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[News] 2017.12.16 Yang Se Jong's Yeon-ae Style (Love Style)? Will say it if they love each other



SJ: Annyeonghaseyo. The Star yeoreobun. I am Yang Se Jong.

Caption: Bow (first line). Indeed is a well-mannered Se Jong ssi (second line).


Q: If love has temperature, what do you think the temperature will be?

SJ: Ahh. Like what I said in the interview just now (they had one before this video), in the way that the other party—the person I love—not with words but in the degree that (she) can feel (my love).


Q: Yang Se Jong's yeon-ae style is "On Jung Sun" or "Do In Beom"? Which kind is it?




Caption: On Jung Sun (Warm-man style) vs Do In Beom (Cold-man style).

Caption: It's only beautiful man Yang Se Jong!

SJ: Neither of them (laughs). It's determined by... erhmm... in the latter part, Jung Sun was unable to talk about what's going on inside of him, right? Until the end he tried to and worked hard to eventually be able to. For me, if I love that person then I would tell (her) everything, including the inner part, I am the style that would tell everything.

Caption: If (I) love—(I) will tell everything style


Hahaha the next caption is awesome. @goodsoup I've decided, you girls can keep Jung Sun. Se Jong is all that I need based on the below. rofl.gifrofl.gifrofl.gif


Big caption: Se Jong is Perfect

Small caption on his right: Yes. Geureosibnidaa.

SJ: (Cutely) Geureosibnidaa~


Q: The love towards Seo Hyun Jin that wasn't fulfil in last project is now fulfil in this?

SJ: Did love come true? What didn't get fulfil last time was fulfil in the next?


Caption: Publicly recognised Seo Hyun Jin's balagi (fan).


SJ: *Thinks* There are blissful part during the time that it (love) can't come true. *In an explanation tone* Please listen without any misunderstanding (laughs). Now that it has come true, there's also part that is blissful.


Q: A favourite movie or book that can increase the temperature of love?

SJ: Titanic. Please watch Titanic (laughs).


Q: There are a lot of viewers' hearts flutter at Yang Se Jong's banmal.

SJ: *Burst out laughing* It's been 4-5 days the character of Jung Sun is over... I'm still getting out of it (the character), so right now, I don't really know what to do.


Caption: When he's panicky, the speed of his speech increases. Very cute.


SJ: Be healthy. Be healthier. Be happy. Annyeong. *shyness return*


Kor→Chi translation: Meat Zong_梁世宗肉粽資源博

Chi→Eng translation: mademoisellesia

source: The Star

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@aisling and @mademoisellesia guess what I am just finishing 2 ep of Duel and will watch the ep 3 shortly..wow that's what I can say...Jun Jae Young is truly an actor...so superb....and not much about YSJ yet but so far he is truly carries his roles not as a new actor....but a monster...I understand why he has been called a monster rookie...wow just wow...


ok lemme continue watching first.... 

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On 12/16/2017 at 11:32 AM, supergal99 said:

Heee  @angel2013 me no budget to spend on k idols

(leh). Ahhh if it happens after CNY then maybe got budget... but itz supercool our cutie is coming to town... maybe maybe can bump into him ..like.. in 7-11... haaahaaa dun no why k stars like 7-11.


Oh talking about angpao... what ?? Lady M getting married ah??? Heee congrats!!!

Oh noooo... me cant catch the live IG this afternoon...wawawaaa...

Psst...find out the time of his arrival/departure go wait at the airport, if you're lucky you can also see him for FREE! higher chance then trying to bump into him at 7-11(too many locations worldwide) or maybe wait around Resorts World(if know the hotel...and try and bump into him there *winks*)


Errr...Lady M getting married? when? ( she was trying to get to Korea..but now she has so many more fans to fend off YSJ) :tongue:


@mademoisellesia busy reporter yesterday! I think you will be a lot busier than me nowadays. Seeing him at the fansign, I wonder how is he going to cope with a fanmeet?:o don't know if its good for him! he lost himself in the characters/roles he play, now he might lose himself again with all these activities (of his original passion of wanting to act) if his agency keeps swarming him with all these! but I guess its part of a growing up process...just that his pace is really too fast/phenomenal, I hope he will manage to keep a hold of himself in the midst of all these. 


Side note: He has to change clothes in between fan sign? so many times?:o HJ wears the same thru out (even for MeSense fansign which is also a clothing brand) and that laugh! I think its the first time I hear him laugh like that! :lol:



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Thank you @mademoisellesia for all your hard work in bringing, as well as translating YSJ news.


That death talk interview towards the end cracked me up.  YSJ was probably answering the question in all seriousness but just imagining the solemn way he might have answered the question about his Christmas plans - Yeahhh, I dunno when I am going to die, so I'm going to spend Christmas with family - I found it funny and sad at the same time. 


