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3 hours ago, Jusyed said:

My gosh! Who is it so eager to have FM for him...meaning that it will be sometimes before his next project... any cinggus here from Taiwan?

His agency, Good People hahaha. It makes no sense rushing to hold FMs so soon. no-talking-yahoo-emoticon.gif?1301949002

2 hours ago, Jusyed said:

@mademoisellesia I was thinking to suggest to you to contact Yang Se Jong directly and personally. I don't know how can you do it but I am sure there is a way - after all he is not an angel!.If he replies wow that will be superb! 

confused-yahoo-emoticon.gif?1301948995  Why do I need to contact him? If I have such good luck in meeting a celeb, I'll be a billionaire by now, haha.


@database1981 Check tomorrow's Gold Disc Awards on V Live. He isn't there today.

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@mademoisellesia is that a nervous laugh? lol! Aigooo, why his hair is like that, covered his one eye.... But at least he seemed prepared not looked so nervous as compared to that SBS Award night. Bravo Yang Se Jong!.


Do you know which minute that Se Jong appear? I saw in Dramanice they uploaded the broadcast already.


Also, I am selfish that's why I want you to contact him personally so that we can get to know all first-hand info. Well I know it is all A WISHFUL THINKING!....:blush: ...



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@Jusyed I think it's a nervous laugh LOLLLLL. He looked completely uncomfortable the moment he walks out from backstage. Did you see his face... aigooo. But that's why it's funny and refreshing (for us), lol! But I wish his cody would give him a damn haircut.


EDIT: Don't need to watch from there, just watch the cut up there ↑ :tongue:



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3 minutes ago, mademoisellesia said:

@Jusyed I think it's a nervous laugh LOLLLLL. He looked completely uncomfortable the moment he walks out from backstage. Did you see his face... aigooo. But that's why it's funny and refreshing (for us), lol! But I wish his cody would give him a damn haircut.






Yes, I agree his face is so tight! Aigoo this boy! Cute cute!...This hair style and even during the SBA Award Night not outstanding look!.. aigoo! aigoo!...:grimace:

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@mademoisellesia HOLA HOLA! :blush: That was probably the cutest interview of him indeed.. I like that interview he did after Duel too.. I think most of us really don't like Do In Bum's earlier hairstyle, thank God it got better towards the ending episodes of RDTK.. 


I told you, I told you.. He really looks good as Lee Young Sub... I really like Sejong's eyebrows.. Its manly and clean.. No need for trimming..


Oooh yash.. I also liked his style during TOL script reading.. He looks like a boy next door.. HAHA.. During Duel reading.. he looks nervous, in character and scary.. He's probably too stressed when doing Duel.. Oily hair... LOLOL.. Now that you've said it.. it does looked oily.. I wonder if he tooked a full bath during that day.. LOLOL... :grimace:



I think TOL's ratings would've been higher if Witch Court was out in the picture.. The timing wasn't just right.. Although TOL is a melo-com, I think most of us felt frustrated towards the half part of the drama.. If only Ha Myung Hee made the circumstances a little more unfrustrating.. *sigh* .. I also think SBS and MBC putting a 1-minute break for commercials during their dramas put KBS in a better spotlight.. 


You're right.. maybe.. that's why law genre clicked last year.. But I heard 'Whisper's' plot is also quite draggy.. 


I also find Korean drinking culture quite depressing.. I think Misaeng's depiction of it is quite truthful.. Most blue collar employee in Korea has to be ready to drink nonstop if a higher official was the one who invites them.. This is probably the reason why they have this on-call drivers.. 


Ooohh God, even the phone stinks?? That's gross.. 


Have you heard? The male lead up for that webtoon adaptation is "Ahn Hyo Seop". He is also a rookie.. I saw him in Splash Splash Love.. He's only offered the role but I think he'll probably sign up because it's a nice chance for him for a lead role.. Sejong was only rumored for "Clean Up WIth Passion for Now". If he indeed received the script and declined.. I'm so glad he did.. Like what you said, I also don't get the point of the story.. I also didn't get the first meeting of the leads based on the webtoon.. It was nothing exceptional.. Maybe for the quirks, that's why jtbc wants to adapt it into a drama. I don't quite understand the story.. Like the CEO male lead was suddenly interested to the 'dirty' female lead.. maybe because he's not too affected by her dirtiness despite him having germophobia? I couldn't understand it.. Even in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, I find some parts quite depressing.. and to think jtbc is the one behind this project.. I'm glad Sejong is safe..


