0 Comment | Permalink | Source


Kwak Si-yang stars in the tvN drama "Chicago Typewriter" as 'Salieri of Literature' Baek Tae-min.

Along with popular writer Han Se-joo (Yoo Ah-in), Baek Tae-min rivals in terms of talent, appearance and popularity. At the same time, he envies Han Se-joo's natural talents. He is like Salieri who envies Mozart in "Amadeus".

Kwak Si-yang is wearing a cream-colored half-coat while holding a book. He looks calm and elegant but mysterious at the same time.

Kwak So-yang will be competing with Yoo Ah-in and Im Soo-jeong in "Chicago Typewriter". About the drama, the actor said, "The story is interesting and unique while the characters are lively".

Meanwhile, "Chicago Typewriter" is based in the 1930s, about a genius writer who is going through a bad time, a ghost writer who writes for him and a fan that turns anti.

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22 minutes ago, Visually-wandering said:


Sign in this thread because I think I will need help from all of you to understand this drama. Ah In never took any easy roles. So, if I just watch it by my self, I might confused. Hello @triplem. Please help me here ^_^. Also other chingudeul. Soon pilot ep will start.

Woottt!!! You are here. I will try my best. You are right. YAI always likes these deep deep roles. But I love that boy/ man.. I'm looking forward to watch this. Like @Yongzura mentioned, the feels of this drama is like TWY. Maybe is cause of TvN and their nice scenes.
I thought I saw @andy78 here as well. Are you going to live cap? Hwaiting if you are. (I will live stream, not too confident to live cap though)

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That was fantastic, chingus! You did it again! :piggydance:

Santa is coming and we can't calm. Have you been :naughty:  or :innocent: this year?  


 Let us know in the comments. :wink:





cr: gm4queen



re: Your wacky and funny EO Team 


@confusedheart @partyon @Sleepy Owl and  @agenth



Original Post



On 4/7/2017 at 4:27 PM, enigmatic_zephy said:

what time airs?




Now. 20:00 KST


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Scene in the past - the previous HSJ and JS

It's like a calling ... when he saw the typewriter..

The fantasy began - it was made in Korea 1930s..

HSJ wanted to buy the handcrafted typewriter but the owner rejected.

Now it can type by itself




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