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[Drama 2017] Forest of Secrets / Stranger 비밀의숲 - Baeksang 2018 Daesang Award /Best Actor / Best Writer


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The one I'm anticipating! One I'm waiting for is... this drama! The story, the acting, the leads, the supporting cast! all is left is wishing for high quality well written drama.

@0ly40 @larus Thanks for the firs teaser and photos. First time I think I'm going to watch JSW. Thou I heard he was in God Gift. drama. I have to check that one. Same with Bae Doo na.

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A tape-recorded warning teases thriller Forest of Secrets

by tineybeanie


The first teaser for upcoming mystery-thriller drama Forest of Secrets is out, with two more months left to go until its first broadcast. Bae Doo-na (Tunnel, Sense8) and Jo Seung-woo (God’s Gift—14 Days) star as a righteous police investigator and a coldly logical prosecutor who pair up to solve a case about a strange string of murders. From the teaser, it looks like powerful hidden political forces may be involved.

Ominous music builds tension in the background, while a tape recorder with a cassette dated June 2017 plays Bae Doo-na’s voice: “I think it’s a warning not to pry anymore.” A man replies on the tape, “Those who give bribes, and those who take them—I’m going to catch them no matter what.” Then in two brief cuts, we see Jo Seung-woo, whose voiceover says, “The manipulated truth,” and Bae Doo-na, who thinks, “Everyone is a suspect with a motive.”

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On 5/3/2017 at 4:54 AM, meechuttso said:

Have they changed the official English title to 'Stranger'?

 It seems that way. I hate when they change the name of a drama. I wish they will stick with one from the  beginning. I know a drama that has three or four English names and it is not a singular case. 

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Guns loaded in Forest of Secrets teasers

by Buhdoop


We have a few more teasers for mystery-thriller drama Forest of Secrets starring Bae Doo-na (Tunnel, Sense8) and Jo Seung-woo (God’s Gift—14 Days). Even with well over a month to go the production is not stingy in releasing information about the drama, which I can get used to.

In Forest of Secrets Bae Doo-na stars as Han Yeo-jin, who is touted as a warm-hearted and righteous police investigator. Jo Seung-woo plays Hwang Shi-mok, a clinically emotionless and logical prosecutor who is a bit of a lone ranger among his colleagues. The two join forces to solve a mysterious case about a string of murders that reek of widespread corruption inside the prosecutors’ office. The new teasers released are from Episode 0: Stranger.

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12 hours ago, jongski said:

@larus @meechuttso yeah, what is really the title for the drama? when I search for updates via twitter they use this #secretforest so I'm confused. There are several upcoming dramas with different titles. but I'm more familiar with the the thread titles

 Sometime the production team will change the name of the drama close to the airing or they give a difrent English name than the international viewers are familiar. There are different English names because sometime the Korean title has different interpretations.  From the Dramabeans article, it seams that episode 0  is called "Stranger" (they have a prequel?). But don`t worry. I will mentain the original title of the threads unless everyone else is changing the tiltle. So far, the Forest of Secrets are still the name of the drama. 

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Watch: Cho Seung Woo And Bae Doona Enjoy Each Other’s Company Behind The Scenes Of New Drama


Recently, it was announced that Bae Doona and Cho Seung Woo had participated in the first reading for the upcoming tVN drama “Stranger” (also known as “Forest of Secrets”). This drama marks both actors’ return to Korean TV in quite awhile.

“Stranger” is a story that focuses on the two leads’ efforts to discover the truth hidden in a murder case. Cho Seung Woo will be playing Hwang Shi Mok, a cold and unfeeling prosecutor who is a loner. Bae Doona plays the part of Han Yeo Jin, a detective who is very just with a warm personality.

On May 3, the drama production staff released behind the scenes footage from the first day of filming!


more https://www.soompi.com/2017/05/04/watch-cho-seung-woo-bae-doona-enjoy-others-company-behind-scenes-new-drama/

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Corruption and dark mystery in new Forest of Secrets teaser

by tineybeanie


The latest teaser from upcoming tvN drama Forest of Secrets is short and doesn’t give much away in terms of plot, but gives us a better feel about the overall tone of the drama. It starts off with the main character, a cold prosecutor played by Jo Seung-woo (God’s Gift—14 Days), wondering, “Is all of this coincidence? Or is it a part of an orchestrated plan?”

