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[Drama 2017] Ms. Perfect (Perfect Wife) 완벽한 아내

Go Seung Ji

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KBS2 Presents

 Ms. Perfect 완벽한 아내


Hong Suk Goo

( Golden Cross, Cheer Up Mr.kim, Mary Stayed Out All Night)



Yoon Kyung Ah

( All About My Mom, Brain, Master of Study)

Episodes: 20 


Broadcast Period

2017-Feb-27 to 2017-May-02, Mondays & Tuesdays 22:00 KST


About the Show

This drama is about a middle-aged Ajumma who will do anything for her children.

Shim Jae Bok rediscovers herself and her inner feminine strength in the face of hardship. She’s the type of person who cannot ignore injustice and is revolted by condescending pretension. Despite hating false flattery to her core, she grits her teeth and bows her head to the people who think they are her social superiors because she wants the best future for her family. After living so long as a wife and mother to her two children, Shim Jae Bok has neglected herself to the point where she’s almost lost her sense of self. When she becomes involved in an unforeseeable incident, she learns to regain her identity and fall in love again.


Production Information

Took over the KBS2 Mon & Tue 22:00 time slot previously occupied by "Hwarang."

First script reading took place January 10, 2017 at the KBS Annex Building in Yeuido, Seoul.




Cast of Characters


Main Cast

Go So Young as Shim Jae Bok


Jo Yeo Jung as Lee Eun Hee


Yoon Sang Hyun as Goo Jung Hee


Sung Joon as Kang Bong Goo





Supporting Cast

Im Se Mi as Jeang Na Mi

Kim Jung Nan
Jung Soo Young
Nam Ki Ae
In Gyo Jin
Park Joon Myun
Jun Se Hyun




Source: Asianwiki | Dramawiki | Koreandrama





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Don't quote images.

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And I was just thinking of him. I mean really wondering when will I get to see another drama from him. Oh boy, I was excited with Lee Sang Yeob but  then  Sung Joon?!  Huwaaaaht! Sung Joon?! too! Okay the more I'm going to watch this drama! I don't care what knetz and other views say about his acting because he is how he is and I like his subtle way about him.  Gimme that big voice again! And he's one guy who knows how to kiss properly in kdrama!  I am damnn effing hyper! #itsahappynewyear #kdramawishgranted



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I was excited I didn't see the update LSY declined the offer :(

 @Go Seung Ji Thanks for the update.

So I realiize Sung Joon will be be paired again.. with someone older than him? Hah. When was the last time he was paired with someone younger or same age as him. He's only 25 yrs old in real life. but he always gets mature roles. I've seen  same age actors sometimes playing college or high school characters.

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I'm not hyper anymore. I just miss Sung Joon of the Shut Up Flower Boy Band. He's always offered matured roles like 30+ yr old roles. I guess it's the drama choices that he makes and accepts.  He played a psychiatrist in his last drama and now  character will be a lawyer. Oh..kay. And can he be paired with someone younger than him?  Well, because I like him I'm still gonna check this one. The plot I don't like bu just please be an okay drama.
Sung Joon received casting for KBS drama 완벽한 아내 (Perfect Wife) but still under review. http://tvdaily.asiae.co.kr/read.php3?aid=14829920501196511002
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@Go Seung Ji thank you for starting the thread and for all the updates.

Waves also to @jongski   :)

I am sad that Lee Sang-Yeob turned down the role, esp. now that Go So-Young confirmed....
I kept hoping she will come back to Dramaland with her famous husband (Jand Dong-Gun), but I guess they need to take turns, because of the kids.

Lets see if Sung Joon will "bite"

BTW, Hancinema has it listed with 16 episodes, and with Hong Seok-Goo as the director. (Golden Cross, Cheer Up Mr. Kim, Marry Me Mary, and several Drama Specials)

An older article about Ko So-Young comeback:

[Photos] The comeback of 90s icon Ko So-young, known for her Chungdam-look


The hottest sensation of the 90s is none other than actress Ko So-young and she's making a comeback.

