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Our cutie is on fire with those CFs! Though I’m more interested in his script offers. Looks like he’s going to do CFs for awhile which isn’t most exciting news. 


I’m praying he won’t pick another rom-com or melo. He needs more action or more challenging roles. 


It’s sweet that he wants to give his mom a grandchild but he needs to complete his military service before settling down, right? Besides, his career just set off.

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[Instagram] 2018.01.27 Yang Se Jong Spotted at Ediya Coffee, Nonhyeon-dong.



Huhu. Lucky fan. She spotted Yang Se Jong roaming (obviously on the phone in the pic) at Ediya Coffee last night. She said she wanted to go up to him and ask for a photo, but she was too nervous to speak.

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[Airport] 2018.01.30 Yang Se Jong Leaving Thailand




Boring -__-

He was wearing mask all the way.




source: Various (see watermarks on pictures)


[Airport] 2018.01.30 Yang Se Jong Arriving InCheon, Seoul







source: Yangsejongbar


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[News] 2018.01.31 Yang Se Jong 4th on the Forbes Korea Power List




Forbes Korea has released its annual list of 2030 Power Leaders!

Each year, the magazine selects 30 individuals within the ages of 20 to 39 whom it considers rising stars in their respective fields. The list includes five leaders from each of six fields: “Art & Classics,” “Fashion & Beauty,” “IT & Tech,” “Bio & Healthcare,” “Finance & Venture Capital,” and “Entertainment.”

Forbes Korea’s list, which is similar to its American counterpart’s annual “30 Under 30” list, was chosen by six separate panels of industry experts, who conferred with Forbes reporters to determine the final line-up for each field.


= omitted =


Actor Yang Se Jong was the fourth leader on the list. The rising star had an impressive 2017, blazing through no less than four dramas in the first year of his acting career. After making his debut in SBS’s “Romantic Doctor Kim,” Yang Se Jong went on to appear in SBS’s “Saimdang, Light’s Diary” and OCN’s “Duel.” He also won the Best New Actor Award for his performance in SBS’s “Degree of Love.”


source: (1) (2) via soompi


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Wow.. it's been a long time for me.. Hello everyone.. :D


Yang Sejong's been busy with endorsements these.. He is really making money from advertisements... wew


Meanwhile, his Taiwan Fanmeeting is getting near. He is probably so nervous right now, HAHA.. I hope he doesn't screw up especially the singing.. HAHA.. I hope he just enjoys everything as its his fans he is going to meet..


But frankly, I'll probably cringe so much hearing him sing onstage.. He said it himself during Vapp of Temperature of Love, or is he just being humble back then?? LOLOL.. I don't know, he doesn't struck me as someone who can sing..(But I've always got this weird feeling that he can play guitar.. I dunno why, HAHA)  Yes, he got a nice speaking voice but, singing voice.. I dunno.. let's see on the 10th from fancams.. HAHA.. I'm giggling coz he'll probably be awkward.. I hope the Taiwan organizers had hired some funny MCs to tease him.. HAHA..


Oohh.. and there's an earthquake that happened in Taiwan just a few days ago.. so I hope everything will be fine... :wub:

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[News] 2018.02.09 Big Eater + Stubble Is The Real Yang Se Jong. He'll Touch The Fans with His Singing, Letter & Coffee Skills








♥ Se Jong recommends a really good Korean BBQ place located at Shinsadong, where he said it has the taste of 'hometown'.


♦ He shares that he is actually a big eater and has once gained 8 kilos in 2 days! He then took 3-4 days to shed them all. However, now he finds there's a difference to losing weight with excessive exercising, so now he's also becoming more aware of his diet.


♣ Although it wasn't intentional, but all his past loves were with women older than him. He's not against dating younger girls, because most important thing is the feelings.


♠ Other than singing and hand written letters for fans tonight at the fan meeting, he will also show us his coffee skills which he's learnt through work (not sure this is acting or part-time work he's done).


source: (1)

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[Video] 2018.02.10 Yang Se Jong's Aegyo: Noona, I Don't Have A Girlfriend



LMAO. Love it. Taiwanese noona (media) knows how to squeeze the good stuff out of the stars to give us the juicy bits!


They may teach Se Jong all the useless things, but nonetheless, it entertains and forces some cute and shy reactions out of him. Hehehe.


So, what did Se Jong say?? In summary, he was taught to say:


"Noona, I don't have a girlfriend"

"I love you"

"Honey (equivalent to chagiya), come, let me give you a hug."


In this clip, it's revealed that the coffee brewing skills he learnt was through his agency's CEO.

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