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[Movie 2018] Keys To The Heart, 그것만이 내 세상


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th_panda1-1.gifKoBiz 1/22 Awesome news, KEYS TO THE HEART crosses 1 Million Admission and gaining a lot on Maze Runner: The Death Cure at the Korean B.O. Still at number 2 with only a difference of 2000+ tickets, KEYS TO THE HEART has accumulated 100,648 on Monday making it 1,012,034 total. Bravo Brothers, Fighting! fight.gif

January 23, 2018


KEYS TO THE HEART 1 Million Achieved, 2 Million We Aim!


Source: STARNEWS ++


KEYS TO THE HEART, the comedy-drama starring Lee Byung Hun, Park Jung Min, Youn Yuh Jung et.al has reached the 1 million admission mark after 6 days opening nationwide. The well-received family movie is actively chasing the Hollywood flick Death Maze: The Death Cure which is currently the number 1 movie at Korean box-office.




LOL! LBH & PJM even re-enacted their scene from the movie where JoHa got a nosebleed from JinTae's punch. :tongue: Go Go for the 2M bullseye! :w00t:


Clip: CJ Entertainment‏@CJEnMMovie

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January 24, 2018


Impressions of the Movie  “KEYS TO THE HEART”





The movie has a relatively simple plot.  LBH plays Jo Ha,  a washed up boxer who reunited

with his long lost mother played by Yoo Yuh Jung and a younger brother Jin Tai, played by Park Jung Min.   Jin Tai who has “savant syndrome”  is a brilliant  piano player. LBH portrayed his part very well and showed great but mixed emotions.  While he has deep feelings for his mother who abandoned him, he is also upset  that his mother is so protective of Jin Tai.  Although Jin Tai irritates and takes advantage of him, Jo Ha clearly loved his brother.  Park Jung Min has to be particularly complimented for his brillant piano playing given he never played the piano before acting in this movie.  The movie is comical at times and it is truly very moving!   Unfortunately, even though we watched the movie several times,  we missed a lot of the subtle elements of the plot because there were no subtitles!  We obviously missed the jokes as well! 

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January 24, 2018


KEYS TO THE HEART Seoul Stage Greeting Schedule Released






The cast of the new number 1 movie KEYS TO THE HEART will meet the fans at various Stage Greeting event at designated Seoul cinemas and movie theaters on Friday 1/26 till Sunday 1/28. This will be the second weekend since the movie opened nationwide in Korea on January 17. 


The first session of stage greeting was held in Busan on Saturday 1/20 and in Daegu on Sunday 1/20 with the attendance of movie director Choi Sung Hyun and lead actors Lee Byung Hun & Park Jung Min.


Selected Seoul stage greeting sessions will be attended by director and cast -- Lee Byung Hun, Park Jung Min, Youn Yuh Jung, Han Ji Min and Kim Seung Ryung.


Photos: CJ Entertainment@cjenmmovie

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Looks like this is the Chinese version trailer and new poster for the movie screening in Taiwan this February. A bit different from the official Korean and international trailers, this one features more scenes with Youn Yuh Jung and Han Ji Min alongside Park Jung Min & Lee Byung Hun.


January 24, 2018


KEYS TO THE HEART Opens in Taiwan on February 23


Clip: GaragePlay@garageplay.tw


Photo: Yahoo!Taiwan




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January 24 2018


"KEYS TO THE HEART" a fan review (a translation)




I was just checking the name of the movie because I used QR code instead of getting the movie ticket.  The plot is a bit outdated because I can guess what will happen next.  However, the movie has a magical spell that kept me from watching my watch and the person beside me.  I didn’t even think when the movie will end.  (I am very easily distracted)

I do not want to miss any of the jokes.  It was so funny that I involuntarily pat on the person next to me.  After a little laughter, I wanted to cry.  Towards the middle I could not control my tears.  The end is insipid and offers no surprises.  It seemed there is no better way to end it. Sometimes, a sudden reversal is unbelievable.  Perhaps a dull finish will forever be engraved in the heart. 


The first movie of 2018 is really great!   Originally I wanted to say that I shall see the movie by myself if I cannot fine anyone to join me. If I found someone, at least I can at least hit her, Ha Ha! 
After watching the movie, I was in good mood. 
I  smile when I think about the plot.
The fact cannot be impossible, but an opinion.
I loved the male lead!
# Keys to the Heart 


Source:  kang_97123 @ instagram

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January 25, 2018


Lee Byung Hun - downtrodden boxer king.  
Audience surpassing one million in 6 days.  
 (A translation) 





In the new movie “KEYS TO THE HEART”, 47-year old Korean actor Lee Byung Hun played the WBC Asian Boxing champion. But for some reason, is reduced to distributing leaflets on the street.  He accidentally met his mother who has left home.  Together with his mother and half brother Park Jung Min who is autistic, he started a new living.  Known as the new version of “Rain Man” the movie attracted over a million audience and earned 247 Million Taiwanese Dollars within 6 days of release.


