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[Movie 2018] Keys To The Heart, 그것만이 내 세상


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February 8 B.O. Update: Number 2 - 41,465 daily;  2,998,238 total th_up1.gif


Friday 2/9 - Today's KEYS TO THE HEART tally will finally cross the 3 million admission mark after getting so close for so many days. Although not at number 1 anymore (Detective K's third movie opened strong on 2/8), KEYS TO THE HEART is firmly holding on to number 2 and hopefully will continue through the Lunar New Year holidays once the festive rush starts next week. Undeniably there will be more new and highly-anticipated movies coming out for the moviegoers, we sure hope KEYS TO THE HEART will still attract more audience as it's a lovable movie for the whole family to watch together. As long as our movie is in the B.O. top ten, there is still chance to perhaps double the break-even point (~ 4.2 million) Well, as JoHa quotes the boxing legend Muhammad Ali.. IMPOSSIBLE IS NOT A FACT, IT'S AN OPINION. :lol: So, fighting!


In the meantime...


KEYS TO THE HEART Opens in Australia on February 9


Source: Event Cinemas // Village Cinemas



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February 9, 2018


“KEYS TO THE HEART”   Behind-the-scenes footage.  

(A translation of the sub-titles in Chinese.   Kindly note not all the conversations are in sequence.  The translations just reflect whatever appeared on the screen) 



The concept is full of chemical effects.


Lee Byung Hun (LBH) played Jo Ha:    “ This story is very close to everyday life.  It will make you laugh and will also moved you to tears.”

Park Jun Min (PJM) played Jin Tae:   “As soon as I saw the script. I was deeply moved and immediately replied that  { I really want to act}”

Youn Yuh Jung (YYJ) played In Sook:  “ Lee Byung Hun and Park Jung Min decided they will take part.  I want to work with good actors therefore I decided to take part.” 

Ju Seong Hwan (JSH), producer:  “The script is good” 

Choi Sung Hyun (CSH) director:  “I hope the story after Jo Ha reunifies with Jin Tae can be a gift to the audience.” 


The assembly of a Dream Cast.  


JSH:  “This is the first case in my productions that the final casting is what I have originally in mind.”  

CSH:  “They always make me admire them and sigh. That's the real acting.”

LBH:   “Do you know what real boxing is? Straight punches! The hook! Do you     understand?” 

JSH:  “Lee Byung Hun is amazing”

Kim Tae Sung (KTS) Cinematographer:  “A totally natural actor”. 

Lee Tae Hoon (LTH), Art Director:   “Acting God”

PJM:  “Working with Lee sunbae is like a dream.  The sight of his astonishing acting gives ma great inspiration.”

PJM:  “ I would like another one, please “ 

JSH:   “Actor Park Jung Min is a gem.”

KTS:  “An actor with very powerful talent” 

LTH:  “An acting Master” 
LBH “He is very special; works hard;  is honest;  he is extremely talented yet still works tirelessly;   he will not     miss any detail, no matter how small.” 

YYJ:  “I just used this hand?” 

PJM:  “Yes”

YYJ:  “But you are behind me.”

PJM:  “Perhaps I felt it.”

YYJ:  “You are super sensitive.”  

YYJ:  “They all acted very well, much better than me.”

LBH:  “Can we do a retake one more time?”

CSH: “Sure”

LBH:  “Sorry” 

YYJ:  “No, I made more errors.”  

LBH:  “Everytime I requested a retake, sunbae Youn will say [You want to win an Oscar?]  [you have won already, what else do you want?]

PJM:  “Sunbae is very humourous;  the atmosphere with everyone is comfortable and fun. 

The performance is sparkling.  

JSH:   “The best director, actors and production team.  They all strived to bring the best results to the audience.”  

LBH: “He is a typical, common snake. I learned a little boxing.  In order to play this character, I lost about three to four kilos. We were really free.  Therefore, we were able to improvise and ad lib.  We felt it was interesting.”

PJM:  “I borrowed a few pieces of my dad's clothing.  For the role, I also studied some documentaries and books, as well as prepaing myself through real personal experience.”  

KTS:   “Their performance is impressive. I just have to set up the wide angle lens to provide sufficient frame space for the actors.”

LTH:  “This movie is really close to reality.   Therefore we focused on the details of the design,  trying the utmost to emphasize the details.”

