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[Drama 2016-2017] Guardian: The Lonely and Great Goblin 도깨비

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This is how you do summoning in real life.. *no CG deity*  

Sometimes I can't believe.. THIS IS   THE SAME PERSON 

Glad you’re doing that, @staygold But wait a second! There’s more about the King’s suicide in my next post. This is a three-pronged strategy to clarify some things brought up in Episode 13. I’m just p

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Just a thought here - maybe ET can't grab the sword because she is not fully aware of the consequences. KS has not been honest with her in what pulling the sword means so it's as if KS has not really given ET the chance to choose for herself whether to pull the sword out or not whilst fully knowing what it means.


Another theory might be that ET couldn't pull out the sword because KS still has some unfinished business. When he told his servant to burn the picture of the queen, he said he hadn't found the people he feels he owes a debt to. 


There is definitely depth to this drama and part of the reason why I am so hooked on Goblin is because you just never know how things are going to play out. I love that at the center of it all is certainly a serious, melancholy tone that reminds us that KS became a Goblin as a punishment and meeting his bride would be both painful and joyful for him. But the drama surrounds it with lots of moments of cuteness, hilarious bromance, and innocence that just plays with our emotions so wonderfully well. I must say this is the first drama I've watched where I am honestly rooting for all parties involved to have a happy ending.

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4 hours ago, Vincent Polo said:

Hi friends!

I've noticed that in episode 1 the reason why eun tak met Kim shin was because she summoned him in her 19th birthday, so with this in the latest ep 6 she said that within 2 months she will be 20 yrs old. Does that mean she and kim shin had been together almost a year. hahaha that's quite long already☺☺☺


10 hours ago, itzibitzispider said:


Don't know if someone else already said it:

In Korea the new year, the way they say their birthday, beginns in January ... so even if they were born in September they count the next year already in January
So for example (feel like crying) ... I will turn 40 in February ... in Europe I am still 39 in January and half of February, but in Korea I am considered 40 by the 1.1.



bing insane ... quoting myself :D



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On 12/15/2016 at 5:28 PM, kismet22 said:

@packmule3 thank you for taking the time to write such informative posts.  You have a lot of insight and I agree with your views on Sunny being the King as well as your comments on ET's maturity and the ying/yang relationship of our lead couple.  To add just a bit to the Sunny being the King, I was reminded of her arrogance and confidence as she dealt with ET's Aunt.  She was easily dispatched.  Thanks for your great comments.  I'm also 'old' but  you know what they say about age...."once you get over the hill, you pick up speed'

BTW, thanks for pointing out the calvin's and a wash...at some point maybe our Goblin should consider "commando" style....


Hi @kismet22,

I’m sorry I didn’t respond to your message sooner.  I usually try to answer everybody in order so you won’t think I’m only selecting certain posters and snubbing others, but I had to put some method to my madness. :tears:

I’m glad you agree that it’s possible that Sunny is the King, too.  Not a lot of people will share this view, but that’s okay. As long as a dissenting minority opinion is allowed to be given voice in an open forum, I don’t mind one way or another how the scriptwriter will use their secret identities to advance her plot. It’s her story; her prerogative. But that’s also the hidden beauty of watching the story unfold on our laptop, isn’t it? If we don’t like the direction of the drama, we can always go take a hike. 

But I do need to be fair and open-minded because the plot is evolving. I went over their scenes again to look for points that I might have missed. While I previously gave 6 points to Team Reaper-is-Queen, I’m giving Team Sunny-is-Queen two points, and adding three more points to Team Reaper. My memory retrieval isn’t as good as before so I need to keep a scoreboard to help me remember.  @phikylremember my fascination with scoreboards? 


Team Sunny-is-Queen. 

1. She's female. Although as people pointed out, the Reaper pointed out himself gender shouldn't be presumed as static in reincarnations. 