She is currently in discussion of the KBS 2TV drama "The Perfect Wife". The last time she starred in anything was a movie 10 years ago. "The Perfect Wife" is a fun drama about an ajumma with two kids getting involved in something unimaginable.

Ko So-young debuted in 1992 and starred in a youth campus drama. Innocence and sexiness made her a big hit and she was the envy of every girl.

She then starred in "Beat" with Jeong Woo-seong in 1997 and in 2001 she took home the grand prize at the Daejong Awards for the movie "A Day". Not only did she act but she was also an MC, a DJ and a multi entertainer.

We take a look at her fashion style from the day she debuted until now.

See more on Hancinema


Ko So-young and Jo Yeo-jeong in "The Perfect Wife"




Actresses Ko So-young and Jo Yeo-jeong are starring in "The Perfect Wife" as wives in danger.

The new KBS 2TV drama "The Perfect Wife" announced that Ko So-young and Jo Yeo-jeong will be appearing as housewives Sim Jae-bok and Lee Eun-hee oin Fabruary.

"The Perfect Wife" is an 'ajumma + mystery + comedy' drama about an ordinary housewife named Sim Jae-bok who declares war on life which gives her no money, no love (sex) or luck.

Ko So-young is coming back for the first time in 10 years as an actress. Sim Jae-bok is an ordinary housewife who lives a normal life with her children and husband. Just when she thought things were getting better, she faces the biggest problem of her life and declares war.

Ko So-young is ready to use her 10 years experience as wife and mother into this drama.

Meanwhile, Jo Yeo-jeong takes on the role of Lee Eun-hee, a problematic housewife who drags Sim Jae-bok into danger. She has everything from looks to wealth and she doesn't look like she's done a chore in her life. She does the interior for Sim Jae-bok for free and accommodates her in any way possible.

Jo Yeo-jeong last stared in the KBS 2TV drama "Babysitter". She also won the Short Drama Award at the KBS Drama Awards.

"The Perfect Wife" anticipates the comeback of Ko So-young and her cooperation with Jo Yeo-jeong.

Meanwhile, "The Perfect Wife" is written by Yoon Kyeong-ah and directed by Hong Seok-goo.

source: Hancinema


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Ko So-young returns to small screen after a decade‘s absence


Ko So-young (King Entertainment)

Ko So-young will break her decadelong absence from the silver and small screens in the latest KBS drama “The Perfect Wife,” the state-run broadcaster said.

The show, which will air on Feb. 27, revolves around a housewife who “recovers her lost femininity” after her husband’s affair, according KBS. 

Ko reportedly decided to make her return based on her empathy for the main character Sim Jae-bok, whom she will portray, as the actress herself is a wife and a mother who experiences everyday problems. 

Ko married fellow actor Jang Dong-gun in 2010 in a high-profile wedding and the two were dubbed “the couple of the century” by the local media.

“The Perfect Wife” will focus on the life and hardship of Korean “ajummas,” a word that describes housewives, but is commonly used as a pejorative term for married women who are seen as unduly aggressive in their roles as mothers and wives.

“Anyone who has the experience of forgetting what one really wants will sympathize with (the characters) of the drama, not just wives and mothers represented by the word ajumma,” KBS said. 

Ko’s upcoming gig made headlines for being the not-so-prolific actress’ long-waited come back. Rumors about her imminent return started swirling around entertainment circles in November, when her agency said that she was “contemplating” the issue. 

Blossoming into superstardom in the 1990s, Ko only appeared in two TV dramas and four movies in the 2000s, last of which was in 2007. 

The decadelong absence coincided with the births of her two children in 2010 and 2014. 

Chief producer Lee Geon-jun of the new drama series said that Ko‘s experience raising children and living as a housewife will contribute to the show. 

“Ko herself said after reading the script that she felt (her character) reflected herself a lot and the lines felt very natural,” Lee told a local media.