Saying of Muhammad Ali posted on the door:  “Impossible is not a fact.  It’s an  opinion”  

Hwang Sang Jun (HSJ ) Musical Director  “I hope the music can move you at every sequence of the movie.  I want to deliver  a beautifully package gift to the auience’s heart.”  

YYJ:  “ This movie has stunning Lee Byung Hun and newcomer actor Park Jung Min.” 

CSH:   “Hope this movie touches your heart before touching your mind” 

PJM:  “After watching this movie, your heart will be warm” 

JSH:  “I hope everybody will start a blessed and happy 2018 with <KEYS TO MY HEART>”

LBH:  This movie will bring you a lot of laughter and is very moving.  Everyone, please support “KEYS TO THE HEART”. 


Source:   Video by CJ Entertainment and subtitles provided by Garage Play via Angel 70 


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February 9, 2018


“KEYS TO THE HEART”  film review by a Taiwan Film Critic (a translation)  


A group of people who are not good at expressing themselves - “KEYS TO THE HEART” 




Before watching the movie, I thought it would be an inspirational movie through which Lee Byung Hun encouraged Park Jung Min to develop his musical talents, like the American film classic “Rain Man”.  However, after having seen the movie, I felt the movie which was supposed to focus on Lee Byung Hun had been almost taken away by Park Jung Min. What is more, one would even think that Park Jung Min is the protagonist of the story. 


“KEYS TO THE HEART” described the story of a downtrodden boxer who reunited with his mother who abandoned him and his autistic brother and how he got along with this brother.  On one hand, the story described Lee Byung Hun’s desire for  a comeback, but was lonely and frustrated.  At the same time, the movie described the process of how he got along with his brother and how he learned to express his feelings.  On the other hand, through the younger brother Park Jung Min’s role, the movie explained how a simple autistic person expressed his feelings straightforwardly through (direct body movements and music), and how the brother's actions affected those around him. 


In the movie, whether it was Lee Byung Hun who resented his parents, the self-exiling female pianist Han Ji Min, the mother of the two children, Yuon Yuh Jung, and the mother of Han Ji Min, each with their own short comings, all clumsily tried to conceal their injured feelings.  However, it was Park Jung Min’s role that connected all these people with regrets in their lives, and enabled them to gradually learn or be willing to calmly face their true feelings.


As a result, when the female pianist plays the piano again, she is willing to embrace it;  when the mother is seriously ill, she is willing to face the mistake of abandoning her child.



Two persons, disabled at different times,  strike a sympathetic chord because of music. 


When the boxer finally discovers that he has a brother which is a part of his life,  he is willing to turn his back on the fact that he is no longer alone.  As the female pianist’s mother helped his autistic brother to perform on stage; his brother, who only lives for music,  played a movement with his pure and true emotions;  Lee is able to release all his repressions and be comfortortable.



Lee Byung Hun’s performance is very persuasive in the steps of the brothers’ relationship:  from resistance to taking advantage and reaching acceptance. 


Having not seen Lee Byung Hun in a wide screen work, he remains in line at his consistent level.  Although restricted by the the script, his role is limited to the awkward feelings of a tough guy and a iron clad gentleman.  What is rare is Lee’s outstanding interpretation of clearly demarcated levels of emotions; whether it is the rejection by the family and later the emotional change when he realized gradually that the family is already part of his life, finally the bearing up of the responsibility of an elder brother, Lee truly supported the entire movie as the main protagonist.


Park Jung Min who plays the role of the younger brother is interpreting an autistic person (though I think it is more like polio or cerebellar atrophy) who looked simple yet very well portrayed the emotions that anyone can understand; whether wearing a helmet when Lee Byung Hun first hits him or enjoying the music performance which brought him comfort, especially the scene of the end of the concert which successfully captured Park’e emotional performance with precise lens capture and edited rhythm.




The love between mother and son ia an important focus in the movie.


The actresses who played important roles in the movie:  Youn Yuh Jong, Kim Sung Ryung and even Han Ji Min who made a guest appearance…. and others also gave the author a lot of plot performance memory points.


Summing up the whole film, the precise control of photography and rhythm editing (especially the dubbing of music rhythm being the most obvious), coupled with fine acting, and a simple but moving story, the author is unable to resist an excellent industrial production flooded with commercial calculations.  The last time I saw such an excellent commercial work filled with accurate calculations is the undercover movie “New World”.  

Right ... how come Taiwan Garage Entertainment for the past six months kept on promoting productions that depicted fathers as bastards? 