The Bazaar photos are so cool.

This is my favourite.


I can imagine my fingers ever so gently caressing his cheek, then lightly brushing away the hair cascading down on his forehead , and those lips! Those damn fine lips!  Mmmm.. (Ok, I'll leave that bit to your imagination because I don't want to ruin my innocent lamb image.) 


And to those of you who mentioned haircut - YES! Long overdue.:lol: Perhaps a new style even?


On 12/6/2017 at 3:50 PM, mademoisellesia said:

Although I had the thought of using SNS, but people around me are really worried (laughs). I'm originally an impulsive person, plus I'm straightforward; it would appear that whenever I felt or thought about something at that very moment I'd post it straight away so I was told it's best I don't use SNS rashly.

hi hi. I think so too. He is a sincere person working in the entertainment industry.. One 'wrong' word and the Knetz can be  unreasonably harsh and unforgiving.  So better stick to agency SNS  for now. 


On 12/7/2017 at 1:47 PM, mademoisellesia said:

"If I found someone I love, I will get married immediately." I have talked about these sorts of things a few times before. If I found a person I can love completely, I will not hesitate to walk on the (wedding) aisle."

Aigoo. This silly hopeless romantic babo. You are too young to get married, baby. By all means date, but don't marry till you hit your mid 30s. Let these noonims fantasize about you a little more before you get all I-am-walking-down-the-aisle on us. 


On 12/9/2017 at 8:02 AM, mademoisellesia said:

"Where am I going?" come into mind. "What are you doing? Are you living well?" — I kept having such doubts.


Sounds like he is going through a mini existential crisis. Hang in there Se Jong~ah... You'll figure something out!


On 12/3/2017 at 6:41 AM, mademoisellesia said:

"I have heard people saying (I am) unique. Those who knew me says I am a "dolai" (돌아이 = crazy person). There are also others who say I've gone mad (laughs). Even the lecturer at school advised me to stop listening to some weird stuff and visit a psychiatrist for a consultation.

Every great soul has had others call them dolai at least once. He should take it as a compliment - it means he is not part of  the herd, he does not do things just because others are doing it, he thinks for himself and follows his heart. And that is the best way to live. :thumbsup:


On 12/2/2017 at 4:01 PM, mademoisellesia said:

Brown coat, black turtleneck and knitted sweater;

"Please go buy some new clothes" ha ha.. I think I'll side with his agency on this one. Why hasn't he burned that turtle neck and shapeless coat yet? Okay, I think I am going to contradict a little bit of my 'follow your heart' speech here. I am all for being yourself - I am okay with the dishevelled hair, the unshaven look, the sports wear everything. But those ill-fitting jackets! Man, NOT THOSE! Chaebal! :persevere:


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NOTE: The Star video translation is completed → LINK (or scroll up)


@Jusyed Good girl! gza_thumb.gif  How is it going? I thought there's plentiful of him in ep2 and he's already sensational in that episode. Enjoy. I'm still waiting for Ode Ode to feedback, but I think it might not be her cuppa, lol.


@ode2kdramas Ode Ode! You're (and your posts) are always so funny. Thanks for always putting a smile on my face whenever you drop by. BTW, your innocent lamb image is non-existent, you do know that right? heia_thumb.gif  Yes, I'm anticipating to see the content of Harper's Bazaar; should be out anytime soon. 


That death talk was captured on video (at last) and I can only shake my head while translating it. He says it so casually too, but glad to know he's just saying it like it's no biggie coz 'reading it in text' are more depressing esp. each articles keep repeating it. It felt as if he has some terminal illness we didn't know about.


Hairstyle - how about just go back to looking like either Sung Joon or Sung Hoon. I'm cool with either, lol, but Sung Hoon has sexier hairstyle. :tongue:


So better stick to agency SNS  for now. By all means date, but don't marry till you hit your mid 30s. Let these noonims fantasize about you a little more before you get all I-am-walking-down-the-aisle on us. — You and Me. Yep. Although I'd be more specific and say late 30s. Hahaha.


Sounds like he is going through a mini existential crisis. Hang in there Se Jong~ah... You'll figure something out!

I think he's a classic case of "think too much", and he looks like he's back to Yang Se Jong already in these videos and latest event. There are sides of him we've never seen before on screen, and that had to be himself, right? :)


Jjamkkanman. Why do you want him to throw out the turtleneck and coat? When is it shapeless? He wore those to the interview (look new to me & it's probably borrowed, can't throw them out!). His usual fashion is worse, much like the airport ones except the coat is replaced by long padding down jacket.


@angel2013 He changed 3 times probably because (1) he sweated too much, and/or (2) doing his job as the brand model to advertise, lol.

