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[Movie 2018] Keys To The Heart, 그것만이 내 세상


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January 27, 2018


[HanCinema's Film Review] "Keys to the Heart"


Source: HanCinema.net

Jo-ha (played by Lee Byung-hun) used to be a middleweight champion. Now he's getting old, and has to hand out flyers in the street to make even a meager income. He is even accidentally (and mutually) humiliated further by wealthy society woman Ga-yool (played by Han Ji-min). The sheer disgrace of it all so badly gets to Jo-ha that he reluctantly agrees to move back in with his mother In-sook (played by Youn Yuh-jung) and his autistic younger brother Jin-tae (played by Park Jung-min). While Jin-tae is the only character in "Keys to the Heart" without a story arc, he is by far the most colorful of the bunch, being a piano prodigy who is obsessed with Street Fighter V.


It helps that Park Jung-min really nails the performance. Jin-tae is a young man who is capable of doing a small number of simple tasks extremely well, but struggles and freaks out over even the slightest variation in daily routine. In fact, Jin-tae is so obsessed with routine he barely notices anything else. Jin-tae treats Jo-ha's reappearance into family life as unremarkable. Any event, no matter how momentous, is less interesting than Street Fighter V videos.


There isn't really much either brother can teach the other. So what, exactly, do they gain from being forced to spend so much time together? For Jo-ha at least, the reward is patience and love. As incredibly annoying as Jin-tae can be, his actions are never malicious, so it's hard to stay mad at him. What's more, Jin-tae's desires in life are so obviously telegraphed that he's a very easy person to satisfy.


Empathy is also critical. Jo-ha has been out on his own so long it's been quite awhile since he actually put much thought into how other people react to him. As a former professional fighter, it was part of Jo-ha's job that he not take into account the fact that his actions were explicitly intended to hurt other people. Where most people either hide their fear of Jo-ha or respond with their own intimidation, Jin-tae doesn't bother, which forces Jo-ha to reassess his attitude.


This is why Jo-ha connecting with Jin-tae is such a big deal. Jo-ha has no other healthy coping mechanisms. Near the end of "Keys to the Heart" a new life opportunity falls right into Jo-ha's lap. It's with a sense of relief that we see how Jo-ha has shed the fundamental arrogance that characterized him at the start of movie, because whatever Jo-ha does going forward, it has to be in recognition that his glory days will never return.


But Jin-tae? His best glory days are yet to come. And even if Jin-tae himself can't appreciate that, his family can. So that there are other people who can be proud in Jin-tae's stead, and help guide him along to a better place in life. One where Jin-tae can make other people happy, through the sharing of his unique talents. And really, could any other calling in life be so noble? Review by William Schwartz


Photos: CJ Entertainment USAcjent_usa


Park Jung Min's other talent th_rbhcool.gif

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B.O. update: So very close.. but not close enough, still a teenie bit  more to cross 2 million admission. The finalized tally (for 1/28) showing 275,944 (1,978,825 total). It's alright, keep fighting! user posted image


January 29, 2018


'Keys to the Heart' tops box office on second weekend

By Shim Sun-ah


SEOUL, Jan. 29 (Yonhap) -- Korean film "Keys to the Heart" took the top spot at the local box office on its second weekend, data showed Monday.


The comedy-drama starring Lee Byung-hun and Park Jung-min sold 672,719, tickets from Friday to Sunday, accounting for 29.2 percent of all attendance, according to the real-time based tally from the Korean Film Council.


The flick revolves around a former Asian boxing champion who comes to live with his younger half-brother who suffers from savant syndrome but is a genius piano player. It has accumulated 1.98 million views since its release on Jan. 17.


A still of "Keys to the Heart," released by CJ Entertainment (Yonhap)

A still of "Keys to the Heart," released by CJ Entertainment (Yonhap)


In second was Walt Disney and Pixar's animated film "Coco," seen by 483,430 viewers.


Set in Mexico, the movie tells the story of a young boy named Miguel who wants to follow his dreams of pursuing music, despite his family not allowing it.


