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Nam Da Reum ❂ 남다름 ❂ 南多凜

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[News] 2018.09.21 Nam Da Reum Signs with Full SG Company and to Appear in Fox Star Bride

Nam Da Reum has signed with new agency Full SG Company and he is set to play the younger version of Lee Je Hoon in Fox Star Bride!!!


He's playing the younger version of all the main stream adult actors, lol!


source (1)

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[Drama] 2018.10 Fox Bride Star's Episode Still of Nam Da Reum



Nam Da Reum has made an appearance in Fox Bride Star's episode 4 as young Lee Seo Yeon telling us the horrific accident he experienced, and how he lost the use of his right arm and leg.


In addition, Nam Da Reum's agency also updated a BTS shot of the accident scene.




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[News] 2018.12.31 Nam Da Reum at KBS Drama Awards








Congratulations to Da Reum for Best Child Actor Award (Radio Romance)

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[Magazine] 2019.03.13 Nam Da Reum Featured in BNT International Magazine



Nam Da Reum Talks About Gratitude Towards Lee Jong Suk, New Roles He Wants To Try, And More


Rising star Nam Da Reum recently sat down with bnt International for an interview about his career and more, and he shared some of his hopes!


The actor, who was born in 2002, has established his career so far while often playing the child version of male leads. In particular, he’s appeared as a younger version of Lee Jong Suk in three works: the film “No Breathing” and the dramas “Pinocchio” and “While You Were Sleeping.”


He will soon be taking a more central role in the upcoming JTBC drama “Beautiful World,” which focuses on the topic of school violence.


During the interview, Nam Da Reum was asked to share the story of his debut.


“When I was younger, my mother by chance was offered a job for me,” he said. “I thought it was going to be for modeling when I went, but it was an acting audition. I got the role right away and ended up appearing in KBS’s ‘Boys Over Flowers.’ Back then I just thought it would be a good memory; I had no idea I’d end up continuing it like this. I think that since I enjoy drama sets and filming sets, I’ve naturally continued on this path.”


He added with a laugh, “I’ve always been really shy and still am, so I never imagined I’d keep acting. After that, I had a lot of good opportunities so I’ve continued to do dramas. As I get older, it’s getting harder for me to act and study at the same time, but I don’t want to just choose one out of the two.”


Nam Da Reum was asked whether he’s still able to have friends, considering his job. “Most of my friends are ones that I grew up with in the same neighborhood, so they’re used to it,” he said. “They’ll watch my shows, and they don’t think my job is that special.”


It was mentioned to Nam Da Reum that he has a gentle-looking face, which might be both a pro or a con.


“The characters I’ve played so far have mostly been good-natured and innocent, and I think that’s why I appear like that even more,” he said with a laugh. “However, when an actor with a kind-looking face plays a villain, it’s twice as terrifying. I think I’d be good for that. I want to play a psychopath, which is a role that I can only have when acting.”


When asked how he chooses his roles, Nam Da Reum replied, “Sometimes I follow my own feeling after I look at the script, and there’s a lot of times when I decide after discussing with my mother.”


The interviewer mentioned to Nam Da Reum that he’s known as a child actor with a specialty in flower boy roles. “I think that’s because the adult actors are really handsome,” he said with a laugh. “I’m just grateful. I’ve played the young version of Lee Jong Suk a lot, and when we meet he greets me warmly. After the end of SBS’s ‘While You Were Sleeping,’ he sent me a message to say that I’d worked hard. I’m grateful.”


Nam Da Reum also talked more about the kind of roles he wants to play in the future. He laughed as he said, “A villain. I liked the role that Yoo Ah In played in the film ‘Veteran.’ I want to try acting in a role where the character changes all of a sudden. In addition to a villain, I’d also like to play a warrior in a historical drama who uses a sword.” He explained with a laugh, “It’s just cool.”