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Sung Joon & Yoon Sang Hyun to act alongside Go So Young in new romantic comedy drama!


Go So Young's male partners in upcoming KBS2 drama 'Perfect Wife' will be Sung Joon and Yoon Sang Hyun!

'Perfect Wife' is described as an "ahjumma + mystery + comedy" drama that focuses on the women power of ahjummas. Yoon Sang Hyun will be playing the role of Go So Young's husband Koo Jung Hee, a poor guy who gets scolded by his wife daily. Sung Joon will be playing Kang Bong Gu, a handsome and talented lawyer capable of stealing ladies' hearts with ease. He dreams of getting married to a wealthy woman; however, gets involved with Shim Jae Bok who is far from his ideal marriage partner.

The new drama will begin airing after the end of 'Hwarang' in February. 



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 Oh February premiere already. Yes, thanks for info. I'll check for this one.  I don't know who the other actors except for Sung Joon. But I always like him (despite what knetz think of his acting, I'm never influenced) I always check out his dramas. Fingers crossed this will nice.

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8 hours ago, jongski said:

 Oh February premiere already. Yes, thanks for info. I'll check for this one.  I don't know who the other actors except for Sung Joon. But I always like him (despite what knetz think of his acting, I'm never influenced) I always check out his dramas. Fingers crossed this will nice.

@jongski, I too like Sung Joon.  (although, not as much as I love Lee Sang-Yeob.  (Maybe because Lee Sang-Yeob has already showed himself to be a versatile actor who can do well both comedy and melodrama. )

I thought you would be familiar also with Yoon Sang-Hyun. I like him too. I first saw him in "Secret Garden" (or was it "Three Fathers, One Mother.." I cannot remember which one I saw first). But he has been in many drama.



Also, Viki now has a channel for this drama.

Lets all follow it, and also submit title request forms.




We have an opportunity to let Viki know we want to watch this drama with subs.

KBS, SBS, And More Reveal Their Exciting Plans For New Drama Premieres In 2017

Keeping only relevant material
go so young tumblr

From KBS’s lineup of new shows, “Perfect Wife” is receiving the most buzz. Taking over the Monday-Tuesday 10 p.m. time slot in February, “Perfect Wife” is about an ordinary housewife and mother of two named Sim Jae Bok, who decides to fight against a dead-end life with no money, love, and luck. The main character will be played by Ko So Young, and marks her anticipated return to acting after a 10-year hiatus.



Please comment on the article letting Soomp (= Viki) know you want to see this drama subbed.

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"The Perfect Wife" Ko So-young's men, Yoon Sang-hyeon and Seong Joon: '4th dimensional VS young


Actors Yoon Sang-hyeon and Seong Joon have been chosen to be Ko So-young's men in "The Perfect Wife".

Yoon Sang-hyeon take on the role of Goo Jeong-hee, Sim Jae-bok's (Ko So-young) husband.

"The Perfect Wife" is a new KBS 2TV ajumma+mystery+comedy drama about Sim Jae-bok who has no money, no sex and no luck unlike her name and declares war with the world.

Goo Jeong-hee is nice and innocent but he's 4th dimensional and causes trouble. Thanks to Jae-bok who is willing to do any work available to make money and support him, Jeong-hee gets a job at a company and is domestic but has a very weak mind.

Yoon Sang-hyeon has kept a good balance of acting serious and being funny. The chemistry between him and Ko So-young is highly anticipated.

Seong Joon takes on the role of Kang Bong-goo, a good looking young lawyer. He is intelligent and handsome and he is able to make women eat out of his hand.

He was born poor and dreams of getting married to a woman with more than 5 billion won but gets involved with Jae-bok who has no connection whatsoever with the higher class.

"The Perfect Wife" will be released in February.





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SJ so frickin; tall. The description of his character. Hah.This drama better be good. I want  smart funny rom-com. I rarely watch the genre  though I'm trying to check out Introverted Boss :)

 Thank you as well my Soompi friends for updating this thread. It's Sung Joon so I'll be watching.

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