2. The lapel pin. The Reaper wears a lapel pin on his black suit uniform.  It’s the chess symbol for the King. ♔ (I tried to insert the unicode here. Hope you can see it.) It’s possible that the costume director pinned the King’s crown on the Reaper’s suit to signal that he IS the king. It’s like ET’s name tag for the chicken store. If he’s the King then Sunny is the Queen. However, there’s a counter-argument. 

Team Reaper-is-Queen.

...7. The lapel pin. It’s also possible that the costume director pinned the King’s crown NOT to designate the identity of the king but to show the wearer’s ALLEGIANCE to the king. For instance, American politicians wear a flag pin, not because they’re flag-bearers, but to show patriotism (whether or not it’s real is debatable, however....) Military personnel wear a lapel pin to show their branch of affiliation. And the British wear a poppy on Remembrance Day to remember the veterans and those soldiers who died in WWI. So, the king's crown lapel pin will indicate that the Reaper is NOT the king. (Confusing, no?)

8. His last name is the same as Shin’s. KIM. When he signed off on the Reapers' paperwork, he wrote "Kim" according to the kdrama sub. It’s possible that this is a generic name for all reapers. But it’s also likely that it’s some sort of cosmic joke from the kdrama gods. Like a twisted “I’m really your long-lost sibling” trope. Also, when he introduced himself as Kim Woo Bin to Sunny. 

9. The frown. At 15:14 min in Episode 6, there was a montage of the memories of Shin. I heard that people were wondering why that particular image of Sunny was chosen. :phew: The look on the King’s face as he was glaring down at Shin the warrior on bended knees was matched with Sunny’s look as she was staring down at the Reaper’s bent head. Did you see that, too?

Anyway, I'll keep on looking for hints for either one and perhaps @phikyl can keep score. 

As for our Goblin going commando style…hahahaha. Although we can certainly indulge in crazy fantasies, I’ve heard it said that going commando can be rough on those crown jewels unless you're wearing silk or cotton. Something about the seams getting in the way. Tight jeans especially can chafe the sensitive skin.

And those suit pants made of wool? Forget about those! He’ll need to send those out for dry-cleaning after just one wearing or wear stinky pants the next time. When I consider all the logistics, I think it’s actually more trouble to go commando than not.  

But don’t you just love how house-trained the Reaper is? The only problem with him is he's a vegetarian, and most girls I know are like ET, they're carnivores. 

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HI Immortals....HAPPY 300 PAGES happy-dance-cheetah-emoticon.gif

loved eps 5 and 6 and I am truly enamored with this drama. It just brings a happy smile to my face when I see a new ep, when I rewatch the old eps, when I see the cuts scenes of bromance, when I see KS looking lovingly at ET and when I have loads of gif, news, pics and insightful posts to back read on this thread :blush: I hope KES justifies her own stellar job so far by giving us such good eps in future.

While looking at Kim Shin and Eun Tak as they grow closer to each other I just had this feeling that they are starting to give me vibes of 'Emma and Mr. Knightley'. Emma is a bright, talented and beautiful girl who is also a busybody, a trifle airy, sometime immature but certainly extremely loving and loyal to her loved ones. Her relationship with Mr. Knightley is based on comfort, familiarity, companionship. For her there can be none better than him as she looks up to him for advice, support and friendship and admires him and loves being in his company. She doesn't even realize how much she loves him till the time comes that she may loose him to another. Similarly, Mr. Knightley fell in love with Emma when she was 13 and has seen her grow up into a beautiful young lady for whom his love as only grown stronger even if it was never expressed as such. To Mr. Knightley, she is the only choice, the only woman he can think to be his partner in life, to share his every day life and thoughts with, though that is only openly expressed much later. Its like they naturally belong together which they consciously realize much later.