Story smoothness:7          :star::star::star::star::star::star::star:
Plot:9                                   :star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star:
Atmosphere:10                 :star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star:
Acting performance:10   :star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star:
Theme freshness:7          :star::star::star::star::star::star::star:

Source: http://www.playmusic.tw/movie_critics_detail.php?id=990&type=movie

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34 minutes ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

from pictures looks like inspired by that tomcruise movie.. can't recall the name.. rainman? 


Hi, it does seem like Rain Man but this one is probably more family-oriented with a mother connecting the boys together. The plot is pretty plain and simple with no huge twists but the chemistry & acting performances made the movie a treat to watch.


Source: ISplus / SEdaily




'그것만이 내 세상' 300만 기념 떡 케이크

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February 10, 2017





Lee Byung Hun talked about “KEYS TO THE HEART” on SBS program:  says comedy is his specialty (a translation) 

On February 3, Lee Byung Hun appeared on the SBS program  “Movie World” and showed his confidence on being a comic actor.  During the show, Lee commented on the topic of  the comedy  “KEYS TO THE HEART”   He said “ During the filming process, I had been thinking and felt that comic acting is my main specialty.  While shooting, I acted very freely.”  expressing satisfaction.  


With respect to his proficiency in improvising lines, Lee Byung Hun said:  “Indeed, there are many lines that I improvised in the movie.”  As of yesterday, February 2, according to the results of the box office tally, the cumulative number of viewers for  “KEYS TO THE HEART” has reached 2,429,573.  In addition, the movie “KEYS TO THE HEART” tells the story about the relationship between a former boxer (Lee Byung Hun) and his brother who suffers from Savant Syndrome.  The movie was released on January 17.  


Source: http://www.allthatstar.com/tw/view.php?action=5209&postID=389054


February 10, 2018


“KEYS TO THE HEART”  Lee Byung Hun:  “  I always remind myself to be alert.”  (a translation)



How would Lee Byung Hun, a Korean actor named the Acting God of Chungmuro Road evaluate himself?  And what about his dreams of happiness and life?


 Recently,  at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul,  Lee Byung Hun was interviewed for the movie “KEYS TO THE HEART.”  He received such titles as “God of Acting”, “Seat of Acting skill”, etc.  


On the question of  “What were your thoughts during filming”, Lee said:  “Since there have been so many Acting Gods of Chungmuro Road recently, it isn’t too much of a burden.  I shall take that as a compliment and encouragement and would like to thank you for your support."


" When I first heard about this praise, I was embarassed and surprised; however, I later learned that many other actors received the same praise.  Everyone’s acting is very good, so I think this term is very interesting."


When asked, “How do you rate yourself?”, he replied “It’s too hard, but there is still a lot to learn.  “With respect to this movie, I never felt that I have so much to learn, I often reminded myself to stay alert.”



“Teacher Youn Yuh-Jung has been an actress for a very long time and is still so popular.  There is now a new black horse Park Jung Min.  While cooperating with them in this movie, I felt inspired by them.  Therefore, during filming,  I constantly reminded myself to stay alert.”


“I have a flexible disposition, whether it is proceeding forward or going backwards,  or standing still, I am not that persistent.  I take things as they come.  Time is passing;  the world is changing; no matter where I am; how others evaluate me; these things are not related to my will; therefore, I only cherish what I have at my disposal."


“If you deliberately cling to something, life will get harder and harder.”  “The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.    Even if I have determined to do something in advance, most likely the result may not turn out the way I wished for.  So I feel I believe in fate, my life’s portrait has been painted, if I am unable to reach a certain territory, getting upset does not have much meaning.   Although effort is very important, but I think many things are arranged by fate.”

Finally, on the question of  “what is most important in life”  he says “ Family and movies.”  “My family and movies are the most important things in my life now; although I do not know whether the I can take care of both at the same time; but my accomplishments today are inseparable from the two, so I must do it.”


The movie “KEYS TO THE HEART” tells the story of a penniless over the hill boxer who reunited with his long lost brother who suffered from savant syndrome and how they live together under the same roof.  The ordinary family drama whch has wonderful acting,  great effort from the director, and beautiful music brought the audience to a brand new world. The film was released on January 17 and the lucky viewers can also meet the actors in the cinema. (This article comes from Korean cooperative media Korea 'Daily Economy’)


Source: http://ikr.ifeng.com/6369567/news.shtml?srctag=pc2m&back&back&back


 (via Angel 70) 

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February 10 B.O. Update: Number 2 - 92,727 daily;  3,136,029 total th_up1.gif


KEYS TO THE HEART finally crosses the 3 million mark comfortably, well done! The coming week & weekend ahead will be a busy time for the Korean moviegoers. Wishing KEYS TO THE HEART will attract (even) more people to enjoy JoHa & JinTae's family-comedy despite many new movies are coming out especially for the Seollal holidays.


