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♣ Park Hyung Sik 박형식 Official Thread ♣

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ACTOR/SINGER Park Hyun Sik   Name: 박형식 / Park Hyung SikProfession: ActorBirthdate: November 16th, 1991Height: 183 cmStar sign: ScorpioBlood type: AB Other Associated Acts: ZE:

I wonder why we never got to see this hairstyle again. This is the scene when he threw the 20 silvers at the spy guy. Left parting and the pony tail is higher with an hair accessory like the one Yeo W

Photo cr. Bang Bang Summer Collection 2017 ..from sik_usa instagram  

2 hours ago, lyserose said:

He looks dashing. He seems very busy. And this hairstyles suits him the most. I think after all these years, he has finally find and established his own personal style (gone the bushy eye brows and too black hair does not suits him). I like him best during press conference for "Hwarang". 

Anyway, does Hyung Sik participate in any CF currently?


Latest TV CF was Pooq TV in 2015. His latest endorsements were Bang Bang with Uie and KISS THE TIRAMISU in 2016. I heard Uie film the new ad in Feb but I am not sure if Hyungsik is still the male model. He lost a lot of endorsement deals because he didn't really appear on TV in 2016. And now he is a Free Agent, he probably won't be getting any new CFs. I hope he signs a good agency as soon as possible. I am sure if Strong Woman Do Bong Soon do well ratings wise, he will be getting more offers. 

I am glad he got rid of the bushy thick eyebrows too. Phew, what a relief.

Yes, he looked so dashing during the press conference. 

I actually think he looked good in black hair too. Maybe I am just bias. LOL.

I can't find totally black hair pictures, but these are dark enough. I think he looks sexy in black hair. 



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hi chingus! hwarang thread is already up! yey! we can gush about smj again there and in thus thread :) i will not let that hater chase me away from that thread just because she doesn't like seeing posts about phs/smj. 

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45 minutes ago, notohaterfans said:

Hwarang thread is open now,  and guess what??? SMJ pics and posts about him are the posts I saw...  BWAHAHAHA!  Smj fever it is lol:lol:

They can't stop us lol right? It's up to us to gush about who we like as long as we didn't  bash or humiliate other actors or actress right? Let's heat up that forum now that it is activated :wink:

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Finished High Society :D PHS really got matured in Hwarang IMO. His trademark style as SMJ is crossing his arms, while standing or walking. But I notice that PHS did that several times as well in HS. I still like SMJ than him in HS. Although his story is the sweet part of the HS drama itself. 

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17 hours ago, athena22 said:

i think hwarang thread is open now..:lol: 

yeah his style during that press conference suited him and he got bit flushed right during interview...i was like:wub: did u mean this one:?

or is it this one? wait I think both are same hairstyle (OFC it's same day :D(myself blabbering nonsense...)) it suits him better than all the other he had tried



You know, I simply have a thing for all black ensemble...so I bet you can predict which one I like more. But Hyung Sik has very fair complexion, so he can wear any colour and still look nice. I also love seeing him in red.

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I saw these pic in hwarang thread thought i'll post this for those who don't visit there



























Cr: furu.vu217 in hwarang thread

Edited by athena22
added more pics..
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