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[Movie 2018] Keys To The Heart, 그것만이 내 세상


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user posted imageLee Byung Hun was asked about the movie in an interview with Arena Homme magazine (10/2017)


Here are the related mention (thanks to Barbara for the translation at LBH soompi)

Q: Action films, comedies, romance, historical and films noir, etc. can all be duly savored. Certainly we do not want to place a limit on stories. Even so, do you feel that there is a particular genre especially suited for you?
A: Every genre has its unique allure. This must be said. I especially like reality films. Producing film noir requires exceptional acting skills. I haven’t actually witnessed a homicide or anyone being brutally beaten. However, “It’s Only My World”, for instance, is really a story about our everyday life. Don’t we all have tears and laughter in real life?
Q: Now I seem to understand. But it would be wonderful if your can offer further clarification.
A: The part I play is that of a local middle-aged man wearing shorts, dragging slippers and smoking a cigarette. Presenting such an image does not entail extreme emotional changes. On the contrary, paying attention to details would add a lot of depth and the audience can then savor the film through the delicate essences.

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Thanks to the fan-highlight at PLANETBH0712
November 2, 2017
AFM 2017: The buzz titles from South Korea


South Korea’s box office is back on track after cinemagoers were distracted by the country’s recent presidential scandal, and a slew of Korean titles are ready to light up the American Film Market (AFM).
Around this time last year, South Korea was beginning to see a drop in box-office admissions tied to a wide-reaching corruption scandal involving the country’s president Park Geun-hye. It arguably beat all fictional creations in outrageousness and compelled viewers to stay glued to their TVs and other devices to keep up with developments.
After several months that saw 10 million Koreans protesting on the streets, before Park was impeached and sent to jail in spring 2017, South Korean cinemas returned to business as usual. By the half-year mark in 2017, box office had hit an all-time high for the first six months of any year on record with $695m.
To date, seven of the top 10 hits of 2017 are local films, led by historical drama A Taxi Driver, which clocked up more than 12 million admissions and $85m. It is one of many features inspired directly and indirectly by real-life events and situations — historical, criminal, social and personal — in South Korea’s often dramatic landscape. This is also reflected in the newer films on offer at AFM, ranging from fact-based historical drama 1987: When The Day Comes to personal and social conflict in After My Death and martial-arts film The Swordsmen.



1987: When The Day Comes (Dir Jang Joon-hwan)
After My Death (Dir Kim Ui-seok)

The Age Of Blood (Dir Kim Hong-sun)
The Chase (Dir Kim Hong-sun)

Golden Slumber (Dir Noh Dong-seok)
Keys To The Heart (Dir Choi Sung-hyun)
Starring Lee Byung-hun as a washed-up boxer and Park Jung-min as his younger brother with savant syndrome and exceptional piano-playing skills, Keys To The Heart is the feature directorial debut of Choi Sung-hyun. Comedy and strife ensue as the brothers start living under one roof. Youn Yuh-jung (The Bacchus Lady) and Han Ji-min (The Age Of Shadows) also star. The film is currently in post-production.
Contact CJ Entertainment filmsales@cj.net

Last Child (Dir Shin Dong-seok)

The Legend (Dir Seung-one Lee)

Mermaid Unlimited (Dir O Muel)

The Swordsman (Dir Choi Jae-hoon)


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November 17, 2017


Keys to the Heart (It's Only My World) to be released in 2018


Source: STARNEWS (ELBH Google-translate)




According to the film industry insider on the 17th, CJ E & M had originally wanted to release 'It's Only My World' (Keys to the Heart) on December 7, but after an internal consultation, it's been decided to release the movie next year in 2018. 


CJ E & M was initially planning to complete its 2017 line-up strategy by releasing the movies 'It's Only My World' on December 7 and '1987' by the end of the year with already going ahead with the marketing.


However, it's been decided that CJ E & M's final movie release for this year will be '1987', after the agreement to postpone the release of 'It's Only My World' till next year after various discussion. With the selection of '1987' the promotion activities have started for the December release.


The three highly-anticipated new movies to be released in the year-end of 2017 will be '1987' (CJ E&M), 'With God' (Lotte Entertainment) and 'Steel Rain' (NEW). It would be an interesting point of observation how the box-office competition in December will turn out by the postponement of Lee Byung Hun's 'It's Only My World.'

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HAHAHA... LBH is so uncool! th_lmfao.gif Totally funny intro for the movie. th_laughing.gif Looks like he has a great chemistry with PJM, the young actor is really good too.

Published on December 10, 2017 by Lee Min Sung


IT'S ONLY MY WORLD First Trailer



[Photos + Video] Heartwarming Comedy "That's Only my World" Brings Two Brothers Together


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  • rubie changed the title to [Upcoming Movie 2018] Keys to the Heart 그것만이 내 세상 It's My World: to be released January 17, 2018

December 12, 2017


Bromance comedy ‘My World Only,’ starring Lee Byung-hun, slated for January release


“My World Only” (CJ Entertainment)


Actor Lee Byung-hun is returning with a family-friendly comedy in the upcoming film “My World Only,” slated for a Jan. 17 release, the film’s distributor CJ Entertainment announced Monday.


The film, helmed by director Choi Sung-hyun and produced by JK Film, stars Lee as Jo-ha, a former boxer who relies only on his fists to get by in the world.