Source: Naver


Surpassing the test of 3 million admission

KEYS TO THE HEART attracting various generation of audience







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February 11 B.O. Update: Number 2 - 84,723 daily;  3,220,749 total th_up1.gif


February 11, 2018


Review: Keys to the Heart


Richard Gray The Reel Bits



If Lee Byung-hun is being likened to the Tom Cruise of South Korean cinema, then KEYS TO THE HEART (그것만이 내 세상) might just be his Rain Man. The comparison is an obvious one, dealing as it does with a man suddenly finding out about his autistic brother. Yet despite the unoriginality of the premise, writer/director Choi Sung-Hyun’s film still brings the warm and fuzzies.


The setup is simplicity itself. Washed-up boxer Jo-Ha (Lee Byung-hun) is drawn back into the life of his estranged mother In-Sook (Youn Yuh-Jung). Learning he has a younger brother Jin-Tae (Park Jung-Min), an autistic savant with a penchant for piano, the brothers begin to transform each other.  


While it is hard to completely separate KEYS TO THE HEART from Barry Levinson’s Oscar-winning film, it’s also just as difficult to not get swept up in the inherent goodness of it all. It’s a series of on-rails comic/dramatic vignettes as Jo-Ha slowly gets his life back in order, and Jin-Tae learns of a world outside his sheltered existence. 


The comedy ranges from the subtle interactions of Lee and Park to the latter miming public defecation. If it sounds slightly silly, it’s because it is, and everyone involved seems to be content enough to just let the inoffensive waves wash over them. It all builds up to the classic change-of-heart at the airport trope, and a musical finale, but it will be a heart-hearted person indeed who doesn’t shed a tear or two in the last 20 minutes. 


You’ll feel completely manipulated, of course, but the star power paves over numerous obvious moves in Choi Sung-Hyun’s script. Ultimately a showcase Lee and Park, it’s the latter who is a complete revelation. Seen recently in The King’s Case Note and Psychokinesis, Park completely disappears into his autistic persona. With a handful of repeated phrases, and physical affectations, Park delivers a transformative performance that might just earn him a few awards nods.


Meanwhile, international star Lee banks on his brooding looks and tough-guy persona, but it’s a fairly safe investment. His journey from ex-boxer to nice guy is preordained, but he’s impossible to look away from. Industry legend Youn Yuh-Jung, off the back of The Bacchus Lady, has a small but memorable role. Her presence give the film gravitas, and some of scenes will be single-handedly responsible for the sales of tissues during the post-film sniffles.


KEYS TO THE HEART won’t score any accolades for imagination or daring. Yet despite its similarities to other films, or perhaps because of them, it will still earn points as an audience favourite and a chance to see some fine actors working together. 

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February 14 B.O. Update: Number 7 - 9,428 daily;  3,287,342 total th_up1.gif


With 5 new highly-anticipated movies released, KEYS TO THE HEART has dropped drastically to number 7 at the box-office with significantly much less admission. Still it's been a great time for the movie at the top two spots, gaining more than expected for a comedy family-drama. But let's not say never (yet).. who knows, the word-of-mouth could still provide some back-up and it's the long weekend again.  th_fight.gif Anything is possible, FIGHTING!


Source: FLICKS.co.nz


Similar to the opening in Australia on February 9, KEYS TO THE HEART has also been released in New Zealand.


KEYS TO THE HEART (Geugeotmani Nae Sesang, 2018)
Byung-hun Lee (The Magnificent Seven) and Jung-Min Park (Dongju) are two adult brothers who meet for the first time in this South Korean domestic comedy drama.



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February 16, 2018


Lee Byung Hun thanked his viewers via Weibo (a translation) 






"With your love, our movie  "KEY TO THE HEART" has exceeded 3 million viewers. Thank you very much!"


