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@neehr This is the first time I like a younger actor, it’s a bit weird for me, but I’m still younger than Seo Hyun Jin, so maybe I shouldn’t feel like a perv? :lol: 

BTW I wonder why younger man/older woman relationship is so acceptable and popular in Korea? I live in Europe where people are pretty open-minded but it’s still rare for women to date so much younger men.


Anyway I really hope he picks an interesting role as his next project. I don’t want him to be typecast. I liked ToL till the moment they met again at the set of her drama, but after that something went wrong and I just couldn’t keep my attention to it. But I did finish reading ToL recaps and watched their sweet moments on YouTube.


I’m just dreading he’s going to do CFs and FMs all year long. All those 1990+ actors have a huge chance to succeed now that most of 1986-1987-1988 actors are serving military. Did Se Jong really already serve in military??! From what @mademoisellesia wrote above, it doesn’t seem he went to military. 


Edit: I missed a shower scene in ToL, what episode was it in?? :lol:

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Thanks @mademoisellesia I just checked that shower scene and tbh I’m a bit disappointed, they didn’t show much lol :ph34r:  He’s more athletic than muscular, he has similar body build like Lee Jong Suk, both are tall and slender like fashion models. He seems a bit darker for Koreans, in interview videos that aren’t heavily edited he looks quite tan.


Well I said it before, for me it was bromance over romance in ToL :wub:



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I really hope he receives an award. I am so nervous for our baby!

3 minutes ago, aisling said:

Are there any videos available yet? He’s so dashing   :wub: Is it just me or does he look chubbier ? 


I thought he became cuter because he is chubby! Look at his cheeks :blush:

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Congratulations to our monster rookie (even though he dislikes that nickname haha). This award is well deserved! 


He looked so nervous and shy. It’s always baffling how those actors are so confident onscreen but so shy in real life. It’s ok our cute boy, your noonas are proud of you! :wub:

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Next stop is Baeksang Awards, but will it be a smooth win for him? KBS has a lot of monster rookies as well. If he is nominated for Duel instead of TOL, he will surely win. Who is his biggest challenger? Woo Do Hwan is not exactly a newcomer because Baeksang is for overall so his eligibility is questionable.

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Congratulations to uri Se Jong for winning the award! :wub:


@mademoisellesia I haven't seen Prison Playbook although it is on my to watch list. I got busy after TOL ended and haven't watched any new drama since. At least @Jusyed  had Duel to move on to. ^_^  I'll probably marathon PP once it's done airing or a few days before the final episode, like I did with most crime shows on tvN/OCN. I watched Duel when it was still airing because I couldn't wait to see Se Jong again and waiting for the next episode was torture!!


I support his idea to travel on a one way ticket! I did that a few years ago. I flew to Korea without a return ticket and just went wherever for almost 2 weeks. Hmm I wonder if I've passed him by on the streets of Seoul back then hahaha. 


Wasn't Se Jong winking to a cameraperson from his agency at the TOL press con? I thought there was a picture of him winking directly to the camera by Goodpeople but my memory could serve me wrong. 


@aisling Hahaha yes that kiss BTS is funny! Nam Gun PD sure loves Se Jong! There is another BTS where PD-nim wanted to demonstrate how the couple should hug but Seo Hyun Jin said please don't. :D 


@neehr Lovely to see you here too! I like your idea about him doing a character from the future for Signal 2. This noona also is not ready to see Se Jong doing erotic stuff in movies. I think we all LOLed seeing that shower scene in TOL, mainly because earlier that day a few people were talking about when he was going to have one. I think one of them was @ode2kdramas :rolleyes:


Happy New Year everybody! Hopefully we can see Se Jong in another project soon and as often as we did in 2017! :lol:

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[Fan Video] 2017.12.31 SBS Drama Awards Red Carpet - Yang Se Jong



Translation for the interview part:


MC: A lot of people find the train kiss fluttering. Is your personality normally like this?

SJ: No.


MC: So you're also not the type that ask then BOBO?

SJ: Yes. I won't ask. If both feels the same... (Ya! You don't need to give details!!!)


MC: For the next 3-4 hours, are you looking forward to receiving an award?

SJ: Really noy looking forward at all.


MC: But you still feel nervous, right?

SJ: Yes.


MC: Why are you nervous?

SJ: It's the first time being in such occasion, so I'm a bit nervous.


MC: Going forward there will be a lot of these occasions. I hope you can enjoy it. Thank you.


Chinese translation source: MeatZong_梁世宗肉粽資源博




There are some photo previews from C-fans, but I will not post it here coz they are unclear. I'll share it when the HD versions are out. If you absolutely can't wait then please go → Link 1 / 2 / 3


@YoonShiYoonFan Last year's Baeksang nominees were Kim Min Suk (won), Kim Min Jae, Jin Young, Jisoo, Gong Myung. Woo Do Hwan was nominated for Best New Actor in movie. So he can still go into the run for Best New Actor in drama. I think he and Se Jong are the strongest and going head-to-head by the rave reviews/reports about them. If Se Jong is nominated for Duel, I kind of don't think any others can win against him, but if it's TOL then that's another story. Oh, another opponent is Jung Hae In, he's been getting the buzz after WYWS, and if he does really well in Prison Playbook then chances are high for him too.


@goodsoup I cannot believe we are in 2018 already!!! I so do not feel it. Happy New Year to all!


Yeah Se Jong is winking at Good People's staff. But still, the staff must be a lady, coz would a guy wink to a guy? Hmm... hahaha. I still want to know who coz you know this boy is shy. BTW, did you see? PD Nam Gun was so clean cut at the awards! He looks good, lol.


After watching the clip in HD, I see Se Jong was shaking soooo badly on stage. The adrenaline rush... the nerves. I wonder if he was just nervous being on stage, getting all the eyes looking at him (Lee Jong Suk has this issue), or he's overwhelmed with receiving this award. Maybe a bit of both.

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