Even though the entire premise in Goblin is different, the relationship that KS has with ET and the way it is progressing gives me the same vibes as "Emma". That KS and ET naturally belong together and they are both discovering just how much they like being with each other, having petty fights but caring for each other nonetheless. That ET admires and looks up to KS is evident, she also cares a lot for him but just never allows herself to express it seriously cause the Goblin blows hot and cold with his "I am your boyfriend" and "your worth is only in pulling out the sword". But I feel like she has subtly claimed the Goblin as hers a long time back with her always going on "ahjusshi". She may be thinking about practical life and boyfriend and such but I think quite unconsciously she feelings and emotions belong to Shin. Kim Shin as we all can see finds everything about her mesmerizing and is enjoying living in the present and day to day life just by being with her, teasing her, arguing her and making her happy. These two will become more aware of romantic love later on I am sure but for now they just naturally belong to each other. 



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4 hours ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

that's what i ahve been saying.. but then i figured if she hasn't come off age.. then i can understand their issues..

and precisely, if people want to be prickly about leagl age. then she basically shudn't be allowed to "interact" with any male before 20


and that's why we're laughing at the few people who have an issue with the age gape!! :lol: 



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Here you go @packmule3: A scoreboard just for you, complete with bullet points!

As long as I'm tagged, I'll keep it up to date as best I can [and try not to get behind like I did with the last one. :vicx:]

I've been contemplating the significance of the lapel pin for a while and I wonder; have we seen anything similar on Sunny? There's the ring that she wears that is the same as the ring the Queen wears. I have added this to the Sunny-is-Queen bullet points. 

There have been some scenes that reinforce my belief that Sunny is the King too such as when the Goblin is having one of his flashbacks in ep 6. 


We see a shot of the Joseon King which cuts to a shot of the Grim Reaper and Sunny out on their coffee date. Instead of the camera focusing on Grim Reaper, it focuses on Sunny's face just as it had previously focused on the face of the King. Why bring the focus to Sunny right after focusing on the Joseon King if she is not the present day reincarnation of said King?

Edit: Got caught up in the scoreboard and skimmed the fact that you had already touched on the flashback. Oh well. It's important enough to mention twice!

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On 12/15/2016 at 6:02 PM, forgirvin said:

@packmule3 I agree with you. My past replies and speculation agree with you about 75%. What do you think of the Sunny character being a secret lover of the queen reincarnated? I really think the bad guy- and there has to be one- Is going to be the reincarnated king - Duk Hwa. Thanks for considering a response. 


Hi @forgirvin--

I’m also sorry it took me a while to respond. I had to give serious thought to your question because Goblin is an ongoing drama and I don’t want to lead readers astray with flights of fancy and other unsupported claims. I don't know who reads these soompi posts but yes, our conversation here can get disseminated everywhere.

You had asked me for my view on Sunny as a secret lover of the queen reincarnated and Duk Hwa as an evil king. I think that would be a convoluted but very interesting plot twist. :) I also think an experienced scriptwriter can definitely make that angle work. 

However, as of Episode 6, I personally don’t see how Duk Hwa could be elevated to a kingly status. The cabbage/fairy grandmother was very precise in linking the fates of the Reaper and Sunny when she prophesied, “It doesn’t matter who pays. You’ll both end up paying a very high fee anyway.” [credit: dramabeans]  

And at that time, she had only Sunny and the Reaper in her sights. DH wasn’t in the picture. 

Moreover, as much as DH appeared like a greedy wastrel who took advantage of his “uncle,” I do NOT think he’s destined to be an evil guy. Why? One, because Shin could see HIS future, and in Episode 6, when Shin was tying loose ends before his departure, he gave DH the credit card, stroke his hair to express fondness, and told him that he grew up well. I don't think Shin would do all this if he could foresee DH backstabbing or sabotaging him in the future. That defies logic, right? 

Two, let’s also consider how DH had known all along that Shin was a goblin (Did he know since he was 6? 7?) BUT he never once betrayed Shin’s secret identity. In fact, he kept quiet the whole time. He only began his research on Shin at the same time as ET despite knowing of Shin's condition since elementary school. He reined in his curiosity pretty well, don't you think?

