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In Indonesia last event Lee Sung Kyung was asked if she will become a singer, she said no and she wants to focus on acting. I am a little sad because i want her to sing more, she has such an angelic voice but also i am happy that she wants to focus on acting. Someone should really ask her about modeling tho, i miss her modeling so so much.


Is it true that Lee Sung-kyung will jump into the world of music?
By Admin on Saturday, September 1, 2018


Jakarta (ANTARA News) - In addition to trying out skills in modeling and acting, actress Lee Sung-kyung has also shown her skills in the world of singing on various occasions, one of which was at a drama award event in South Korea a few years ago.

He also uploaded a video singing to his account on Instagram. Then, is he planning to jump into the world of singing?

"There is no plan to become a singer. I was actually embarrassed to have shown that I was singing, because I was not that good, "he told the media crew in Jakarta on Saturday.

The woman who was born in 1990 admitted that at this time she was still focused on acting and trying to give her best abilities in front of the audience.

"While I'm focusing on acting alone. In order to be able to give my best acting skills to the audience, "said YG Entertainment's celebrity care.

Pewarta: Lia Wanadriani Santosa




Some more pictures from Indonesia












































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