And it’s not just paranoia on his part because mystery-thriller Forest of Secrets is all about how a particular series of murders are connected with the deeply rooted corruption in the Korean legal system. In the teaser, Bae Doo-na (Tunnel), who plays a homicide detective that becomes Jo Seung-woo’s partner in pursuing this case, lies on the floor with her eyes shining in pain. Her voiceover continues his thoughts: “A carefully orchestrated truth.”

More http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/05/corruption-and-dark-mystery-in-new-forest-of-secrets-teaser/

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May 17 2017

“Secret Forest” to become first tvN drama series to air Saturday and Sunday 9PM


Secret Forest” (literal title) is set to become the first tvN drama series to air Saturday and Sunday at 9PM. The drama series was originally scheduled to air Friday and Saturday at 8PM/8:30PM following “Chicago Typewriter.” Going forwards, tvN will air their weekend drama series on Saturday and Sunday instead of Friday and Saturday. “Secret Forest” stars Cho Seung-Woo & Bae Doo-Na as a prosecutor and detective. Lastly, tvN is set to premiere a drama series in a new Wednesday and Thursday prime time slot beginning July, 2017.

Ep.1 of “Secret Forest” will now air June 10, 2017 in South Korea.



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"Rising star to Top Actress" Shin HyeSun, Transforms into Prosecutor in "Secret Forest"

Shin HyeSun brings her unique focus this time to the role of Young EunSoo in "Secret Forest". It's a role that gives her the biggest change in her filmography to date. Stating "if my previous roles were lovable and full of emotions, EunSoo is a character without much change of emotions," she introduced EunSoo as "a new hire who seems full of sincere energy and a bit awkward on the outside but inwardly she is full of ambition, purpose and secrets."

"I paid a lot of attention to the harsh tone and the general 'prosecutor-like' atmosphere," she spoke of the effort expended in the character development.

Most of all, Shin HyeSun enjoyed best her work with the many veteran actors. Whether in her role or (in real life) at the shooting location, she was the youngest. "Cho SeungWoo set the proper tone of course on location, but also with respect to the proper focus through reactions to my acting. Seniors Yu JaeMyung and Lee JoonHyuk also led me so well that, 'if I just follow them it should come out with better results', I thought," showing endless respect for the more senior actors.

Finally, she also revealed her pride in "Secret Forest". "If you watch the first episode, you have to watch to the end; it's that good a drama. Because you don't want to miss out on the palpable tension." Saying, "even we actors read the script with rapt interest. It would be great if the viewers can experience that tension also," she relayed her hopes.

tvN's "Secret Forest" is a drama about a loner prosecutor Hwang SiMok (Cho SeungWoo) unable to experience emotions, who, with righteous and warm-hearted cop Han YeoJin (Bae DooNa), uncover a murder incident and the hidden truth behind the case in the prosecutor's office.


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Everyone is a suspect in Forest of Secrets

by tineybeanie


The latest teaser for Bae Doo-na (Tunnel) and Jo Seung-woo’s (God’s Gift—14 Days) mystery-thriller Forest of Secrets baits our curiosity with close-ups of all our main characters, and the ominous reminder that “everyone is a suspect with a motive.” Jo Seung-woo stars as a cold, logical prosecutor who begins to pursue a murder case where his fellow co-workers seem to all be in collusion to hide the crime, bowing to the whims of a corrupt entity from above.




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May 23 2017

Main poster and trailer for tvN drama series “Secret Forest”


Main poster and new trailer added for upcoming tvN drama series “Secret Forest” (literal title) starring Cho Seung-Woo and Bae Doo-Na. Caption on the poster states “Designed truth, they are all suspects with a motive.” The ending of the new trailer also has a voice over of Cho Seung-Woo stating the same line as the poster.

“Secret Forest” first airs June 10, 2017 in South Korea.


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