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Lee Sung Kyung 이성경   Actress Model Singer and Dancer Pianist and Drummer   PROFILE  Name: Lee Sung Kyung Hangul: 이성경 Nationality:

@koreanricegirl - Seriously. First off, no hate to plastic surgery. To each their own =) But I don't understand why people don't understand facial changing as you age. I definitely look a lot differen

Older pictures of LSK! She's so pretty straight out of high school -- the rumors of her plastic surgery are clearly false From 2008 From 2010   And a picture

4 hours ago, snowpearlxl said:

Started noticing Lee Sung Kyung since IOTL, followed by CITT and then WFKBJ. I know she's in doctors too but PSH's hair just turns me off a bit because I really love PSH fringeless TT I think I will watch it afterall, mainly for LSK [and PSH (I have been watching all PSH's work since I saw her in You're Beautiful too)].

Also, I've seen some youtube videos of Sung Kyung singing live but I didn't know she actually have some collaborations with other singers. SHE REALLY SINGS SO WELL. Hoping she will can have a mini album or at least single soon. 

And what, she can even play the piano??? What can she not do omg? I've been girl crushing on her for vvvv long and I seldom girl crush anyone until such an extent. I even bought the laneige lip tints she's endorsing...

Anyway, I look forward to her upcoming photo shoots/projects!!! (The elle shoots were awesome <3)

That PSH comment- CRACKED ME UP!!! LOL!!! Just a heads up warning- LSK is extremely gorgeous in Doctors BUT super duper annoying and frustrating. LOL..so if you are looking for a feel good drama...NO go!

LSK's talent is limitless. She can sing beautifully. She plays the piano AND drums. I'm sure she has other talents too that will come out even more one-by-one. She's just amazing!

I also hope she's cast soon in an upcoming drama. Looking forward to her movie Broker!

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She continued by sharing a story about Kim Go Eun’s reaction to her kiss scene with Nam Joo Hyuk: “Even though she was busy filming ‘Goblin,’ she still called me to say, ‘Family shouldn’t be doing things like that! What are you two doing?!’ Kim Go Eun is truly an innocent and adorable friend.”



LOL! I am happy to see that they are close in real life, especially after the controversies on the set of Cheese in The Trap.

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@Libera ..Thanks for sharing so many lovely stuff about our gal her. I started liking her in CITT. She was awesome as  Baek In Ha. I noticed her in IOIL and I already knew one day that she would be a big star. I was a little disappointed with the role in Doctors coz I felt they kind of bashed her character and there was not much character development. Heck, what am I talking about ..I couldn't even finish doctors ..it was not my cup of tea. So when this WLFKBJ came along..I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. And I'm glad she took on the role coz it gave her a chance to show a different side of her. I miss Kim Bok Joo...


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I like lee sung kyung friendship with kim go eun. Same goes with park shin hye in doctors. This shows LSK can blend well with the the girl friends not just guys.

Among the guys...I like her with nam joo hyuk. That busan boy still has that pure and innocent vibes in his personality.

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Finaly someone make LSK tread, i like her acting since queen flowers. this girl acting bitchy so good but see her in kim bok jo really break trough...how she act as pure ,honest, kind girl wash away her image on another drama.hope her rage of acting and her open up to act different character  more and more attrac fans to love her.

Very apreciated who make this tread because i faind this since QF time, faighting everyone

Congratulation to LSK , excellent actress she deserve it.

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On 12/01/2017 at 7:11 PM, Libera said:



Woah..kim bok joo doing elle photoshoot.Is it too much to ask kim bok joo doing a runaway?

Edited by sima158
Against soompi rule
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Just wanted to share with ya'll:




i feel like everything se wears is product placement, but then be mindful that she's tall and slender so will look good in anything even a trash bag.

Amazing how everything is there including the infamous "lonely" sweats and that ugly sweater she wore to the concert. They even have her photo shoot outfits and accessories from past dramas. Nicely done!!!

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K few last random bits:


adorable cf


running man.....fast forward to 1:36, she totally went all Baek In Ha mode for a second when she said she was nice then glared at HaHa......kekekekeke, such a sense of humor & down to earth gal......dang her and Kwang Soo make a funny team.....




Good night everybody!!:D

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4 hours ago, sima158 said:

Well...can somebody help me?

How to delete the quote image...I've made mistake in the above post.


You can edit your post. Under your post there is an edit button.

Lee Sung Kyung admits the weight gain and bad skin while filming her drama was depressing

Lee Sung Kyung sat for an interview at a cafe on January 12 where she admitted to being depressed by some aspects of playing Kim Bok Joo in 'Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.'

"Early on, I did 'Doctors,' and then haven't been able to take a break since, so it was hard for me," she revealed.  "For 'Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo,' I ate floury food and worked hard to gain weight.  Honestly, saying 'gain weight' means it's not good for the body.  When I gained weight and acted as Bok Joo, I was fine, but when I was myself, I felt different and my clothes wouldn't fit, so I was somewhat depressed.  My fat was sticking out and this body could be irreversible and my skin got bad.  I was depressed when I was myself again. However, when I started up [acting] again, I did so happily."


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She really loves Bok Joo alot, like everybody else :wub: I hope to see her soon in another amazing role, but Bok Joo will remain unforgettable.

TRANS: [INSTAGRAM] "9/19 6AM. The day I met Bok Joo.
I had a bloated face so early in the morning,
The excited feeling that I had when we first started is the same feeling I felt yesterday..
It's all in my memories now..
When filming and when it's on broadcast, all that I could think of is
"We really had fun"
I really had fun, I really loved it, it gave me a warm feeling.
Let's be happy together, love each other and give my sincere gratefulness from the deepest part of my heart to yours.
Bok Joo-ya. I love you so much
Please be in my heart and in my mind for a really long time.. 
I really love you a lot"


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Lee Sung Kyung Says She Felt Blessed Playing Lovable Character In “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”


Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Lee Sung Kyung

During a wrap-up interview for the drama “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” on January 12, Lee Sung Kyung said, “Until now, I’ve been playing characters that were scarred due to lack of love, like Baek In Ha (‘Cheese in the Trap‘) and Oh So Nyeo (‘It’s Okay, That’s Love‘).”

This time however, Lee Sung Kyung’s character Kim Bok Joo had many friends around her that gave her lots of love.

She explained, “I was happy and since Bok Joo is the main character, I was able to express emotions that were built up. The script revolved around Bok Joo.”

Lee Sung Kyung continued, “After expressing hurtful emotions all the time with my past characters, it felt nice to act a character that the script revolved around. I was thankful towards Kyung Soo Jin because I’ve been through her situation. It’s hard for actors to express emotions, too. [Second leads] have to express emotions that don’t necessarily connect, or sometimes we just can’t express them at all. I felt sorry towards her.”

Meanwhile, “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” finished its run on January 11.


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