Despite TOL not having a large international fanbase, I think it was really a good choice for him.. Even a lot of actors and actresses said they want to do a romance just like TOL.. Even I think the dialogues between the leads was really quite memorable.. "Saranghe.. saranghagoisseo" :bawling: I'd also be lured if I were him tbh.. 


Yash for complex roles... Gosh.. I started watching 'Secret Forest' and its good.. I hope he'll get a chance to do this kind of roles.. 


 @mijooliet Oooh.. glad you've finished TOL.. I think most of us find some parts of it quite frustrating.. If it was done by a different pair, I'd probably left it before.. The casts made it for me.. RDTK is the bomb right? It was a really well-made medical drama.. I hope they could do Season 2 tbh..


@Jusyed Oohh hello there.. Misaeng is good.. Although, I honestly haven't finished the last two episodes of it.. but I remember, I was quite hooked when it was airing.. Secret Forest is also good good good... It's ;ike watching Sherlock Holmes :blush:


Ahmmn.. why do I feel like Good People is really pushing this FM of Sejong? I hope they don't pressure him with this kind of things.. Even I feel nervous myself when the boy faces a large crowd.. What is he gonna do in his FM??? The boy would be so nervous and awkward.. HOHOHO.. But at the same time, I'd like to see him being cute interacting with fans and looking at cringeworthy VCRs.. I hope the Taiwan FM won't be cancelled this time.. I've heard Korean entertainment companies do FMs because it pays more..


Oohh.. I feel happy that Sejong is able to meet good people in the industry.. Wow.. I wonder how he and Lee Seunggi interacted? Leaders Cosmetic was endorsed by a girlgroup MAMAMOO last year.. Honestly, I don't think that Sejong is that flawless.. :grimace: as I could see pimples especially after TOL ended.. Probably due to tiredness and lack of proper sleep.. At least he'll now have lots of these skin and cosmetic products delivered for him as perks of being an endorser..

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@supergal99  good to hear from you. Well I am not yet into music or music award. I am more on K Drama fan, not into Kpop yet. 


Yea your robot .... hope you and the gang are enjoying it to the fullest.  Well well why not let’s revive TOL thread so that we can enjoy it till the OTP next Drama...lol! 


Se Jong face looks tight when entering the stage, well it is a new world to him and I believe he will get use to it eventually. But him on the stage was so cute with that nervous laugh..and his hair style. I was holding my breath watching him. Somehow he managed to go through quite well on the stage. Clap clap to him. The mc announced that he is from TOL with name On Jung Sun also being said I heard. TOL is really a breakthrough role for him. 


@neehr Yes I got till the last episode and impressed on Siwan acting skill. Planning to watch Signal and Secret Forests and also Prison Playbook. Hope will manage that. 

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@neehr Do you mean the interview from OCN? The one & only about Duel?

Hahaha Do In Beom's hairstyle in the beginning always make me laugh whenever I see pics of it coz it felt like the hair dresser had an accident (e.g. distracted by talking & overcut it) rofl.gif


In Duel's script reading, he was very serious in rehearsal to the point that he gave Jung Jae Young a strong impression when he said he would gave his all and use his life to act. Hahahahaha it does look like he hadn't washed his head for at least 5 days. Eww. Oh yeah, there is one hairdo we forgot i.e. his Duel's audition hairstyle. It's similar to TOL's, but colour looked much darker.



Yeah, TOL was beaten out by Witch's Court for its plot and melodramatic part. The side plot between Ma Yi Deum and her mother was probably a selling point, and then there's that political/corruption part SK wanted to see some justice. Like you said, it really didn't help TOL became frustrating & might I add, "ridiculous" in the writings. I'm waiting to see if we'll get some revelation from the script book for the latter part & get more clarification of each characters' inner feelings/thoughts. Jung Sun is a difficult character to play though because he's a "quiet" character, very different to Duel where all emotions are displayed out in the open by Sung Joon & Sung Hoon. So maybe that's part of the challenge Se Jong was drawn to.


