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[Official] GOBLIN COUPLE | Kim Go Eun x Gong Yoo

Emily Bett

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I am mega excited about the awards now. 

Hopefully more details about what awards will be given will be posted soon. 


Even if they don't take the same car to the event, can't GY arrive first and wait for KGE at the red carpet, like this scene.....

Edit: Just remembered that there is a Discovery event on the 24th? Most likely to see GY next there. ^^

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20 minutes ago, pnaysurfer84 said:

if someone can please translate what SOOP posted on their IG about GY, it would be greatly appreciated! <3


haring _ Commemorative Launch Announcement _ Signing Invitation Event] We will inform you that a tasting session will be held to celebrate the launch of Can Lattes. ▷ - Canoe Latte Pop-Up Store - Date: February 21, 2017 ~ Feb.27 (Mon) 12:00 ~ 20:00 - Venue: 1st floor of Lotte World Mall Atrium Square - Contents: Free tasting and sample kit for canoe latte Sharing photo cards (1,500 per day first-come-first-served basis) and fan signing opportunities (40 persons) - ▶ Fan signing ceremony commemorating the release of the canoe latte - Date: February 27, 2017 (Mon) 12:00 - ★ Canoe Special Event for Facebook Fan ★ - [How to participate] 1. Canoe page Okay! 2. Sharing Sharing of Shungkun images. 3. Leave a reason why you must attend the signing ceremony for the release of the canoe latte. - ▶ Event period: 2017. 02. 17 - 2017. 02. 19 ▶ Event announcement: 2017. 02. 21 (Individual contact after notification) Prizes: Attendance to share fan signings (20) ps. For more information, please refer to Canoe Facebook & Homepage - # Share #gongyoo #kongyoo # Canoe # Maxim # Maxim Canoe #kanu # Kanura Latte #kanu_latte # Signature # Signage # Management Forest



what i got from google translate. 

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Hey everyone, don't have too high of expectations for the KCTA Show 2017 just yet...

I'm still waiting on a reliable, trusted news site to report on this but no one, not even Soompi, has jumped at the chance to report this and they normally do so within a couple of hours if the news is legit. There's no mention of the attendees on the KCTA Show homepage either and I also searched Naver and couldn't come up with any recent news on this. There was a post on the Arjenia naver cafe but all it said was they hope GE would participate in the event but there's nothing at all about the majority of the cast confirming their attendance...

This is what we know so far:




So until we get actual confirmation, try not to have too high of hopes... :(  

This has been a PSA :tongue: 

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Before the red carpet, GY gonna praise her like this, and she's being bashful.



Please, I hope both of em gonna attend the award, for the sake of the drama's fans, and shippers (ofc)..kk~~ They gonna set the red carpet on fire.If he styles his hair like the 2nd gif, it's gonna be the end of us.:warning::skull:


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3 hours ago, lindy01 said:

I :heart: this GongGo picture the best. KGe's golden velvet dress and GY's matched 100%. Both look so in :heart::heart:.




this picture is always my fave from press conference, like i don't know, they are perfect , standing side by side like that, GY's arm and the sweet smile from GE :wub: and yes! their golden dress and white suit, different color but  like the color complement each other *WhatImTalkingAbout*

well, 200 pages!


as far as i know, shippers here are the most mature and rational *SometimeWeDrownedInOurDeluluLand*  about GongGo couple, that's why whenever i have free time, i always scrolling this thread. All the posts and funny gifs specially by @sooyoungdaebak Jjang, and  i just hope we can continue like this :wink:

i'm so happy about the KCA Awards! well, i hope both can attend coz to me, every new pic or video about them is :heart:

She's The Cutest


He's The Sweetest


They Are :heart:



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On ‎2‎/‎13‎/‎2017 at 3:39 PM, madmonika said:





They are shoooo cuuutteeeeee I can't!

On ‎2‎/‎14‎/‎2017 at 7:40 PM, xHera said:


(But sorry Jichul ssi, that move is quite noticeable, and bae can't hide her feeling too..lol)



WAIT WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS! @xHera bless you and your eagle eyes thank you for finding it for us! I like it even more than the gif where they were playing footsies muahahahaha


New/old news about Gong Yoo. I do think he really deserves a long break after so much projects that he took last year, hopefully this break time will help him choose the best project in the future and he can also use this time to travel with his GE :tongue: (lol one can hope)

Rewatching Goblin a few days ago and just realized that this scene:


happened on the first day ET arrived at Canada. And this scene:


happened the morning after. I knew that. But I just realized that on both scene KS didn't change his clothes!!! So I can assumed that they did spend the night together and already doing the deed, right? Riiighhhhttt? Please tell me I'm right! hahaha #backtomywardwiththebiggestsmileonmyface :tongue: (dang, how I wish we got much lovey dovey scene in eps 15 and 16 before they hit us with the jackpot)

Lately life gets in the way of shipping but I'm still here reading every post and thank you for all contributors in this thread that by far is the most responsible shipper of this destin couple and thank you for protecting our GY and GE! Here's to our long journey of shipping and hope we get some fruitful outcome in the end!


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40 minutes ago, JaneyBae said:

Just a reminder to the IG accounts:

YOU MAY NOT USE ANY OF OUR PICTURES WITHOUT PERMISSION. I know you're reading here so take it down before I report you for intellectual property infringement. 

These IGer never learn do they? They're single handedly ruining our ship 

DAMN pissed with them!! IF YOU IG GUYS LURKS HERE, BETTER READ THIS, and please let us be RESPONSIBLE shippers. and avoid tagging GE and their agencies even TVN and Dispatch, as this adds pressure to them plus your hardcore descriptions, stop it already! 

okay I'm not really angry, just irritated with those hardcore shippers how they recklessly crossing over the boundaries :wink:

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