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[Fan Pic] 2017.12.16 Chris Christy Fan Sign Event




= Do not crop logo or edit =




source: Meat Zong_梁世宗肉粽資源博



source: SJ921223




= Do not crop logo or edit =


@goodsoup Note mole on pinky :)



This is definitely taken for those who have hand/fingers fetish. Note another mole on right, middle finger.




source: 땡큐

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@ode2kdramas Hello friend, we have wet before in another thread, right? Your posts are always so funny :D I totally agree he’s too young to get married, he hasn’t even served military, right? I don’t know why they always ask those marriage questions, nowadays men often get married in their mid thirties. And I also agree that his lips are his prominent feature, your depiction of his lips made me blush a little haha.


@Jusyed How many episodes have you watched? I think it was episode 5 or 6 when I thought for the first time that he’s equally hot and talented lol. 


@supergal99 @mademoisellesia I think I’ll enjoy RDTK even though our cutie isn’t the lead, the show seems quite engaging for now. I don’t mind him playing antagonist because they’re usually more interesting. He hasn’t appeared in many scenes so far but he does seem “green and fresh” compared to Duel and ToL. Also SHJ character is far more interesting than her character in ToL.


@goodsoup I’m glad I didn’t watch it live, because it became frustrating for me even after episode 10. I really like two first episodes when they first met. Their interaction was exciting and their first kiss in a train made me squeal like a teenager but something went wrong with the script when they resumed story in 2017. I watched mostly investigation OCN dramas this year, even Because this is my first life didn’t really got me like everybody else, so I hope some romantic drama will make my heart flutter next year :wub:


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4 minutes ago, supergal99 said:

:blink: *stomache* ouch!!



Uh oh... pardon me ... our cutie popped into our TOL thread ya... ya ya!!!




Ok... he knows about the ice berg... @angel2013 @mademoisellesia @Jusyed


*flashback to TOL thread... *


i think you have premonition talent ya..or else you must have flown over and told him about it :wink: will be absolutely awesome if he did pop in TOL thread :tongue: wonder if our analysis gives him headache :lol:


btw he seems cheerful and relax during those interviews, he has overcome his shyness?


@mademoisellesia @Jusyed ok ok, so he sweats a lot and needs triple change of clothes:rolleyes: either or the branding is making sure he does his job as ambassador ...but i think I'll go with the first explanation, since I did see that he does sweats a lot^_^



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[News] 2017.12.18 Yang Se Jong: "Appearing as Chef on 'Please Take Care of My Refridgerator'? With this level of skill – No."



Translation: mademoisellesia


= Omitted repeated parts =


Q: Are you good at cooking in reality? Do you have a dish you know how to make?

A: I cook Tuna kimchi soup very well. As long as I have 26 minutes, I'll be able to make the best Tuna Kimchi soup. I've cooked for my mother before and I remember she said it was good. Do you need the recipe?


Q: What do you normally like to eat?

A: My favourite is stir-fry spicy pork (smile).


Q: How about taking this opportunity and face off as chef against chef on 'Please Take Care of My Refrigerator'?

A: No. I think going on the show as a guest is do-able, but not appearing as a chef. My skill hasn't reached that kind of level. I am just an ordinary person who usually eats cup noodle and triangular gimbap. Haha.


Q: What do you want to do most lately?

A: The thing I often do is walk on the streets with earphones on, and that is all. If I possess the condition to learn, I would like to learn boxing. Although my company tells me 'to stop thinking about useless thing', but I still want to do it.


Perhaps it's because I've translated so many death talks of his I was LMAO & nodding my head ferociously at his company telling him to stop thinking useless thing. It cracks me up at the thought that the agency also find him thinking too much. Boxing is kind of random, but then maybe not, since his colleague Kim Gun Woo played a boxer in Fight My Way, so he might have some influence on Se Jong. I don't think it's all for nothing if he wants to learn, since he could make good use of this skill in action scenes.


Q: It's been a year since your debut. In this period of time, your growth is incredible and reach a frightening level. How do you feel?

A: To be honest, I'm not really sure. I don't think I've grown a lot; I was just doing my best to the things I've been given. I was only thinking about 'doing my very best' this year and started on these projects. Thanks to it, I think the public like the drama(s) and I also received the attention.


source: MK Sports & Meat Zong

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@mademoisellesia now I am busying watching Duel ha ha so half of TOL memory didnt really haunted me now lol. 

I am just finished ep 11... Gahhh still 5 ep to catch up but I have watched the final ep already which I have good feeling coz it will be a happy ending except for Jung Hoon.... as @aisling said the hottest and sexy Se Jong comes at the ep 5+++ but so far I am liking his acting more as Lee Sung Joon but still his acting as Lee Sung Hoon unique and looks diff..meaning that we can tell the dff between the two clones. What I am trying to say is that he is too good as a rookie actor.  