Source:   LeeByungHun0712@weibo

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February 16 B.O. Update: Number 5 - 21,793 daily;  3,326,535 total th_up1.gif


After two days down at Number 7, KEYS TO THE HEART has moved up two spots to Number 5 in the Friday box-office tally. A good word of mouth and positive fan-reviews are helping the family drama-comedy to firmly hold on. Realistically, we hope KEYS TO THE HEART would exceed 3.5 million admission by the end of the New Year holidays. Optimistically, we hope it could reach the 4 million admission. FIGHTING! th_fight.gif


Photo: ghrelin_truck (Coffee-snack truck service)
A movie with best actors. If you do not watch the movie, you will regret it. :)
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February 17, 2018


KEYS TO THE HEART - Review by a Ariel Hsu  ( a translation) 



Keys to the Heart 121 minutes in Korean

Starts showing:2018-2-23

  • 2018 New Year Korean blockbuster production
  •  Korea’s heart warming  tear jerker version of “Rain Man”  produced by an  award winning production team.  
  • Assembled international film star Lee Byung Hun, veteran best actress Youn Yuh Jung, writer of “The Fatal Encounter” Choi Sung Hyun, Han Ji Min, and Kim Sung Ryung 
  • Lee Byung Hun, gave a moving performance.   He changed from his usual cool handsome image and played the brother, an angry washed-up boxer.
  • Best New Actor awarded by Baeksang Arts Awards and Blue Dragon Film Award, Park Jung Min who practised hard at the piano for half a year. 

“Impossible is not a fact.  It’s an opinion.” - Muhammad Ali. 

I think the script of this movie is well written.   Although I was able to guess the story line, I have to say that the mood that I felt was rich and full with a humourous beginning, a middle section that was inspirational and moving followed by an enjoyable music feast. 

The movie “KEYS TO MY HEART” for me, each person should have his own world.  
All through life one should pursue one’s own true love;

Each seed should have it’s  own piece of dream land;  striving to contribute one’s life to what one really wants to do.  

Einstein said:  “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” 


What makes this movie so approachable is that it clearly shows the reality of society. 

Each person in the movie has his own imperfection.  Thereafter reality and the protagonist’s simple world is being compared.  Although I was able to guess  the plot correctly, but the script is easy to understand.  Certain parts are still inexplicable and I was moved to tears. 

In addition to laughter and tears there is also a music feast.  The story evolves around a mother and her two sons.  Earlier on, because of her husband’s domestic violence, the mother had to run away from home.   When the brother met his mother again, 17 years has passed and his younger brother suffers from severe autism.  The family is ordinary and can be considered even a broken family.   Perhaps because the family is not complete that people feel deeply sympathetic and acknowledge that life is so bumpy. 


Even though a benefactor appears in the plot, with beautiful appearance and superior family background, she is disabled.  I was touched by this movie because of my pure love of music.  However, I cannot deny the main reason that i saw the movie is because I am attracted by Lee Byung Hun.  It is rare that Lee who usually takes on strong protagonist roles would play an ordinary character. But I really would love to praise the Baeksang’s/Blue Dragon’s Best  New Actor Park Jung Min.  He has a lot of room to give free rein to his acting. 




(1)  Everyone should have their own world

Let me talk about the point where this movie  made me cry.  Although I was well aware that the younger brother Oh Jin Tae (played by Park Jung Min) was very talented at playing the piano, excellent at playing video games, and his communication skills somewhat adversely affected by his autism, I did not understand why the landlord’s daughter would be attracted to him.  However, when the elder brother scolded him that apart from playing the piano, playing games, eating and drinking, a man should make money and should engage in sports.  Such a saying is a very common vision. Therefore, his brother Jo Ha  (played Lee Byung Hun) took him to distribute flyers to make money.  Somehow in the process of distributing flyers, he started to play a piano on the street, not expecting to attract admiring passers-by.   I do not know why Jin Tae self immersion in his world of music suddenly moved me .. ……..

Everyone knows what they like?  If they are fortunate enough to insist on what they want to do?  Making money for a living is inevitable.  However, if you care too much what what other people’s vision and opinion,  the majority of us would not be able to live our lives as our true selves.  We spent a lot of time learning to get along with others, but forgot to get along with ourselves.  For Jin Tai, one of the main characters, his world is very simple because  of his autism.   The elder brother’s worldly vision on Jin Tai reminded me of the line from the movie “Three Idiots” “ Pursue excellence, and success will naturally follow you.”  