Park Jung Min practiced hard on the piano

Park Jung Min portrayed an autistic person with savant syndrome.  For this movie, he practiced playing the piano 5 hours per day for half a year. When he shot the movie, he did not use a double and played the part himself.  The year before at the Blue Dragon Film Awards, he won Best New Actor.  Lee Byung Hun praised him as “an acting genius” .


“KEYS TO THE HEART” will be released in Taiwan on February 23.  


Source: garageplay.tw@ instalgram 

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January 26, 2018


Korean netizens highly appraised “KEYS TO THE HEART” saying “they are so moved that they become crazy!” (Translation of part of the original article) 






“KEYS TO THE HEART” received high appraisals from three well known Korean web portals:  MAXMOVIE 9.6 points, NAVER 9.2 points, DAUM 8.9 points respectively.  Whether it is the story, and the music, it was well received.  In particular, the acting of lead actors:  Youn Yuh Jung, Lee Byung Hun and Park Jung Min and the chemistry created among them tugged at one’s heartstrings.
South Korean netizens gave “KEYS TO THE HEART” extremely hign praises:  “Let a person go crazy, make a person laugh followed by non stop tears.  For the longest time, there hasn’t  been such a moving and resonating movie!” , “Some people say Lee Byung Hun’s acting was very good; Youn Yuh Jung’s  Han Ji Min’s acting were very good; but without Park Jung Min, this movie cannot be complete. One is reminded of Jo Seung Woo’s <Marathon>, the impact of the heart, the plot, acting, music made this a great movie!”, “The first time that I like the sound of the piano, the movie is really good.”  “Acting is really impressive “ 


AP, a fim critic of APCinema said:  “Lee Byung Hun, unlike the past, is not acting the high profile roles.  In contrast,  his part is a downtrodden boxer.  Even his dance is very amusing.  The interaction of the three family members in “KEYS TO THE HEART”  is similar to “Rain Man.”  It gets more and more moving towards the end. 


Film critic Hao Hao said:  Each character in  “KEYS TO MY HEART” has a lonely and closed side.  Through interaction  among themselves, they were able to radiate warmth, illuminate each other’s dark corner and untie the knot in each other’s heart.  All the actors are impressed with Park’s acting.  Aside from his gifted piano playing, his interpretation of the tension of severe autism is also very adequate.


The turning point of Lee Byung Hun’s mood transitional level felt warm and realistic.  The media also praised Lee’s and Park’s acting.  “Lee Byung Hun’s mood transition from being homeless to finding a sense of belonging at home is very much in place.  Park Jung Min practised hard to become a professional piano player differs from other films’ and or dramas’  hilarious performance,  is a great breakthrough.  With director Choi Sung Hyun’s ingenious conception without any deliberate sensationalism, the audience is naturally touched.   


“KEYS TO MY HEART” described boxing champion Kim Jo Ha  (Lee Byung Hun) who now has nothing,  encountered his long lost mother of 17 years In Sook (Youn Yun Jung.)  Downtrodden without regular meals, he has no choice but to return to his mother’s home.   The moment he opened the door, he saw a strange youth named Oh Jin Tae. (Park Jung Min). Although with different last names, he is Jo Ha’s brother.   Jin Tae suffers from autism and savant syndrome.   Jin Tae is a self taught very gifted piano player.  What he hears or sees on the internet, he can accurately replay them.  Jo Ha and Jin Tae who are so different from one to another started to cohabitate with their mother In sook.  The brothers will start a new chapter of life because of the relationship with their mother.  “KEYS TO THE HEART”  will be released on February 23 in Taiwan.  For more release information, please see the official website of the garage entertainment http://garageplay.tw Garage with Korean fans page.

Source: http://www.iwant-radio.com/showinformation.php?sisn=41727&ln=big

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I think.. if not mistaken, Park Jung Min had a solo stage greeting on Thursday 1/25. It's probably because he's also involved in the promotions for the upcoming movie, Psychokinesis (to be released next week). He's unable to join the KEYS TO THE HEART Seoul Stage Greeting on Friday 1/26 but will be with them on Saturday instead. JIN TAE, Fighting!


Photos:  CJ Entertainment@cjenmmovie



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dduck8.gif 1/27 Box Office News:

The b.o. tally showed KEYS TO THE HEART achieving 1,702,881 total admission. Wishing today (1/28) will bring it closer to 2 million which hopefully will happen in the next few days before new movies opening next Wednesday. Fighting!


Photo: CJ Entertainment@cjenmmovie


1/28 KEYS TO THE HEART ~ Seoul Stage Greeting



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1/28 Box Office News: Just a little bit more. Tonight's tally is definite a huge leap, just a little bit more to cross 2 million admission (271,885 / 1,974,766 total). Tomorrow morning's finalized b.o. tally may exceed 2 million like the numbers on Saturday. Just like yesterday, less screens showing KEYS TO THE HEART compared to COCO but can't beat the strong word-of-mouth as a lot more audience  chose to watch the Korean family comedy instead. Really happy for KEYS TO THE HEART, not the usual highly-hyped big-budget action thrillers but a simple, well-liked wonderful movie with a big heart. Well done! :heart:


Photos: CJ Entertainment@cjenmmovie


Too bad YYJ did not participate in tonight's stage greet, they could pose similarly like the VIP Premiere photo.



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