I hadn't seen Whispers so I don't know how draggy it is. I'm watching Robots & they are also at the stage where they are dragging on a little, but I don't feel frustrated like I am with TOL because I clearly understood the characters' feelings & thoughts. Maybe next week my opinion might change since it's the big revelation... we'll see.


Yes I've seen the news of the 'cleaning' drama. Both are reportedly considering. I've seen Ahn Hyo Seop in Queen of Rings & Splash Splash Love. He's cute but acting is still green. Although he's fairly new, but he's not as new as Se Jong. I think with story like this one it's usually something very different & unique in the girl's character that attracts the guy to fall for her. For example in Nodame Cantabile, Chiaki detests Nodame's lifestyle (she's very dirty too), but he was drawn to her talent in music; both are byeontae when it comes to music. There's also the part where Nodame loves to eat & Chiaki loves to cook so they complement each other, so I expect the same premise for this webtoon.


What's depressing in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon? The kidnapping? The show was lucky to have PBY & PHS holding it together. It was seriously lacking good story, and too much unnecessary screen time of the gangster boss.

@Jusyed @neehr Ahhh so glad both of you are enjoying these other good shows. I picked up SF because of the raves online & didn't regret one bit after that. What made me feel :o is how this script was written by a newbie writer. @Jusyed You'll be able to manage those shows coz they would keep you wanting more.


Se Jong will be in better hands in Taiwan for FM actually (if it goes through). TW fans will be able to give him a warm welcome as I've seen for other fandoms. I'm looking forward to him being touched to tears, LOL! He should be fine, it'll be more comfortable with his fans & MC will help him out. He's more nervous with public appearances such as movie premieres, press con, awards shows where all attention/cameras are on him.

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On 1/3/2018 at 1:58 PM, neehr said:

Korean movies was the first one that made me enter Kdrama.. Then Kdrama made me enter Kpop. My firsts are 'My Little Bride' and 'My Tutor Friend'. I found the stories cute and unique.


OMG!!! This is exactly my story. I entered the world of Korean entertainment through Kmovies (My Little Bride was my first K movie too!). Then transitioned into dramas... and I never thought I would say this,  I also very recently found my way into Kpop. May I ask, is there a particular group you follow in Kpop?


@mademoisellesia Noona is back! And the first thing she sees on Soompi after she is back - My baby is a smoker! :tears: I won't lie, I am disappointed. Health wise, it is not the smartest decision. But I can see why celebrities get into all this drinking and smoking habit - their careers are so stressful, after one project is done they don't know when they will do another one and if they do one, then they are plagued by doubts about whether will it be successful. And if it turns out to be a project that wasn't well received, that's another disappointment they have to get over. In addition, these Knets are so hard on  their celebrities - holding them to impossible standards of behavior. :vicx: Hopefully as Se Jong ages he will see that smoking is detrimental not only to health but also to his looks as an actor and finally give up on the habit.

Quote "Stop smoking and he can worry less about when he'll die! Tsk!"

 I'll say!!


@neehr "I commend those celebs who stopped smoking for their health and family such as Kang Hodong and Yoo Jaesuk..."

- May I also add one of my current baes to the list - Kim Heechul!



"Hey @ode2kdramas! Look, your favourite turtleneck! laughing-yahoo-emoticon.gif?1301949000&k"

-  This is what is going to happen to all his turtle necks if I ever lay hands on them..




They all seem the same - polite, hardworking, praising others etc. So it’s hard to see “the real them” beneath their persona. 

- Oh, I so agree with this statement @aisling. I watch interviews/ variety shows and I am always wanting to see the real person beneath all the facade. Few celebrities are brave/ real enough to do that.


I don't know if the Leader's Cosmetics 'photography and make up' section consists of a bunch of really talented people or if Se Jong has finally learnt to be more comfortable in a photo shoot, but the pictures have turned out really well.:wub:


@neehr "I also liked his style during TOL script reading.. He looks like a boy next door.. "

-This one, right? I loved it too!!


@supergal99 ello there my baby from TOL and I'm not a robot.. Long time! :kiss_closed: 


Did you say you follow K music awards, as in Kpop awards? Interesting because  I just decided to be part of a Kpop fandom recently lol, which groups do you follow? If we follow the same ones, in addition to drama cuties, we can spazz over the cute singer-dancers too.