When he plays the keyboard with his fingers,  it touches people’s souls through the music.  Compared to the distribution of flyers, the value of the two is not the same, not to mention the performance accompanied by reward. This is the reason why his mother In Sook (played by Youn Yuh Jung) encouraged  him.   For Jin Tai who has never taken a piano class, he is indeed a genius in this field.  Like Einstein's saying about letting fish climb trees, if misplaced, he will be very much in pain.  If one find’s one genius, it is very important to place oneself in the right seat.  

In this movie, I think Park Jung Min’s acting is very good because he is able to emerge himself in the the protagonist who is intoxicated in his world of music and performed very well.  The music notes seem to float in the air and infected everyone’s soul.  One feels that art is valuable but being moved is priceless.   Compared to anything that emphasises the reality of pecuniary interest, perhaps Oh Jin Tai’s pure love of music in his heart is the most rare.    




(2) Hard life growing up
Talking about the brother Kim Jo Ha (played by Lee Byung Hun)  his role to a large extent is indeed very bitter:  he grew up in a broken family  therefore, he grew up like an orphan.  He chose the road of boxing which is not unlike what I witnessed at the Taiwan dome for the RFC competition. Many players shared their reason for choosing boxing which coincided to the road chosen by Jo Ha.  Most of them were orphans and were bullied.

Even if a person wants to pursue boxing, those who are protected as children in a very safe environment have difficulty to develop their career in this field.  However, Jo Ha did receive the WBC championship.  Not accustomed to living with his mother for many years, he managed to live together with them.  He gradually felt the family support and developed siblings emotions.  At the end of the movie, the two brothers held hands when crossing the road.  That felt very warm.





(3) Conclusion 
 Actually, in the course of the movie, interest and money are used as  the starting point, the reality of real living is shared with the audience. For example, in a car accident, how much is enough? As if all the things can be resolved with money.  However, for all body damage,  money cannot make up for all the shortcomings.  The protagonist’s poor communication and appearance, cannot be regarded in the secular view as 'bright and beautiful’.


And the story is not overly exaggerated allowing normal life to encounter “failures.”  Legendary boxing champion Muhammad Ali’s saying:  “Impossible is not a fact.  It’s an opinion.” is nothing more than an encouragement to pursue one’s dreams.   'Impossible' is just an opinion of others.  For oneself, it is an undetermined fact until one has done one’s utmost.  In the movie, “The Pursuit of Happyness” :  Those who cannot are the ones that say you cannot.” 

People can't do something themselves, they wanna tell you that you can't do it. )


“KEYS TO THE HEART”  -  Favourite lines from the movie:

1.   Muhammad Ali:  “Impossible is not a fact.  It’s an opinion.” 
2.   Benevolence is also a kind of money, do not waste it casually.
3.   I would like to fly, but in reality it is not so. 
4.   “In a competition, everyone’s circumstances are the same.  Whether you have practiced since childhood or only practiced for a few hours, what is important is that you understand the song.” “To understand the world, he uses 88 keyboards.  And yet, I started to learn the piano at age six, what do I understand?  
5.  Please do not let me see you.  Otherwise in one day, I shall return all the beatings mother and I received from you. Please stay here to die.  If you are to come out, please do not tell me.  I just feel that I have to say this.  
6. I just want someone to care about him, to be concerned whether he is alive or not. 
7. For the disobedient guy, he will only pull himself together when beaten.


Story smoothness:8         :star: :star::star::star::star::star::star::star:
Plot:10                                 :star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star:
Atmosphere:9                    :star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star:
Acting performance:9      :star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star:
Theme freshness:9         :star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star:


Source :: http://ariel11920002.pixnet.net/blog/post/461681279

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February 19 B.O. Update: Number 7 - 7,769 daily;  3,376,115 total th_up1.gif


Even though the admission for KEYS TO THE HEART doesn't increase very much anymore, it's still in the top 10 list of the Korean box-office. The current Hollywood blockbuster at number 1, Black Panther is just too strong by itself. By tomorrow's tally, it will surely exceed 3.4 million (after just 7 days), the total admission that KEYS TO THE HEART took a month of screening to accumulate.


Anyway.. found this belated nice article that quoted KEYS TO THE HEART at 3.2 million admission. While it may not reach Marathon's 5 million + admission (based on a true story), the performance & intensity between the two movies have been highly compared and praised a lot by the public.