It has drawn a total of 2.55 million viewers, becoming the third most-viewed Disney-Pixar animation in South Korea after "Inside Out" (4.96 million) and "Finding Dory" (2.6 million).


Hollywood sci-fi film "Maze Runner: The Death Cure" dropped to third in its second weekend, selling 361,221 tickets.


Two Korean box-office smash hits -- "Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds" and "1987: When the Day Comes" -- continued their long runs at the box office at No. 4 and 5, respectively.


"Gods" became the third most-viewed film of all time in Korea last week and is now narrowing the distance with No. 2 "Ode to My Father," the 2014 hit seen by 14.26 million moviegoers.


"1987" surpassed 7 million on Sunday, the 33rd day of its theatrical run, according to the KOFIC.




This photo, provided by Walt Disney Company Korea, is a still from "Coco." (Yonhap)

This photo, provided by Walt Disney Company Korea, is a still from "Coco." (Yonhap)




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OH OH WAIT! :w00t: Look at this, KEYS TO THE HEART already crossing the 2 million admission mark! Bravo!


January 29, 2018


KEYS TO THE HEART Crosses the 2 Million Admission Mark


Source: CJ Entertainment via Newsen (ELBH Google-translate)




CJ Entertainment has unveiled a certification shot of Dir. Choi Sung Hyun and the cast - actors Han Ji Min, Lee Byung Hun, Youn Yuh Jung, Park Jung Min & Choi Ri commemorating KEYS TO THE HEART surpassing the 2 million admission. The movie crosses the 2 million mark at 11:15 am on Monday, January 29th when starting its 3rd week nationwide screening. 


As the family drama-comedy reaching its break-even point of 2.1 million admission, it is expected that the future b.o. performance of the movie will be even better. 


KEYS TO THE HEART is highlighting the fresh bromance chemistry created by Lee Byung Hun and Park Jung Min in their first collaboration, as well as solid acting performances representing various generation providing a pleasant laughter reaction from the moviegoers. 


On the 29th of January, KEYS TO THE HEART receives the CGV Golden Egg index rating of 99%, Naver rating 9.2 and Lotte Cinema 9.1 points. (Photo = CJ Entertainment provided) 

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1/29 B.O. Update: At number 1, KEYS TO THE HEART gained 94,157 audience admission making it 2,072,973 in total. A little bit more to surpass the break-even point and beyond. Counting and Fighting!dduck10.gif

January 30, 2018


[Korean Box Office] In second week, ‘Keys to the Heart’ is Korea’s No. 1


Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily



The heartwarming comedy “Keys to the Heart” climbed up the box office ladder to clinch the top spot in its second weekend. [CJ ENTERTAINMENT]


Over a sleepy box office weekend, the Lee Byung-hun and Park Jung-min-led comedy drama “Keys to the Heart” climbed up the box office ladder to claim the first spot at Korea’s local box office in its second weekend, pushing down last weekend’s best-selling film, “Maze Runner: The Death Cure,” while action hero Liam Neeson’s newest action-packed movie floundered in its debut. 


From Friday to Sunday, “Keys to the Heart,” about the relationship between a temperamental washed-up boxer (Lee) and his younger brother (Park) who has a savant syndrome with an exceptional talent in playing the piano, sold 673,000 tickets at 956 screens, adding to its total of 1.98 million admissions since its release on Jan. 17. The film has so far taken in 16.2 billion won ($14.5 million). 


Up another spot was Disney-Pixar’s “Coco,” which arrived in the second spot in its third weekend. The heartwarming adventure animation, a bouncy and emotional story about family and forgiveness with a tribute to Mexico’s vibrant folklore tradition, sold 483,000 tickets over the weekend at 1,026 screens. With a total of 2.6 million tickets sold, the visually spell-binding film from “Toy Story 3” (2010) director Lee Unkirch, has so far earned 20.3 billion won since it landed in local theaters on Jan. 11.


The finale of the action-packed “Maze Runner” trilogy, starring Dylan O’Brien, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Ki Hong Lee, slipped two spots to come in at third, with 361,000 tickets sold, while the fantasy drama “Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds” followed with 230,000 admissions. 


