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 I actually just watch ep 9.. and just waiting for ep 10 sub.

 @Mico Ricco Thanks for the updates and everything about this drama.  Haven't watch any kdrama, except for Defendant (Ji Sung birlliant!) but A Life is my current fav.  But just one more episode to go.  Such a treat to watch Kimura Takuya and plus this drama is good! I read  a report that He will in Fuji TV dorama this autumn. Hope to see a thread too when  that  starts. Thanks again for creating the thread.

Ep 9.  Okita getting advise from his sushi craftsman father.  Which he learned that just to focused only on 1 thing and focused wholeheartedly.

Masao  going on a deep end.. having been exposed for his plans about Danjo Hospital.  In the end Sakakibara and Hamura ( also having their own  bad intentions) feeling they can't trust him anymore, made sure director general knew of his dealing and partnership with a lesser know hospital.

Liking the scene of Shibata,  Ikagawa, and Okita smiling, talking over dinner.

Mott for the people saving lives.

"All of us will be doing our best. No matter who the patient is, we're only focused on saving him or her. And when the patient returns home healthy that's what makes us most happy" - Dr. Okita, Ep 9


And after  his exchange with the young boy... liking his expression afterwards <3<3

pic cr: avanpiper

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