What with this Subway. :grimace:..I was laughing when they want to bring Yoo Seon out to eat...they all eat at Subway ha ha...everytime Se Jong act in last 2 projects he got to eat Subway...bwahaha.. I guess Subway really invest a lot of money for the ppl..or is it only food? Anyway in RDTK he got to eat pizza right?  


So far I am hooked with Duel..like  wanna keep on continuing each ep. 


Ok tonite will watch just another ep and will dozz off. 

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@Jusyed Yeah ep 5 is when Sung Hoon's screen time increases & started to exude the bad boy's charm, and he is extra hot when he held a gun. Before that I was very fond of Sung Joon (even though it's played by same person), but ep5 onwards I was swooning at Sung Hoon too, especially his gun shooting scene in the dark~  SO HAWT. And of course as we learnt more & more about Sung Hoon's backstory, impression of him change too. There were so many different facial expressions and emotional details he put into playing Duel. Definitely his best work to date (for the Nth times, lol). Haha, Subway is everywhere which is why I'm so sick of it. That part you mentioned had me rolling my eyes coz I'm pretty sure Subway is least likely the food a 12 years old girl most want to eat. RDTK was sponsored by Papa John's.

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I don't mind if YSJ takes some rest and enjoy engaging fan meetings. I don't want him to be pressured so much to the point that he might get depressed, plus he is a newcomer and it will be hard for him to not have period of rest. I just hope he will be ok besides all of this early success he is getting.

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Let these noonims fantasize about you a little more before you get all I-am-walking-down-the-aisle on us.— You and Me. Yep. Although I'd be more specific and say late 30s. Hahaha.

Yes! Let's keep pushing the wedding date lol. How about early 40s? 40 is the new 30s, Se Jong ssi! 

Hi hi.. If he took our advice he wouldn't be able to marry even at 




So, can I  get married now?


Jjamkkanman. Why do you want him to throw out the turtleneck and coat? When is it shapeless? 

I am mostly referring to those ChrisChristy jackets - like the ones he wore in the drama and the one he wore for the fan sign. They are so loose on him! Is that the way those jackets are supposed to be? Can't they be  a little more ... slimmer/ sharper? And the colour is so dull.  Is this the winter look of celebrities? In that case I can't wait for spring/ summer so that I can see my baby in a casual Tshirt and jeans shorts.


I cook Tuna kimchi soup very well. As long as I have 26 minutes, I'll be able to make the best Tuna Kimchi soup. I've cooked for my mother before and I remember she said it was good. Do you need the recipe?

kkk! He and his enthusiasm to share recipes!  I hope he didn't send the interviewer to sleep with another one of those long recipe speeches. 

And he is so precise with the cooking time - 26 minutes. Not rounding it to either 25 or 30 min.. It's exactly 26!  ha ha. Very Yang Se Jong-ish. 


 I'm still waiting for Ode Ode to feedback, but I think it might not be her cuppa, lol.

I did make it to almost the very end. And then I got distracted by other exciting things Kdramaland keeps throwing at me. Hey, it's your fault, mademoisellesia - When I once asked you if Sung Joon and the reporter girl kiss, you should have encouraged my delusional mind saying that there would be a passionate kiss in the end, so that my pervy mind had something to look forward to (You are aware of my wandering attention, you should have thrown in a bed scene too for good measure!


By the way,  I just realized the other day that I quoted you like a hundred times in my previous post - you must have got all those notifications just for one post.. Mian! Not to worry, i have taken a leaf from your book and learnt to operate more smartly, as evidenced in this post hi hi.


On 12/18/2017 at 12:37 AM, aisling said:

@ode2kdramas Hello friend, we have wet before in another thread, right? Your posts are always so funny :D

Hi aisling! Yes, we met on the GBC thread! (*doing an excited dance*) Ha ha.. So I see you have followed Se Jong here. Hope you are enjoying RDTK. Thank you for the compliment. I am heavily inspired by supergal99, mademoisellesia and many others that I meet on these Soompi threads.

I do remember reading your thoughts on GBC thread and nodding in agreement with your thoughts. Hopefully we can spazz together on another drama again.


Any dramas you are looking forward to in the new year?


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[News] 2017.12.22 Yang Se Jong First Love 2018 Fan Meeting



Singapore, 2017 – Mark your calendars as Korean actor model Yang Se Jong will be meeting Singapore fans soon! ‘Yang Se Jong First Love 2018 Fan Meeting’ will be held on 26 January 2018, 7.30pm at Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa. Tickets are priced at $198 (CAT A) and $168 (CAT B ) and will go on sale on 26 December, 10am across all channels.


Ticketing website: http://www.apactix.com/events/detail/yang-se-jong-2018


source: Instagram | Twitter | Star Arena |

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