February 12, 2018


Cheer Up, Our True Heroes!
Box Office Figures for Movies about Savant Syndrome


by HWANG Hee-yun / KoBiz



As of February 9, Keys to the Heart has surpassed 3 million moviegoers just 24 days after its release. The comedy drama had a slow start, passing the 1-million viewer mark two weeks after its opening and the 2-million viewer mark in three weeks. However, the film unexpectedly climbed the box office chart, beating its rivals two times. Keys to the Heart has won favorable comments, often being referred to as the Korean version of Rain Man (1989), while showing a new side of actor PARK Jung-min. Like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man, PARK played a man suffering from savant syndrome, and his excellent performance rivals that of his co-star, the great actor LEE Byung-hun.  


Savant syndrome is a condition in which someone with significant mental disabilities demonstrates a high aptitude, often far in excess of the average, in certain abilities such mathematics, map making or music. In Keys to the Heart, PARK Jung-min’s character Jin-tae, who has savant syndrome, possess an extraordinary talent for playing the piano. Most films with characters suffering from this syndrome have done well in Korea, with the most popular movie being Marathon (2005). Based on the true story of autistic child KIM Hyeong-jin, this human drama attracted more than 5 million moviegoers when it was released in 2005. In addition, SPLIT (2016), which is about an autistic man who is a natural at bowling, drew about 760,000 moviegoers.

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The KoBiz movie site is undergoing a makeover right now, can't really find their daily tally. Nevertheless, here's a belated box office report. KEYS TO THE HEART certainly gave its all and deserves the warm public response and all the good praises, definitely one of the best movies to open 2018.


February 13, 2018


DETECTIVE K Unearths Pre-Lunar New Year Win
Admissions Down Ahead of Holiday Surge


by Pierce Conran / KoBiz


A local period film timed for the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday led the chart as Korean films made up 70% of sales at the box office, while the calm before the holiday storm amounted to a quiet weekend with just 1.64 million tickets sold overall.


Showbox entered the Lunar New Year fray a week early with Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead, the third entry in their popular period investigator series headlined by KIM Myung-min and OH Dal-su. The film opened with 786,000 sales (USD 6.03 million) over the weekend, and a total of 965,000 entries (USD 7.27 million) over five days. The opening is a slight improvement on 2015’s Detective K : Secret of the Lost Island, but while both of the previous entries experienced significant increases in their sophomore weekends (which also fell during Lunar New Year festivities), it is unclear if this latest installment will experience the same kind of uptick as it faces much stronger competition.


Still a presence in its fourth weekend on the charts, local heart-warmer Keys to the Heart saw its take cut in half as it remained in second and brought in another 223,000 spectators (USD 1.73 million), boosting its total to an impressive 3.22 million viewers (USD 23.95 million).


Coco’s rank was also unchanged as it eased 45%, with another 151,000 entries (USD 1.16 million) bringing its admissions total to 3.3 million (USD 24.02 million). Fellow animation Paddington 2 opened in fourth with 105,000 admissions (USD 760,000) during the weekend, with 126,000 tickets (USD 912,000) sold since its Thursday bow.


In fifth place was Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds (2017), which welcomed another 72,000 viewers (USD 567,000). This raised its total to 14.33 million spectators (USD 106.3 million), pushing the fantasy epic past Ode to My Father (2014) to make it the second most successful Korean film of all time, behind only Roaring Currents (2014).


Two local Lunar New Year releases step up to the plate this Wednesday, with CJ Entertainment’s thriller Golden Slumber looking to outperform Lotte Entertainment’s period drama Heung-boo: The Revolutionist, but both will likely take a backseat to the behemoth that will be Black Panther. The latest installment in Disney’s Marvel series was partially shot in Busan and has already built up a huge lead on the reservations chart, accounting for two thirds of all presales as of Monday morning.

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February 21, 2018


Actor Cha Myeong Wook Passes Away


Source: Soompi by K. Do




Actor Cha Myeong Wook who appeared in the movie “Keys to the Heart” has passed away.


It was revealed that the actor passed away on February 21 after suffering a heart attack while hiking. He was 46 years old.


“Keys to the Heart” which stars Lee Byung Hun, Yoon Yeo Jung, and Park Jung Min, is currently playing in theatres. Cha Myeong Wook played the role of a character in charge of a boxing gym.


The actor graduated with a degree in theatre from Myongji University and debuted through a play in 1997. He went on to act in a variety of plays and movies.


Cha Myeong Wook’s funeral procession will take place on February 23 and he will be laid to rest at Seoul Memorial Park.


We give our sincere condolences to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.


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