Up-and-coming actor Park Jung-min will play Jo-ha’s brother Jin-tae, an autistic genius who has Savant syndrome. 


The film will draw on the relationship that develops between the two brothers, who are different in every way, after they meet for the first time. 


The film will mark Lee’s return to the big screen after the historical drama “The Fortress,” released locally in October.


By Rumy Doo (doo@heraldcorp.com

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December 14, 2017


Here are two captures of Lee Byung Hun from IT'S ONLY MY WORLD (I guess this will be the widely-used Korean title) released on Korean media portals.








Source: CJ EntertainmentBlog Naver thanks to the highlight at PlanetBH0712


Upcoming 2018 movie IT'S ONLY MY WORLD will hold its first promo event on Monday, December 18.




Monday, December 18 

<It's Only My World> Production Report

Place: CGV Apgujeong

Start: 11 am

Attendees: Lee Byung Hun, Youn Yuh Jung, Park Jung Min, Choi Sung Hyun (Director)

Opening: January 2018  

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December 18, 2017


Title: In “It's Only My World” Lee Byung Hun  transforms into a boxer, “the perfect digestive role.”  (A translation) 








In “It's Only My World”  Lee Byung Hun plays an over-the-hill boxer,  Jo Ha in an eye-catching 180-degree reversal from the intimate and pleasant characteristic of his previous works.


Jo Ha is cast as an angry boxer who only believes in the fist and sustains his life accordingly, still striving to retain his pride. Despite his clumsy and simple appearance, his deeply emotional metamorphosis gradually shines through to captivate the audience.


According to the director, “In order to make the character of the rash yet unexpectedly multi-faceted Jo Ha  come to life, it is an ultimate test in knowing when to relax and when to exert intensity. As people say, it takes the work of an acting God.”  This conveys a strong compliment to Lee Byung Hun's acting and increases the expectation for the continued evolution of Lee’s performance. Every feeling ranging from the laughter of comedies to the affectionate expression of deep emotions has been perfectly displayed. Lee Byung Hun feels as close and warm as an affectionate elder brother in the neighborhood and he is expected to indulge the audience again in  2018.

Source:   a LBH fan @ Weibo



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December 18, 2017

New movie 'That's My Only World'


New movie 'That's My Only World'

Actor Park Jung-min poses for photos at a media event for his new comedy-drama movie "That's My Only World" in Seoul on Dec. 18, 2017. Park plays a genius pianist with savant syndrome. (Yonhap) (END)


New movie 'That's My Only World'


Actress Youn Yuh-jung poses for photos at a media event for her new comedy-drama movie "That's My Only World" in Seoul on Dec. 18, 2017. Youn plays a mother whose sons are a washed-up boxer and a genius pianist with savant syndrome. (Yonhap) (END)

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Published on December 17, 2017 by TongTongTv 통통영상


Full clip of the Production media event



A glimpse of the character poster feat. actress Youn Yuh Jung



Actor Lee Byung-hun at a media event for his new comedy-drama movie "That's My Only World" in Seoul on Dec. 18, 2017. Lee plays a washed-up former boxer who out of the blue finds out about his brother who has savant syndrome. (Yonhap) (Newsen)

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December 19, 2017


2017.12.18 The movie “It’s Only My World” production briefing:  three comments by Lee Byung Hun   (A translation)





A: At the production briefing, Lee Byung Hun said: “ In the movie, the actor playing the boxer is the least pressured because he is not a training boxer who needs to spend a lot of time trying to stay in shape.  While shooting, there is an interesting episode;  Lee Byung Hun said:  “Many people did not recognize me when I was distributing leaflets,  they think it was just a person distributing leaflets.   This is a rather interesting episode.”  


B.  On the 18th morning  when the production briefing was held, Seoul experienced a record breaking blizzard.   “The weather is very bad and I am really grateful to those who came here.”  Lee said in his greetings and he further introduced the movie:   “This movie is about lacking what you need to live your life.   All the protagonists in the movie have their own deficiency and sorrow.  It is heartening  to give each other instructions.  


In the movie with short hair style, Jo Ha, is showing yet again an facet of the multi talented Lee Byung Hun.  Expectations are high.   This time, the theme of his challenge is comedy.   In the movie, Jo Ha maintained his livelihood by being a boxing sparring partner and a part-time leaflet distributor.   Lee Byung Hun said:  “ In fact, this time we did not show a heavy theme nor does the role reflects real life.  We are just interpreting common people that we often see in our  lives.  I am relaxed and confident about this performance.”  


C.  Lee Byung Hun said “ For all the choices I take in making movies, the first consideration is the script.  Director’s choice is also very important because of the artistic quality of the director.  It is also important to know what type of story and how it should feel to convey emotions as a whole.”  “I was very happy with the overall mood.  It has been a long time since I have played such a role.   I feel excited and happy.”  “In the film production company, the actor who first came to mind, either Park Jung Man or me, was chosen.”

“In fact, as I said earlier, due to the fact that the roles that I have taken previously had heavy themes, I think it was not easy to consider me for this script.  Having been the first actor to be considered for the role and to have the part proposed to me, I am truly grateful. ”


Source:  a LBH fan @ Weibo

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