The webtoon-based “Along With the Gods” has become the third best-selling movie ever in Korea as of last weekend, coming in behind 2014’s period epic “Roaring Currents” (17.61 million) and the 2014 drama “Ode to My Father” (14.26 million), with almost 14 million tickets sold in its sixth weekend.


“1987: When the Day Comes,” about the pro-democracy movement in the landmark year, rounded out the top five while two newly arrived films - “The Commuter” and “The Discloser” - debuted at sixth and seventh, respectively.


“The Commuter” revolves around an ex-cop turned insurance salesman (Neeson) solving a mystery on a commuter train, while “The Discloser” is a tale of a military whistle-blower and his struggles to maintain moral integrity.


BY JIN MIN-JI [jin.minji@joongang.co.kr]

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January 29, 2018


[HanCinema's Box Office Review] 2018.01.26 - 2018.01.28


Source: HanCinema.net

"Keys to the Heart" leads and "Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds" becomes the second-highest grossing Korean film of all time...


Choi Seong-hyeon's comedy-drama "Keys to the Heart" claimed just 20,000 admissions more than its second-place finish last weekend, but it was enough to secure first place. With 668,658 admissions (29.14%), Choi's debut about a down-and-out boxer (Lee Byung-hun) and his relationship with his estranged savant brother (Park Jung-min) outperformed the final "Maze Runner" and the Oscar-nominated "Coco" during its second week out. "Keys to the Heart" has now grossed $15.1 million from 1.9 million admissions, the fifth highest-grossing film of 2018 so far.


Pixar's "Coco" - along with "Loving Vincent", "Ferdinand", "The Breadwinner" and "The Boss baby" - will be competing for the Oscar for Best Animated Feature in March. This 3D computer-animated feature was produced for between $175 and $200 million and has so far earned $679.3 million at the box office worldwide; in Korea, since its release mid-January, "Coco" has grossed $19 million, $3.6 million of which came from this past weekend from 482,775 admissions (20.19%).


Last weekend's number one, the third and final chapter in the popular young dystopian "Maze Runner" series, "Maze Runner: The Death Cure", fell two places to third with 359,431 admissions (15.85%) from 771 screens (down from 1,090). Korea was the first country to screen director Wes Ball's final film in the series, as it was only just released in America this past Friday. "The Death Cure" was followed by Korea's second highest-grossing film of all time: Kim Yong-hwa's "Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds" starring Ha Jung-woo, Cha Tae-hyun, Joo Ji-hoon and Kim Hyang-gi.


With the 185,915 admissions (9.96%) Kim's feature claimed over its sixth weekend out, "Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds"'s total tally now moves onto 13.9 million ($105 million). Although "Ode to My Father" acquired more admissions (14.2 million: $104 million), due to a difference in ticket pricing, Kim's new film is now technical only behind "The Admiral: Roaring Currents" (17.6 million admissions: $127.2 million) in the list of Korea's highest-grossing films. Up next in fifth, and down one place, was Jang Joon-hwan's timely drama about student activist Park Jong-cheol, "1987: When the Day Comes" starring Kim Yun-seok, Ha Jung-woo, Yoo Hae-jin and Kim Tae-ri. Jang's 129-minute drama fell one place and added 185,915 admissions to its cause, bringing its bottom line now to $53 million (7 million admissions).


The highest new entry, "The Commuter" (Liam Neeson), an action thriller by director Jaume Collet-Serra, entered in sixth to 574 screens and from them managed 6.5% of the sales (149,653 admissions). Hong Ki-seon's sophomore film "The Discloser" (aka "Top Secret") also entered the fray on Wednesday and attracted 108,435 admissions (4.67%). (Hong's debut film was also a crime thriller; "The Case of Itaewon Homicide" was released back in 2009 and claimed 534,939 admissions.)


"Miraculous 2: The Secret of Miracle Stone" entered in eighth with 20,832 admissions (0.81%) from 305 screens, followed by "The Greatest Showman", down two places with 19,142 admissions (0.86%). Michael Gracey's musical drama, which is also his debut, arrived in Korea five days before Christmas and has so far grossed $10.1 million from 1.3 million admissions. The final place when to "Be-Bop-A-Lula" by Lee Seong-jae-I with 17,455 admissions (0.64%).


