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These 7 Haunting Faces Were Caught On Camera With Idols…And No One Can Explain Them

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1. Jo Kwon(2AM)
This seemingly innocent photo has a dark, dark secret hidden in it.


When the photo of this smiling gorgeous man is exposed to more light… it results in this..

2. G.NA
G.NA the beautiful solo artist one day decided to update fans on her whereabouts with a post on twitter. What she didn’t expect however was that the photo would turn out to be more than just an ordinary selfie.



3. Teen Top
Many of you may be familiar with the incident of the ghost at the MV set of Niel’s new single “Love Killer”. The members visited and took pictures with Niel and in all of their photos this mysterious figure was present in the window.




4. Hyuna (4Minute)
Hyuna’s sexiness on stage draws flocks of fans to stage but this time she even caught the attention of a very extraordinary fan.


Don’t see it? Here let me brighten things up for you


5. Yeon Jung Hoon
In a photo at the set of “Vampire Prosecutor 2” an alleged spirit was captured over the t-shirt of one of the staff present.


Netizens initially dismissed it as a design and criticized the tv station for trying to garner attention to the show but the staff present later explained that the shirt he was wearing had a skull printed in the front and that the photo had not been altered in any way…

6. Eunhyuk (Super Junior)
This photo went viral at the time it was released. Although it is incredibly low res you can clearly see a face in the window and…..the fact that the same face is not reflected at all in the window beside it..


7. EXO
During filming of EXO’s “Growl” this eerie figure in the background was discovered. At first it was thought it could be an staff member, but the figure looks rather… inhuman. In the end it remained a mystery.


Source : http://www.koreaboo.com/buzz/ghosts-on-film-with-idols/

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