When asked which senior actor has been a particularly memorable co-star for him, Nam Da Reum named Lee Sung Min, who played his father in tvN’s “Memory.”


“I always thought he was cool, but it was so great to get to work with him,” he said. “I was surprised by his level of focus while we were filming, and there were a lot of things that I learned from him on set. I’m grateful that he took good care of me. We still talk once and a while.”


Nam Da Reum also sent a message to his fans. “JTBC’s ‘Beautiful World’ is planned to premiere on April 5, and I hope you will love it a lot,” he said with a laugh. “Thank you for always giving me a lot of support and love. I’ll work hard to be someone who meets your expectations in the future too.”


Source (1) via soompi












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[News] 2019.07.31 Nam Da Reum to Cameo in Hotel Del Luna



Nam Da Reum is confirmed to appear on “Hotel Del Luna”!


In response to the previous reports, a source from the drama commented, “Nam Da Reum is making a special appearance on ‘Hotel Del Luna.’ He recently completed filming.”


Source (1)


Original Article:

Nam Da Reum is the next star to make a special appearance on “Hotel Del Luna”!


On July 31, it was reported that the actor has completed filming for his cameo in the tvN drama.


According to the reports, Nam Da Reum is making a special appearance due to his connection with the director Oh Choong Hwan, who he worked with in “While You Were Sleeping.”


Nam Da Reum’s cameo in “Hotel Del Luna” is scheduled to air sometime in August.


Source: Soompi

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[New] 2019.08.25 Nam Da Reum Joins Cha Seung Won & Lee Kwang Soo in New Disaster Comedy Film



Nam Da Reum has joined the cast of upcoming film “Sinkhole” (tentative title)!


“Sinkhole” is a disaster comedy about a man who finally buys a home after 11 years only to have that home fall into a sinkhole within a minute. Cha Seung Won, Lee Kwang Soo, and Kim Sung Kyun were previously confirmed to star in the movie.


Nam Da Reum will be playing the role of Jung Man Soo’s (Cha Seung Won’s) son Jung Seung Tae, who isn’t outwardly affectionate towards his father but cares for him deep inside.


A source from his agency SSGG Company shared, “We are happy that [Nam Da Reum] has joined with excellent actors in a great project. You can look forward it, as [he] will be showing a different side of himself through the new project.”


Nam Da Reum made his debut through KBS’s “Boys Over Flowers” and recently starred in JTBC’s “Beautiful World.” He is currently filming the upcoming mystery movie “The Eighth Night,” which also stars Kim Yoo Jung, Park Hae Joon, and Lee Sung Min.


Source (1) via Soompi News

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[News] 2020.03.03 Nam Da Reum To Play Jung Hae In’s Younger Counterpart In “A Piece Of Your Mind”



Nam Da Reum is starring in a new drama soon!


On March 3, the actor’s agency stated, “[Nam Da Reum] is confirmed to play Jung Hae In’s younger counterpart in tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘A Piece of Your Mind.'”


“A Piece of Your Mind” stars Jung Hae In as Moon Ha Won, a kind-hearted artificial intelligence (AI) programmer who has spent years in one-sided love and has resigned himself to his lonely fate. Chae Soo Bin stars as Han Seo Woo, an optimistic classical recording engineer who finds herself drawn to watching Ha Won and his one-sided love from afar.


Nam Da Reum is expected to impress through his portrayal of Moon Ha Won in his younger days. The actor has been recognized for his excellent acting in previous dramas as the younger counterpart of Lee Jong Suk, Yoo Ah In, Im Siwan, Junho, Yoon Doojoon, Jang Ki Yong, Lee Je Hoon, and more.


This will be Nam Da Reum’s first project in 2020. Last year, he played a leading role in “Beautiful World,” made a special appearance in “Hotel Del Luna,” and played Park Sung Woong‘s younger counterpart in “When the Devil Calls Your Name.”


“A Piece of Your Mind” premieres on March 23 at 9 p.m. KST.


source: soompi

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