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♣ Park Hyung Sik 박형식 Official Thread ♣

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ACTOR/SINGER Park Hyun Sik   Name: 박형식 / Park Hyung SikProfession: ActorBirthdate: November 16th, 1991Height: 183 cmStar sign: ScorpioBlood type: AB Other Associated Acts: ZE:

I wonder why we never got to see this hairstyle again. This is the scene when he threw the 20 silvers at the spy guy. Left parting and the pony tail is higher with an hair accessory like the one Yeo W

Photo cr. Bang Bang Summer Collection 2017 ..from sik_usa instagram  

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ahh..was quite busy didn't update for 12 day :(

mass update from me LOL

New still from Naver naver.me/5k2Ty2D2 




Hyungsik updated his IG

Another set of new still for ep11






Someone updated again and asked fans to watch ep11 LOLOL (not a spoiler..there was a kiss scene)


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new still from http://naver.me/xTrfC4f0 










Seojoon went to filming site to see Hyungsik!!!:D  Caption:

Succeeded to serve YooMyung corp’s vice president as our client! Our next client will be BTS-V(V aka Twae Twae or a nerd) thank you Seojoon hyung for visiting and supporting! Also I love you Twae Twae^^ LOLOL again Twae!

Go Yeonwoo: "I don't know what Assistant Manager Kim is like outside the company." Kim Jina: "Yes, we do not know each other yet."


Hyungsik left a comment at Seo Kangjoon's ig post.

He was cheering for Kangjoon's new drama Am I Human Too.


Kim Jina: "I got another one to raise. Rabbit"

Go Yeonwoo: "Now, if you want to raise it"



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Tae Hyung sent a coffee truck to Park Seojoon LOLOL


Their conversation hahahhahahahhhh!!



new still








there is no word to describe his talent in making ppl laugh LOLOL

Seojoon sent him a food truck btw heheheee

Hyungsik: "I'll take 60 years and here’s 100 more years to go!!!!” #contractaccomplished #celebration #iloveyoubro Sticker: "Hyungsik, let’s be friends for 60 years ~in a cool way~”


ep13 teaser [engsub]

this is what happened between them actors and actress!  so sweet of them!





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“If you have a chance to get a dream car, just take it without hesitation.

Once you own it, you make progress at least one step”


For those who are interested in buying Suits DVD kindly register at SuitsDVD cafe



Bench! so many update this week!




newly released still :wub::wub::wub:














Finally..TwaeTwae sent him a coffee truck LOLOL

Caption: "I'll skip the explanation #weregonnasendyounexttimetogether #thankyoutaehyung #iloveyoutaetae" - Park Hyungsik


More still out today! for ep15 I guess








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I have just finished watching Suits and What Happens to My Family. Can't wait to see Hyung Sik act together with Moon So Ri in The Juror.


News about The Juror since last year.


Jun 02, 2017

Legal Drama from Debut Director HONG Seung-wan

by Pierce Conran


Source KoBiz

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Park Hyung Sik seen on KBS today? Visit Park Hyo Sup (Yoo Dong Geun's character in Shall We Live Together)? It seems Hyung Sik also send bread for "his appa" and Shall We Live Together crews.



cr. to the owner


오늘 점심은 지혜선배님 팬들이싸준 도시락
거기다가 효섭쌤 뵈러온 박형식님까지...존잘러... 빵 채고
#한지혜 #지혜나라 #생일축하해요 #박형식 #잘먹겠습니다 #일상 #데일리 #소통 #먹스타그램 #도시락 #김영모과자점 #같이살래요 #ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ


translation with google:

Lunch today is a lunch box from fans of Ji Hye sunbaenim
And then, to Hyo Sup Park Hyungsik, who came to visit ... John cuts ... Breads

#Han Ji-hye #Ji Hye nara #Happy birthday #Park Hyung Sik #I will eat well #Ilsang #Daily #Communication #Foodstagram #Lunch box #Kim Young Mo confectionery #I like it #(˘⌣˘) ʃ

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Park Hyung-sik Of Spackman Entertainment Group’s Associated Company Spackman Media Group, Signs Contract with Wish Interactive Technology For 3D Mobile Game, LOVE OF DESTINY: PALACE

  • Park Hyung-sik of the Group's associated company Spackman Media Group, who recently starred in popular Korean drama SUITS, was selected as the exclusive model of the 3D mobile game, LOVE OF DESTINY: PALACE 
  • Developed by Wish Interactive Technology, the game is targeted towards female consumers, and pre-order of the game will be released soon on its official website
  • Group to continue to seek collaboration opportunities with brands that can benefit from celebrity association with Spackman Media Group's artists

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 26 June 2018 - Spackman Entertainment Group Limited ("Spackman Entertainment Group" or the "Company" and together with its subsidiaries, the "Group"), one of Korea's leading entertainment production groups founded by financier Charles Spackman, wishes to announce that Park Hyung-sik of UAA & Co Inc. ("UAA & Co"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group's associated company, Spackman Media Group Limited ("Spackman Media Group"), signed a contract with Wish Interactive Technology Limited for the 3D mobile game, LOVE OF DESTINY: PALACE.


Under the contract, Park Hyung-sik shall serve as the exclusive model of the 3D mobile game. Recently, he starred as a leading actor in the highly popular Korean remake of US drama, SUITS, which took the top spot amongst Wednesday evening dramas in viewership ratings over 10% nationwide.


Park Hyung-sik is represented by UAA & Co, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Spackman Media Group, which is collectively one of the largest entertainment talent agencies in Korea in terms of the number of artistes under management. In addition to representing Park Hyung-sik, UAA & Co also manages top-tier leading actors, Song Hye-kyo and Yoo Ah-in, who stars in the Group's upcoming film, SOVEREIGN DEFAULT.


Mr. Richard Lee, Interim Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director of Spackman Entertainment Group, said, "Park Hyung-sik's latest endorsement reinforces the brand power of the artists under our associated company Spackman Media Group, which includes top Korean stars Song Hye-kyo, Son Ye-jin, So Ji-sub, and Bae Doona.  Moreover, we believe the strength of the talent management platform of Spackman Media Group will continuously bring value for the Group as we seek collaboration and investment opportunities in top level projects."


Developed by Wish Interactive Technology, the 3D mobile game, LOVE OF DESTINY: PALACE, is targeted towards female consumers, and pre-order of the game will be released soon on its official website.

Source : http://www.media-outreach.com/release.php/View/5892/




New cf (papa recipe)

cr. hankyun_kim_


cr. migspastor

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Park Hyung Sik sent coffee truck and came to support Han Ji Min (The Wife I Know)



Yesterday, The Juror has started filming. UAA sent coffee truck to support PHS and team The Juror.

All cr. coffeegreate, phs1116, roma.emo

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