Source: 와이즈 MoRan‏ @wisecrack07


KEYS TO THE HEART Parody  dduck7.gif


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1/30 B.O. Update:

With the daily tally of 91,516 (2,164,487 total), KEYS TO THE HEART have broken the break-even point at 2.1 million ticket admission. Well-done! th_rockon.gif


Not too sure about this but seems like there's something (an event??) scheduled today for the movie, probably feat. LBH & PJM. Really not sure though th_dontknow.gif.. we'll have to wait and see what happens later..


Source: CJ Entertainment @ cjenmmovie


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1/31 B.O. Update: Number 2 - 123,050 daily,  2,286,537 total


Alas, KEYS TO THE HEART now at number 2, in between two new movies released on Jan 31 (Psychokinesis and Insidious: The Last Key). But it is alright, as movie is still attracting a good amount of moviegoers and it's almost the weekend again (when the screens become extra lively :lol: ). Maintaining the good pace will definitely bring a good result, our movie is an especially heartwarming story for everyone. Slow but steady, a fun & surely sweet treat ~ it's not the end, obviously. Fighting! user posted image


From the IG of child-actress, Shin Rina :wub:

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2/2 B.O. Update: Number 2 - 78,480 daily; 2,429,573 total


KEYS TO THE HEART is holding strong at number 2 and the difference between the top two movies are getting smaller since Thursday. We hope to see the 2.5 million admission by Saturday or Sunday and the 3 million mark is definitely possible as long as KEYS TO THE HEART is in the top ten. user posted image


Clip: CJ Entertainment USA @cjent_usa



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February 3 B.O. Update: Number 2 - 186,736 daily;  2,616,307 total


At number 2, KEYS TO THE HEART has coolly surpassed 2.6 million admission and closing in on the gap with the number 1 movie. While it'll probably be the same position between the two till next Wednesday (if newly released movies would claim the top spot), the ticket difference between KEYS TO THE HEART and Psychokinesis is only about 17K. Interestingly, Park Jung Min is featured in these 2 Korean movies currently showing. 


With less than 400K to reach 3 million admission, it's really a possible chance for KEYS TO THE HEART. Sunday's ticket tally could really push the movie and hopefully in the next 3 days or so, we'll set another milestone. cat2_e0.gif


Just came across these photos, from the first week's stage greeting in Busan. Posted by Park Jung Min's manager, if not mistaken. 


Photos: hwang_yeon_ha


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th_poster_oops.gif I spoke too soon... but.. it's all good... because...


February 4, 2018

KEYS TO THE HEART is at Number 1 again! dancing_by_allsmileys-d794ov2.gif


Source: KoBiz


It's really a tight tally between the two Korean movies at the weekend box-office. KEYS TO THE HEART with daily admission of 175,814 (2,792,118 total) and Psychokinesis with 164,349 (847,016 total) on Sunday. This is certainly a good result for KEYS TO THE HEART despite having lesser screens than Psychokinesis. The audience word-of-mouth have been really positive and encouraging for KEYS TO THE HEART since day 1. Congrats!




This is a belated article, only found it today. Although it's referring to the first time KEYS TO THE HEART claiming the number 1 spot (from Maze Runner: The Death Cure), it's still a relevant topic as again, KEYS TO THE HEART topping the Korean Box Office.. twice in 4 weeks! Well done!


January 30, 2018


KEYS TO THE HEART Rises to 1st
COMMUTER and THE DISCLOSER Debut Outside Top 5


by Pierce Conran / KoBiz


No new releases cracked the top five over the past weekend, which saw local titles claim back the majority share after briefly losing it last week to Hollywood. With the absence of strong new business, sales were down about 25% to 2.33 million with Korean productions accounting for 53% of those.


After opening in second place last week, comedy-drama Keys to the Heart with LEE Byung-hun rose to first place as it increased 4% to 673,000 viewers (USD 5.35 million). After 12 days, the year’s first major local title has accumulated a strong 1.98 million spectators (USD 15.23 million).


