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Toronto K-POP Cover Event

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Hey guys! 

For those that are in Toronto on Jan.21st there is a show happening!

Urban Collide presents: Korenation, a celebration of the passion of young, ambitious, Canadian talents that mirrors the vivacity of the Kpop phenomenon.

Korenation is a "Day in the Life of a Cover Artist," as we celebrate the love of K-pop through performance, variety games, workshops, meet-and-greets, and cosplay. Korenation takes the barrier away between the stage and the audience. This is a day where not only can you meet our performers, but also become a perfomer, too!! 

So come out and enjoy the fantastic day with us, and TURN. UP. 

3PM - Doors Open!!!
4PM - Q&A Meet-and-Greet with Performers
5PM - Dance Workshop led by Performers
6:30PM - SHOWCASE!!!

Buy Tickets Here! <------

Cover groups and singers that will be performing at this event:
Check them out! 
RPM Dance Crew
Salja Dance
Melany Kim
Underground Pulse
HAVOC Dance Team
Ramy Zhang

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Anyone living in Toronto want to start a Kpop cover group with me?? I am 16, a girl and have been wanting to do this for monthsss 

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I remember how long my friend and I persuaded parents to let us go to visit Urban Collide: Korenation in another country, but it was worth it! Now we are continually watching https://digthesegigs.com/, to have time to buy tickets. But Korenation removes the barrier between the stage and the audience and also allows a meeting with your favorite artists.

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