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@ode2kdramas Welcome back! Here's one cloned Se Jong with a bouquet for you. The other one I keep for @goodsoup when she returns. Obviously the real one I keep for myself, hahahaha :D



Wait...or should I keep the cloned, untainted (no nicotine in blood stream) version? I can't believe I'm having dilemma over this... rofl.gif




So cute



source: Blessing Bell


Yaaa don't burn his turtlenecks, they keep him warm and some doesn't look that bad! I'd say this boy is just shy on first meet and nervous when he's become the centre of attention. Once he's warmed up to everyone he's pretty cheeky (remember that wink?). Orrrrr he's "acting", hahahaha.

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[Video] 2018.01.17 Yang Se Jong's Video Greeting to Taiwanese Fans


Hello all, I am Yang Se Jong.

On Feb 10, in order to meet you (Taiwanese fans) I will be going to Taiwan. At ATT Showbox.

For you, I am doing a lot of preparation. Please look forward to it.

Saranghaeyo~ (aegyoooo)

(In Chinese) Wo Ai Ni Men (I love you all).


source: Link

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I still can’t get over how nervous he was during Golden Disc Awards. When he came out from backstage his face screamed “Don’t screw up, don’t screw up, don’t you dare to screw up.”  :lol:


I don’t understand how those Koreo actors can be so nervous in real life! Isn’t not like they never stood before a camera or a

huge group of people. It’s essentially their job. Let’s hope his Taiwan FM won’t be cancelled too, that’d be pretty embarrassing.


He’s probably going to dance or sing... I hope it won’t be too cringeworthy because I’ve seen actors being forced to dance or sing and it was wayyy beyond their comfort zone and they looked really awkward and uncomfortable.

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[News] 2018.01.26 Rely On Acting To Heal His Broken Heart. Yang Se Jong Made A Wish To Meet A Good Partner & Have A Beautiful Baby




NOWnews — titbits


The ticket sale of Yang Se Jong’s first fan meeting in Taiwan is selling well, and because of this, Yang Se Jong has promised to show us a different side of him. Currently, he is actively working hard in preparing for his performance and is definitely not going to let everyone down.


In his recent interview with the Korean media, it was revealed that behind his sprouting popularity, there was a painful past that no one knew. He shared that back then all he could think about was acting and it led to his breakup with his girlfriend. The process was very painful and he relied on acting to heal his broken heart. He’s also disclosed that his family wasn’t well-off and his mother has suffered a lot of hardship. Until this day upon thinking about his mother, he would cry.


During the interview, Yang Se Jong made a wish—the 3 wishes that currently the most important in his life. His first wish is for his mother’s happiness, and the second is meeting someone and third is giving birth to a beautiful child so that with his mother and wife they can live a happy life. He says, “Money and materialistic stuff does not matter to me. The happiness of my mother and family is the greatest value.”


His first overseas FM will be held in Taipei’s ATT SHOWBOX, but before he stepped foot in Taiwan, his thought has already wandered towards the night markets. “It’s because I heard there are a lot of good food, fun and interesting stuff, and I also want to feel the warmth of Taiwanese people, as well as see the beautiful sceneries of Taiwan.” Other than night markets, the food that he would really like to try is beef noodle and iced mango because his friends strongly recommended them. “Therefore I really wish I will have the opportunity to eat them”, he said.


It’s been announced that the perks of Yang Se Jong’s FM include not only high five with all the fans, but also having the chance to take a picture with him and going in lucky draw to win signed posters. Apart from this, Yang Se Jong has also prepared some songs to serenade the fans. This will mark his first performance in a public occasion and for this, he’s been practising and preparing really hard.


Translated source: Eukybearlovesdrama

Original source: NOWnews




OMG, I'm feeling nervous for him. He's gonna sing!!! I hope he can sing or at least carry a tune. Taiwan is a really good place to held FM, because the hosts that interview the stars always feed them Taiwanese foods. He's also smart to "notify the Taiwan media" he wants to taste beef noodle (I believe he meant the soup version) and iced mango because now he'll likely to be offered these, hahahaha. I really hope Good People will let him explore the night market's good food before returning to work.


@aisling There was a news when he's still filming or just finished TOL that they were in talk for 10 new CFs and he received 20 script offers.

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