Also up a spot was Disney-Pixar’s Coco, which dipped 15% in its third weekend as it added another 483,000 entries (USD 3.69 million) to bring its total to 2.56 million admissions (USD 19.07 million).


Following a solid start last weekend, trilogy closer Maze Runner: The Death Cure slid 59% to record another 361,000 sales (USD 2.91 million) over the frame, bringing its total to 1.95 million viewers (USD 15.25 million).


Fantasy hit Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds moved up a spot in its sixth weekend as it wooed another 230,000 spectators (USD 1.83 million), giving it 13.95 million admissions (USD 105.31 million) to date.


In fifth place was the local political drama 1987: When the Day Comes, which added 187,000 entries (USD 1.45 million) in its fifth weekend, raising its haul to 7.03 million visitors (USD 53.2 million).


The highest new entry on the chart was the Liam Neeson vehicle Commuter with 151,000 viewers (USD 1.2 million) in sixth, with 223,000 spectators (USD 1.71 million) since Wednesday, while local military drama The Discloser debuted in seventh with 109,000 entries (USD 859,000) and 164,000 admissions (USD 1.25 million) in five days.


The Lunar New Year holiday is still a few weeks away, but the season’s first major contender, YEON Sang-ho’s superhero drama Psychokinesis, should have no trouble attracting big crowds later this week.

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These clips have been up for awhile.. don't know why didn't realize them earlier... th_bricks.gifso blurr..


Published on January 18, 2018 by CJEntertainmentUSA



Official Main Trailer with English Subtitles



Official Teaser Trailer with English Subtitles



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2/7 Korean media updates are reporting that KEYS TO THE HEART has surpassed 3 million admission but let's wait for the English news. So awesome, right.. if it comes faster than we thought, all the better! :D 


February 6, 2018


KEYS TO THE HEART at Number 1 Korean Box Officedduck1.gif

Source: KoBiz




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February 6, 2018


KEYS TO THE HEART: Lee Byung Hun x Park Jung Min's favorite scenes


Source: Star News ++ (ELBH Google-translate)


What are the scenes from KEYS TO THE HEART selected by actors Lee Byung Hun and Park Jung Min as their most favorite.




Lee Byung Hun has chosen the scene of Ji Tae's concert piano performance as his favorite scene. In the middle of the recital, Jin Tae brings immersion and emotion through the last gala concert performance scene. The fascinating appearance of the childlike Jin Tae in a formal dress giving out a cheerful laugh after an impressive performance of rich melodies has become an unforgettable scene for the audience. 


Lee Byung Hun praised "Park Jung Min is good at acting but I could not believe he practiced to deliver difficult songs in a such short period of time". 




Park Jung Min's favorite scenery is when Jo Ha and Jin Tae were left alone for the first time, they play games together and open their hearts to each other with witty ad-lib. Jo Ha in particular, who started the game with confidence, when defeated in succession, refused to admit defeat but kept giving excuses like "change the car" instead.


Park Jung Min said, "Lee Byung Hun has given a wholehearted performance to each take, and every time I was surprised, I felt that Jo Ha and Jin Tae are real siblings." 

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January 25, 2018


Keys to the Heart Review NO SPOILERS!


Source: Follow Korea


What’s up, everyone!? I hope you are all having a wonderful week. “Keys to the Heart” is a film about Jo-Ha, once a Korean boxing champion, who is down on his luck. While out one night, he runs into his mother who he hasn’t seen since he was in school. She eventually invites him to live with her where he meets his half-brother.


This movie will make you cry. But if you have seen the trailer, you will already know that. Korea really does have a way with these kinds of movies and a lot of times, they can be a bit much. However, I’m a pretty big Lee Byung-Hun fan, so I wanted to give it a shot. If you don’t know who he is, I suggest checking out The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly or A Bittersweet Life. Both are fantastic films… what are you waiting for, go watch them!


