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[Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Guardian of Beauty 守护丽人


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Chinese title: 守护丽人
English title: Guardian of Beauty

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Episodes: 50

Broadcast Period: January 2, 2017



Li Xiao Lu - Lin Jia Yi

Zhang yi -  ChenXi

Wújǐnyán - Zhu Qi Qi

Lizhìnán - HuangZaiYuan


LinJiaYi is a spoiled princess and her father, who doesn't want to see his daughter to continue this path decides to teach her a lesson - by disowning her! He kicked her out of his house because he "discovered" that she is an illegitimate child of his and has his best friend to take care of her and teach her how to live a fruitful life. She uses her skills and started her own business. In her path to become a contributor to the society, she comes to experience true love, the value of family and friends. 

ChenXi is a common delivery driver but with a good heart and wit. When he first encountered LinJiaYi he wants nothing to do with an inconsiderate and spoiled brat. But as she begin to live in his family he begins to fall in love with her. Things get confusing when his ex-girlfriend tries to get back to him and LinJiaYi's ex-boyfriend tries to win her back....

ZhuQiQi came from a poor family and lives with her single mother. She feels she hit the "jackpot" when her mom married LinJiaYi's father. Her attitude changed as she discovered the power of money. She is HuangZaiYuan's girlfriend and due to his indecisiveness, she constantly fights with LinJiaYi over him. Will she realize her personality changed to worse due to money?

HuangZaiYuan is a conflicted soul. He has always been under his father's control and he approached LinJiaYi under his dad's suggestion as well so his dad can take over LinJiaYi's company. He has a real down to earth girlfriend ZhuQiQi and he tries his best to date two girls at the same time. He might have fallen for LinJiaYi when she became disowned?




First Impressions:

This drama is your typical spoiled girl "transformation" drama. It is interesting lesson in how money can change people. I really like it thus far - would definitely recommend to check it out!

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