I think in the future, and given time, he would live up to expectations and do a seriously good job of this duty he’s been trained for since birth. By Episode 6, we could see that he was already beginning to take more care and responsibility for both his uncles. He was giving them relationship advice, teaching them to use cellphones, showing them the normal social behavior, and driving them to dates.

Three, his wrong actions are more juvenile delinquency in nature. His misdeeds do NOT stem from immorality, warped conscience, or sheer wickedness.  There’s a big difference in how one can judge the intent, manner, and consequence of DH’s actions, and we shouldn't paint him all black when he's in fact only 50 shades of gray. (hahaha.)  

Sure: he didn’t exercise good judgment when he abused his credit card, acted like a spoiled chaebol (because he was one) and rented out the house to the Reaper.  But these actions don’t prove at all that he intended to do evil or harm towards others.  Good judgment can always be developed with time, maturity and growth. But malice, if it’s present in the heart from the start, is harder to remove. 
So there you go. I think DH plays only a secondary role in the drama -- a very useful comedy relief, but a secondary role nonetheless. He’s going to be a loyal retainer to the Goblin like all his ancestors.But if the screenwriter decides to change midway, that's perfectly fine for me, too. 

Take care now, and feel free to ask me questions again. 

Tagging @phikyl as promised. 

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8 hours ago, vivvianne22 said:

I love Kim Shin's narrator when he was watching Euntak walking to him after her part time job. It's so beautiful

생이 나에게로 걸어온다
죽음이 나에게로 걸어온다

너는 지치지도 않고 걸어온다

그러면 나는 이렇게 말하고야 마는것이다

이만하면 되었다
된 것이다



Life is walking up to me
Death is walking up to me
From life to death,
You walk up to me tirelessly
Then I say something like this,
"I'm not in sorrow"
"This is good enough"
"It has to be"


Our Goblin is such a romantic. One goblin husband like this please, where I can preorder it?

Is there anyway we can save these as part of first post? Like the MLSHR thread? It is a bit difficult to search these once we move forward.

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Greetings, All,

I'm really enjoying this drama.  I'm loving the language which is almost consistently poetic, such as the tidbit in @staygold's post above.  The premise is unique and I love how our Heroine keeps all these AWESOME men--a Goblin, a Reaper, a Chairman and a third-generation heir--on their toes and chasing their tails.  Daebak!   The almost-death scene at the end of Ep. 6 had me wiping tears from my eyes and that hasn't happened since all the beautiful female deaths in Moon Lovers--I guess this is the "equal time" drama, where our handsome hero (tries to) die over and over again so we get to witness these long and touching goodbyes.  I'm thinking two things:  first, that Kim Shin isn't dying because neither he nor she (who I think has an inkling what will happen when she removes the sword) really wants him to die and, second, that our third-generation heir isn't long for that credit card...   Oh, yeah, I'm also thinking our mystery halmoni may be God...

Cheers until Ep. 7...

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3 minutes ago, Hikary25 said:

hello guys :) I have something that is bugging me. did someone translate the contract tha ET give to our Goblin to sign?  pleaseee :) 

Yep! The contract was translated here: 



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On 12/18/2016 at 0:38 AM, ChunSungIm said:

funny about the name though,all the 3 of them are kim eun sook former male cast (hyun bin and woo bin) and eun sook first choice for dots (won bin).i hope kim woo bin make cameo in this drama.

where can i find this types of pics ? i like soo much

Mod edit: Do not quote images. grim.png

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Hi everyone!

This is my first post in this website and I can't be more excited about it! I'm loving Goblin so damn much that I need to share my feelings with other fans. OMO I can't wait to watch episode 7!! I hope you all will take care of me, I'll try my best.:blush:

BTW, Am I the only one thinking that the woman in red is the Deity itself? I mean, God. 

She is on Eun Tak side so she will be ok. What do you think?

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  • Go Seung Ji changed the title to [Drama 2016-2017] Guardian: The Lonely and Great Goblin 도깨비

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