If you are into melodramas, this movie is certainly for you. It has some fantastic acting, not only by Lee Byung-Hun, but Park Jung-Min is great and even steals the scene. The movie doesn’t go way over the top but there are a few things I wish they would have done without.


For instance, the whole “evil” rich lady which has been played out. I think it’s safe to say, we don’t need this character in anymore movies.


However, even with a few things that I disliked, Keys to the Heart is a good film and something you can enjoy with your family. I’m looking forward to seeing Park Jung-Min in future films.


Check out my review and let me know what you think of the film as well!



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February 6, 2018 (related PJM excerpt only)


Rising Stars in Korean Cinema
7 Actors to Watch in 2018


by Christopher Weatherspoon / KoBiz (click for full article)




With over 100 years of cinema history, a strong indie film scene and a thriving commercial movie industry, South Korea has a surplus of extraordinary film talent, and every year, fresh new faces appear waiting for their chance at stardom. However, in the entertainment industry there is no road map for guaranteed success or stardom, and many actors spend years grinding away in menial jobs and bit parts before they land a leading role in a major release.


The actors below are no exception. All of them have paid their dues, in one way or the other, and are climbing the ranks to become Korea's next generation of cinema superstars. Though none of the actors below are necessarily new, all of them are on the cusp of what look to be bright futures.


PARK Jung-min




PARK Jung-min followed up a string of short films with a starring turn in his feature debut Bleak Night (2011) which won him instant recognition for his portrayal of the sensitive Becky. PARK's starring role in DONGJU; The Portrait of A Poet was the final spark needed to ignite his career. Playing real life character SONG Mong-gyu, PARK garnered awards for best new actor at the 52nd Baeksang Art Awards, the 16th Director's Cut Awards and the 37th Blue Dragon Awards. Since Bleak Night, PARK has had a prolific career, appearing in multiple films nearly every year for the past decade. In fact, PARK has appeared in a film with every actor featured in this list. He kicked off 2018 by co-starring in one of the first major releases of the year, playing mentally handicapped piano virtuoso Jin-tae opposite LEE Byung-hun in the comedy drama Keys to the Heart. He next appears in Psychokinesis, the latest film from YEON Sang-ho, helmer of the international hit zombie movie TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016).

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February 6, 2018


PSYCHOKINESIS Falls to Earth in Rocky Launch
INSIDIOUS Unlocks 4th Place Debut


by Pierce Conran / KoBiz


Weekend sales took a 15% dip as a major new release fell short of expectations, bringing admissions down to 1.96 million admissions. Despite a slow start for a local tentpole, the Korean market share remained healthy at 57%, though there was little in the way of foreign competition.


Local superhero film Psychokinesis, YEON Sang-ho’s follow-up to his global smash TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016), faded quickly after a solid opening day and though it topped the chart, it did so with just 472,000 viewers (USD 3.63 million), giving it 847,000 entries (USD 5.87 million) after five days. By Sunday, the film had slipped to second in the daily rankings and with poor word of mouth settling in, the pricey title is unlikely to add significantly to its total.


Close behind in second after a 34% slide was the local heart warmer Keys to the Heart, which sold another 441,000 tickets (USD 3.39 million) to bring its total to an impressive 2.79 million admissions (USD 20.67 million). The family drama reclaimed the top spot on Sunday but will soon make way for new competition.


Coco was down 44% in its fourth weekend as it added 277,000 admissions (USD 2.08 million) to its sturdy 3.05 million spectators (USD 22.06 million) in total. 


Not far behind was Hollywood horror Insidious: The Last Key, which bowed with 212,000 entries (USD 1.64 million) over the weekend and 363,000 sales (USD 2.56 million) since Wednesday.


Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds was in fifth place during its seventh weekend as it brought in another 125,000 viewers (USD 969,000), raising its total to a staggering 14.2 million admissions (USD 104.58 million), which puts it at just over 65,000 entries away from the number two spot of all time at the local box office.


Holding a commanding lead on the reservations chart is the new Marvel title Black Panther, even though it doesn’t open until February 14. Among this week’s upcoming releases, the leader is Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead, the third installment in the popular period investigative action-comedy series.

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