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[REAL LIFE COUPLE] SWAG II Nam Joo Hyuk <3 Lee Sung Kyung II


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Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung have captured our hearts with their mind-blowing chemistry as the adorable and loving SWAAAAAAAAAAAG couple in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. This thread is a safe haven for fans to discuss the amazing chemistry between the characters on-screen and the friendship between the actors off-screen.

Congratulations to Nam Joo Hyuk for winning Best New Actor Award and also to Lee Sung Kyung for winning Excellence Award, Actress in a Mini-Series. Well deserved for this amazing drama! 

[More updates later]

As a note, please refer to the Rules: Shippers Paradise [https://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/338494-rules-shippers-paradise/] before posting. Let's make this a fun thread with sound discussions while in accordance with the rules <3 Happy Shipping!  


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I love this couple for so many reasons. First, they are doing a fantastic job as JJH and KBJ. I have been so happy watching this drama and reminiscing about my early 20s and the joys of first love. Second, I LOVE that they are close friends in real life. Aside from the semi-stiffness of tonight's award ceremony (NJH was nervous and cautious, completely understandable) what you see with them in the BTS and in real life is what you get. They have such a mutual understanding and respect/friendship love for one another. Their actions towards one another are not forced or contrived. They have a genuine friendship and every time they look at each other, I see adoration. 

One of my favorite BTS is the kissing scene in Episode 11. In the first 5 seconds of the video, when they are just in their own world, walking to the scene, you see him with his arm around her and they look soooo sweet. She is comfortable with "skinship" with him, even off screen (thank YOU suggestive photoshoots). All of this translates to off the charts chemistry on screen. 

It is truly my belief, and not do discredit NJH, he is a new and improving actor but LSK is bringing out the best in him in this lead role. Since he is so comfortable with her, he can act as the loving friend turned boyfriend JJH without any reservation or awkwardness. Any other actress, and I do not think we would see the same level of chemistry. 

I hope that we continue to get tidbits into their friendship, although they probably might be a little more guarded to prevent unnecessary attention. But we still have JH and BK, I cannot wait until next week! 

Thank you @koreanricegirl and @mc99 for sharing the pics and videos! 

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This was not during her speech. Does anyone know was giving the speech? He's in the top right corner.

I mean come on! He can crack a smile now?! But not during LSKs speech (okay I can guess why) but I'm just saying...

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One of my fave shoots!

16 minutes ago, koreanricegirl said:

From this article: http://conbox.joins.com/news/article/article.asp?total_id=15626358&ctg=

Caption for Picture 2: From the left, Stephanie, Lee Sung Kyung, Lee Seungmi, Park Sera, Min. He has the sense to cover Lee SungKyung's squashed face. "Do not worry Sungkyung nuna~! I will protect you."


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2 minutes ago, koreanricegirl said:


When I first saw that picture, I thought what a perfect coincidence that the face he's covering happens to be LSK. Her squashed face is practically destiny hahaha


Lolllll!!! Her squashed face = destiny. You killlll me! THANK YOU soooo much for all the translations you have done lately. It seriously helps us non speaking fans understand and connect to them more. I am sooo appreciative! 

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Finally a SWAG Couple Thread:blush:

I liked and saw NJH first in Who Are You?!  I liked him immediately... cute look goody x2 totally boy next door!!!

I saw LSK in Cheese in the Trap, Doctor & lastly in Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo... I only like her WLFKBJ because she owned the role,well suited for her... I like her in comedy, drama no please.

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@koreanricegirlthey are too cute! Thanks for the gifs

"There was one frame in the drama awards, before LSK received her award, and perhaps 2 awards before thatthere was a scene between LSK and NJH, looks like NJH was playing with LSK's hair... that was like 1second shot... anyone saw that ..  i saw it as the 2016 MBC award is on cable now, with English sub of course... haha"

Did you see this? That's from our Drama's main thread.

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